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10 Breath-Taking Places In Leh Ladakh Which Will Leave You Awestruck

By Swati Mishra

Updated - May 9, 202410 min read

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Before you start reading our blog, do figure out a season in which you're planning to go for which we have curated a complete guide for the same - An Ultimate Guide To Leh-Ladakh, pick your favorite season and enjoy the beauty of nature at it's best only in Leh Ladakh.
Leh-Ladakh is a paradise on earth, heaven for travelers - one will be mystified by the beauty of lakes, mountains, rural villages, monasteries and breath-taking views. You've got to pick your favorite places to visit in Leh-Ladakh from below and make your travel wishlist come true as you'll be awestruck by the magnificent beauty of these places. Ladakh is surrounded by world's mightiest mountain ranges - Himalayas and Karakoram. To clear the confusion for you between Leh And Ladakh, you need to understand that J & K is divided in three sections - Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh. Ladakh is further segregated into two places - District Leh And District Kargil. Read below to find the best places in Leh Ladakh waiting to be explored by you.


This lake has been a popular tourist spot as it defines beauty at its best. This lake is at the height of 4350 meters in the Himalayas and alluringly flows from India to Tibet extending its glory across the Tibetan border. One of the surprising feature of this lake it changes color from blue to green and grey as well which automatically makes it admirable and eye pleasing. This place is full of serenity and calmness along with the mesmerizing view. Not just this in winters this lake freezes completely and that sight is heavenly. So there is no chance to miss out on this. 
Things To Do Near Pangong Lake - Camping, Witness mesmerizing sunsets, Capture scenic views, Get a sight of Marmot - large squirrels, if you're feeling a little adventurous then take a dip in the cold water.
Best Time To Visit - May To September



It's a perfect place to enjoy the Divine panoramic view of the entire Leh along with Zanskar mountain range. From the top of this glorifying palace, you can also take pleasure to experience the aesthetic beauty of sunsets and sunrises. The opening time is 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM so make sure you visit it during these hours. It was constructed and completed in 1553 and completed in the 17th century - imagine the kind of history waiting to unwind by you. It depicts Medival Tibetan Architecture and is also known as the hub of Buddhist culture.
Things To Do Discover In Leh Palace - Panoramic views of mountain ranges, A vast collection of crowns, ceremonial dresses and jewelry, Tibetan Paintings, Interiors made out of wood carved figurines 
Best Time To Visit - April To September
leh palace_iamge

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Constructed in 1991, It's a white-domed stupa situated on the hilltop of Chanspa. It rests on the hilltop at 11841 feet above sea level from where you can witness a panoramic view of Changspa village which is a breath-taking sight. It is situated opposite to the Leh Palace and is illuminated with lights at night which a beautiful sight - it's considered as one of the best places to visiti in Leh Ladakh when considering tourist attractions. Timings to visit - 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
Things To Discover In Shanti Stupa - Relics Of Buddha, Dharmachakra, Scenic hilltop views, Sight of traditional Ladakhi houses.
Best Time To Visit - May to September
shanti stupa_image


If you are looking for peace and stress-free aura to calm down your mind and get away from the hustle of the usual life then this is the place for you. It is one of the famous Buddhist monasteries - situated at an altitude of 3,307 meters. The upper section of the monastery is Mahakal Temple, containing the statue of Vajrabhairava which mostly remains covered and is uncovered during the festivity time. It was as blessed by the Arhat Nyimagung and founded by Od-de.
Things To Explore In Spituk Monastery -Thanka Paintings, Antique collection of masks and arms, Icons of Buddha and 5 thangkas
Best Time To Visit - July - September 


This place gives you a feeling of being on the top of the world, it is basically a gateway to various valleys like Nubra and Shyok. It is also a highest motorable pass at a height of 5602 m. A selfie at KHARDUNG LA pass is a must if you visit Leh. It lies on the main caravan route from Leh to Kashgar in Central Asia. It offers great view of Leh and surrouding valleys to catch your attention.
Things To Discover In Khardung La Pass - Perfect place for photography, Biker's Favorite Spot, Gateway to Siachen Glacier, North Pullu - a small tea stall on the route.
Best Time To Visit - The Pass is only open between May to October

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This museum was built keeping the memories of various dead soldiers to display their bravery in a respectable manner to make people aware of the sacrifices of beloved soldiers who lost their lives in India Pakistan war. It displays the seized weapons and various amenities of Pakistan army along with the apparel of Indian Army soldiers and amenities that they used to use. Apart from this it also showcases the items of ladhaki culture which will make you familiar with the place a little more closely. A sure shot place to make your trip memorable and interesting. Timings - 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Things To Discover In Hall Of Fame Museum - Amenities of Indian Army Soldiers, Photographs of their accomplishments, Gallery of Sino-India war, A souvenir corner
Best Time To Visit - April to September
hallof musemum_image


Situated near the Pangong lake which is in its own way popular among tourists. This is a sanctuary which altogether showcases rare species different from the usual sanctuaries. It includes species like Tibetan Wild Ass -Kiang and Black-necked Crane which you will not see anywhere else other than this place above all, this place has Indus river flowing from the middle of the sanctuary. It has plenty of enchanting views to mesmerize you with its extraordinary charm which will make you fall in love with it at first sight - you'll be awestruck by the flora and fauna of this place.
Things To Discover In Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary - Rare Species, World's highest village - Korzok is situated nearby, Korzok Monastery, Species of wild plants.
Best Time To Visit - May to December

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This is another beautiful architectural construction in the arms of Leh to show the royalty of the royal family. It displays crowns and various royal amenities to make the tourists go starstruck. Along with royal glory, it has gardens amazing views and the complete aura of the place is royal. It was built in 1820 by King Tsepal Namgyal, it was open to the public after the blessing of his holiness - The Dalai Lama.
Things To Explore In Stok Palace - A library with 108 volumes of the Kangyu, Queen’s ancient crown called Yub-Jhur and a sword that the king’s Oracle managed to bend into a knot called the Uri Geller–style.
Best Time To Visit - May to September


Nubra Valley is a tri-armed valley, which is situated 3048 meters above the sea level offering a heaven on earth for travelers. One should also participate in the prayer festival of the Nubra Valley, known as Dosmoche or Desmochhey festival. You can even enjoy camel rides around the scanty vegetation and area to explore it deeply. Don't forget to explore the headquarters of Nubra Valley - Diskit Town which offers all kinds of facilities from shopping to tourist attractions.
Things To Explore In Nubra Valley - Tremendous scenery, Buddhist Monastery in Diskit, Khardunga La Pass - Pass between Leh to Diskit, Cafe in Turtuk - nearby area, Buddhist Statue In Diskit.
Best Time To Visit - September to October  




You just can't miss out on this place situated on the outskirts of Leh. It is a memorial made for the Brave soldiers who lost their lives in wars to keep us and our country safe. It was built by the Indian Army, located in Dras. Visitors are expected to maintain a decorum throughout their visit. The timings to visit are 7:00 am to 8:00 pm and the entry charges are Rs. 500. 
Things To Discover In Kargil War Memorial - Statues Of Soldiers, Our Giant National Flag, Wall Of Heroes, Vijaypath, Veer Bhoomi
Best Time To Visit - June to October - avoid the period between 23 to 26 July.
kargil memorial_image

Now that you know about the best places to visit in Leh and Ladakh, its time to put this knowledge to good use. And by that we mean, experience all that Ladakh has to offer, in person! 


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