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10 Tasty Tid-Bits You Can Snack On During Your Navratri Vrat

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 6, 2021 6 min read

When was the last time a party lasted 9 days? Never, I guess! But this one will. Not only Navaratri brings different cultural sphere together in their own separate ways (Navaratri in North India; Durga Puja for Bengalis & so on), the festival also observes lip-smacking food for nine days straight. From roasted makhanas to fruit chaats, dry fruit shakes, buckwheat puris and salted potato chips, nothing spells Navaratri celebration than the impressive food palette, be it lunch meals or evening snacks.


Now, my very first memory of these blessed autumn days was the smell of fresh-off-the-pan kuttu puris followed by mind-blowing aloo ki sabzi (one of my favourite Aloo Dish) & sabudana raita. 


Drooling already? But like everyone else, I enjoyed the mid-day snacks more. And even though I didn't fast, my mom was kind enough to share some of her platefuls with me. So for foodies like myself and moms who love to experiment in the kitchen, here are 10 off-beat, not-so-basic Navratri vrat snack recipes that you'll appreciate. 


1. Buckwheat Dhokla

A protein-rich Navaratri snack that is not only nourishing but delicious. Packed with all the essential amino acids, this recipe is a job-done-quickly since no fermentation would be needed while preparing these dhoklas. Serve it with some green chillis on the top and some green chutney on the side... and you'd be golden. 


Get the Buckwheat Dhokla recipe here!

Buckhwheat dhokla

Image Courtesy: Archana's Kitchen



2. Kand/Purple Yam Sandwiches

As distinctive as it sounds, Purple Yam Sandwiches is a rather simple yet scrumptious evening snack we've all been waiting for. It will take 4 to 5 ingredients, 10 minutes of your time, and dedication to create something new at home. Just remember, you can make these all by yourself without nudging your mom every two seconds. Moreover, it would be a nice surprise for the ladies who are actually fasting for Navaratri.


Get the Kand Yam Sandwich recipe here!

Purple yam sandwich

Image Courtesy: Nidhi Patel



3. Farali Pattice

To re-create a famous Gujarati dish at home is not only a once-in-a-year opportunity, it is a great shift from your run-of-the-mill Navaratri snacks. Unlike other nibbles, Farali Pattice is much more sophisticated and tasty. A humble potato and grated coconut serve as the primary ingredients which make this particular feast... a treat for the eyes and your belly. Add the finishing touch by accomodating a teekha (spicy) green chutney or sweetened curd on the side.


Get the recipe for Farali Pattice here!

Farali Pattice

Image Courtesy: Veg Recipes Of India



4. Dry Fruit Stuffed Dates

Catering to your sweet cravings and taking care of your health, this Navratri vrat special recipe is heaven on a plate. It's nutty, it's crunchy and it's flavourful. All you need is good quality dates, probably larger in size, some dry fruits and "the glue" that holds everything together... khoya/mawa. For me, it's a perfect homemade sweet fit for every occasion especially Navratri. 


Get the recipe for Dry Fruit Stuffed Dates here!

dry fruits stuffed dates

Image Courtesy: Small Footprint Family



5. Banana Chips (From scratch)

I understand how this snack is available in all the grocery stores but the satisfaction of recreating this popular Navratri snack at home with your own hands is a different feeling altogether. Not only this would be a much safer option, but also a comparatively healthier one. You can fry it in cow-ghee or leave it to bake. Furthermore, these banana chips will supply your body with instant energy which I think is much needed when you're fasting. 


Get the recipe for Banana Chips here!

Banana Chips

Image Courtesy: Times Food - TOI



6. Sweet Potato Raita

If you wish to dip your spoon into something sweet and savoury for the day, this Navratri special recipe is where you should be clicking on. Super easy to make, very filling, rich in fibre, vitamins & minerals, this sweet potato raita recipe is tasteful and of course healthy. It's hardly going to take 10 minutes. So, I say... go on, give it a shot. 


Get the recipe for Sweet Potato Raita here!

Sweet potato raita

Image Courtesy: Talimpu



7. Farali Pancakes

This Navaratri, raise your fork and dig into these tantalising pancakes made from Farali grains. Predominantly made from banana and coconut, these pancakes are a treat for your belly and your heart. Since all its sweetening is from jaggery, the snack is quite healthy as well. The cardamom in the recipe will fill your home with aromas of love and comfort. When ready, serve it with freshly cut fruits or glaze it with some honey. For crunch, add some crushed nuts on the top. Enjoy!


Get the recipe for Farali Pancakes here!

Farali Pancakes

Image Courtesy: Meri Saheli



8. Peanut Curd Chutney

Not a snack, but a damn good side savoury you need to keep on your table this festive season. It goes with all the other recipes you just picked up from this piece and is vrat-friendly. Consider it a sauce or a dip you need with salted chips and other tikkis, pattice, etc. you'll be cooking in your kitchen. It's quite spicy, admittedly crunchy and willfully tangy. A 5-ingredient recipe that in my opinion is a must-have for Navaratri snacks. 


Get the recipe for Peanut Curd Chutney here!

Peanut curd chutney

Image Courtesy: Indobase



9. Dry Fruit Milkshake

After the Navratri feast, flush these yummy Navratri snacks down with a delish dry fruit milkshake. Packed with milky goodness, dates, nuts and lots of love, the milkshake is the solution to all the sweet cravings and your thirst. It's a protein-rich fare with so many flavours to offer. Once done, add some crushed nuts and serve with love. 


Get the recipe for Dry Fruit Milkshake here!

Dry fruit milkshake

Image Courtesy: Cooking With Siddhi



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10. Sabudana Kheer

How many years have you spent feasting on the same sabudana khichdi? I know a lot... So, here's a recipe which although involves the same Navaratri-testified ingredient but tastes so much better. And it being a kheer is a bonus. Now sabudana is a cholesterol-free and protein-rich element, so this will not only be a flavourful snack made at home but a guilt-free snack you'd gobble up in minutes. I'll admit the making of sabudana hheer is a tedious job but it's all going to be worth it. 


Get the recipe for Sabudana Kheer here!

Sabudana kheer

Image Courtesy: YouTube



Navaratri is already here, what are you waiting for? Wear those aprons and enjoy these Navratri special snacks this year.


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