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Best Cafes In Lucknow To Provide Retreat From The Busy Hustle Of The City

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

Fed up of party plans every weekend? Want to do something different without leaving the city? Then you've come to the right place. There is a lot of hustle all around the capital, out of that hustle what would be more perfect to find places where you can chill and work at the same time, also with some exotic and delicious food as well. Here to help is a guide to Lucknow's best cafes. 


Asante is a tiny and quiet gem where you are immediately transported away from the hustle of Lucknow. Start your weekend on the right foot by visiting this best cafe in Lucknow. With that said, if you're looking for a cafe to sit on your laptop, they've got that on offer as well. Not much of an ouch to the pockets, this is a no doubt one of the best cafes in Lucknow.


Picture Courtesy: Justdial


A cute little place to offer one a delightful experience with their delicious desserts and food. It has a very classy and exuberant aura to it, which is further reinforced by the delicious food that is served here. A highly-rated joint to enjoy a quick break with your colleagues. You just can't miss out on this one as it's one of the best chai places in Lucknow for sure.


Picture Courtesy:  Castle Black ( Facebook)



Warm, cozy and romantic environment only beaten by the incredible food! Homey's Cafe s a very cute cafe with a warm ambiance and pretty interiors. One can visit here for a date, with friends or alone as well. The food served here is perfectly prepared which includes basically fast food cuisine. Since its inception at Gomti Nagar, this best cafe in Lucknow created a wave in the capital with its dreamy ambiance.


Picture Courtesy: Zomato


When talking about one of the best cafes in Lucknow, it is hard to miss out Sheroes Hangout which is run by acid attack victims who survived and showed everyone a new perspective of courage and essence of life. They have a very peaceful and work-friendly environment with amazing staff. Other attractions include a shelf filled with books which sounds like a perfect pit stop all the avid readers. With self-service and pocket-friendly, this cafe comes well recommended. 


Picture Courtesy: American India Foundation


An amazing place from the get-go, it is a heaven for all the readers and those who are looking for peace and tranquillity within the bustling capital. The service is great and the quantity of food is also good enough and this best cafe in Lucknow gives out a vintage look. This café is a fantasy for all those who desire to read their favourite book and enjoy a unique cuisine altogether. With its quaint white interiors mixed with pastel furnishing and an interesting menu, Vintage Machine is going to want to keep coming back.


Picture Courtesy: Justdial





Blessed with natural sunlight in abundance against the smart choice of using a white backdrop, this place makes for a perfect quiet writing and reading corner. And without any doubt, it is one of the best cafes in Lucknow that has already occupied a place on your Instagram feed! It provides tasty, lavish food and an eye-boggling interior to enjoy your visit. This vibrant outlet offers all sorts of delicacies loved by today's crowd. One can also have a pleasant morning breakfast at this place.


Picture Courtesy: Justdial



This place looks like it came alive right out of one of your pinned pretty places on Pinterest. The combination of turquoise, pink and white colors makes its decor just perfect for an attractive Instagram feed. The artsy decor will definitely take your heart away. It's an ideal place to bring out the creativity in you as the ambiance is too beautiful to break your creative block. It could also be your shoot location!


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest



Ever wished you could have a nice meal and also enjoy some live music? Well, dreams do come true. A casual dining cafe that specializes in fast food preparations is praised for its timely service and is a nice joint to visit when one is looking to satiate hunger pangs with tasty, hygienic food at reasonable prices. Apart from being one of the best cafes in Lucknow, you can also perform gigs at this place. Every artist or budding artist is intrigued to perform here. 


Picture Courtesy: Knocksense


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Q: Which is the best vegetarian restaurant in Lucknow?

A: Cassia, Moti Mahal, Aryans, Royal Cafe, Mr. Brown are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Lucknow. 


Q: What are some good restaurant in Lucknow to go with family?

A: Pind baloochi, Metropolitan restaurant and club, Ritz continental, Spice Caves, Chokha baati.


Q: What are some must-eats in Lucknow?

A: Idrees Biryani, Tunde Kababi, Dastarkhwan, Honourable mentions, Kachodis, Chole Bhature.

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