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15 Pubs & Bars In Gurgaon To Turn Your Boring Weekend Into The Craziest Drinking Parties

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 9 min read

As much as Gurgaon is the workstation and the office hub that people dread to travel to in the peak rush hours of the day, it is also slowly becoming the ultimate party destination. Especially the Sector 29 Gurgaon Pubs are slowly becoming the hype that everyone wants to be at. With the finest liquor and crazy DJ stations at every place it also often becomes hard to choose the finest one of the lot. So, if you are looking to turn your boring weekends into the craziest drinking parties and dance on the most up top beats then these 15 best Pubs and Bars in Gurgaon are where you need to be at!


1. My Bar Headquarters By Dockyard

My Bar Headquarters is the hottest destination amongst Sector 29 Gurgaon pubs serving you some top-notch food and booze. The place is pocket-friendly and affordable serving freshly brewed beer starting at a Mug of Rs.75* Only. Also, the wooden interiors are charming and the whole place overall is a brilliant way to spend your nights partying away.
my bar headquarters gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Continental, North Indian, Chinese, European, Asian
Must Haves: Grilled Chicken Salad, Velvety Cream Soup, Chicken Risotto
Cost For Two: Rs. 1450
Where: Ground Floor, SCO 53, Main Market, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


2. Hunter Valley

A beautiful lounge that serves one of the best and first Belgian Beer in Gurgaon with Six different flavors is Hunter valley situated in the sector 29 Gurgaon pubs. If you are looking for drinking places in Gurgaon, Hunter Valley is the place to go to for trying any of the 6 flavor Belgian beersBelgian Premium, Belgian Dark, Belgian Ale, Belgian Wheat, Hunter Wheat and Hunter Valley Reserve
hunter valley sector 29 gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Mexican, Italian, North Indian, Chinese
Must Haves: Quesadilla Mexicana, Belgian Premium, Risotto Fungi, Porcini, Drums of Heaven
Cost For Two: Rs. 1650
Where: SCO 61, Main Market, Leisure Valley Road, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


3. Neighbourhood Bar & Grill

This neighborly place as the name suggests in Gurgaon is one of the best bars in Gurgaon. A small and cozy place to party on the excellent selection of music and a dance floor for extra space. Also, the place screens live sports match for all the crazy fans out there who want to enjoy their drinks with the thrill of the live match. Also, of course, the food is delicious!
neighbourhood bar and grill gurgaon_image
Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Continental
Must Haves: Dahi ke Sholay, Murgh Makhani French Fries
Cost For Two: Rs. 1250
Where: SCO 37, HUDA Market, Part 2, Sector 15 (Get Directions)


4. The Drunken Botanist

When it comes to Cyber Hub Gurgaon Pubs, none beats the Drunken Botanist. As the name suggests, it is the perfect place to get drunk at! This brewery has the best Dj’s, bands, singers under one roof. Its delicious food, crazy cocktails, and its mesmerizing ambiance will surely attract you to come again and again. 
the drunken botanist gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Continental, Italian, Chinese, North Indian
Must Haves: Cocktails, Pizza, Nachos, Rasmalai
Cost For Two: Rs. 1500
Where: Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City (Get Directions)


5. Philtre The Bistro

Comfort food and a heavy mix of drinks? The perfect recipe for unwinding after a long and tiring week at the office. Philtre the Bistro is one of the best drinking places in Gurgaon. The place is spectacularly designed with lamps, graffiti on exposed brick walls, halogen lamps, potted plants and beautiful wooden finishing
philtre the bistro gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Modern Indian
Must Haves: Lamb Chops, Panna Cotta, Herb Crusted Tandoori Paneer Tikka, Sun Marzano Makhani
Cost For Two: Rs. 1450
Where: SCO 40, 1st Floor & Terrace, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


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6. Ministry Of Beer

Just like the Ministry of Magic, the Ministry of beer is totally the coolest place out there. One of the best bar in Gurgaon, Ministry Of Beer is the biggest lounge bar. MOB is the first of its kind Steampunk themed lounge with booze that everyone will love and delicious multi-cuisine preparations.
ministry of beer gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Continental, Italian, North Indian, Seafood
Must Haves: Palak Patta Chaat, Bbq Mushroom Pizza
Cost For Two: Rs. 1500
Where: Vatika Grand, Near Leisure Valley, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


7. Whisky Samba

Of all the pubs in Gurgaon, Whisky Samba is one of the prettiest and brightly lit places to enjoy a drink at. It is decorated with brown furniture and dim lights and also has an outdoor seating in a garden with fairy lights. And as for the food, the place puts the perfect modern twist to the progressive cooking style. The bar at Whisky Samba stocks over 300 variety of whiskey making it clearly one of the best bars in Gurgaon. 
whisky samba gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Italian, Asian
Must Haves: Cocktails, Pork Bao, Chocolate Souffle
Cost For Two: Rs. 2500
Where: Shop no 103 & 104, two horizon tower sector 43, DLF Phase 5 (Get Directions)


8. 21 Shots – The MRP Bar

Widely renowned for their wonderful selection of world-class liquor, 21 Shots is the perfect place to down 21 Shots with your companions. If you are looking for drinking places in Gurgaon or just best pub in Gurgaon, it's doesn't get any better than here! They serve drinks at wine shops prices and a Kingfisher Premium beer at just INR 120. This is surely the place to be at.
21 shots the mrp bar gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Chinese, Continental, Indian
Must Haves: Drums Of Heaven, Fish Malai Tikka, Dahi Ke Sholey, Garlic Alfredo Sauce Veg
Cost For Two: Rs. 1200
Where: SCO 11-12, 1st Floor, Main Market, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


9. The Wine Company

Located within the Cyber Hub in Gurgaon, The Wine Company is every wine lover’s paradise. With a collection of best global wines, lip-smacking food, great music, and urban décor, the place is absolutely a great drinking place in Gurgaon to let out all the stress of the week. 
the wine company gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Italian, European, Salad
Must Haves: Veg Platter, Chorizo, Pizza Bruschettas
Cost For Two: Rs. 2350
Where: Shop No. 22 & 23, Cyber Hub, Sector 24, DLF Cyber City (Get Directions)


10. Brewer Street

If you love a good, fresh, froth beer then Brewer Street is the place you need to be at. The rooftop seating arrangement and top-notch ambiance of the place attract everyone. This restaurant cum bar hosts lady’s night every Thursday evening offering a range of beer cocktail, great food, and music. So get ready with your gang to tap your feet on some groovy music!
brewer street gurgaon_image
Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental
Must Haves: Veg Mexican Cheese Sandwich, Onion & Curry Leaf Poriyal
Cost For Two: Rs. 1550
Where: 2001, 2nd Floor, ILD Trade Centre, Sohna Road (Get Directions)


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11. 7 Degrees Brauhaus

7 Degrees Brauhaus is one of the finest breweries in Gurgaon. If you love good continental food and exotic cocktails, then this place is one of the best bars for you. This microbrewery serves some refreshing German brewed beer varieties and lavish Sunday brunches. Also, beers here are served at 7 degrees, the ideal temperature for drinking beer, which goes on to show the level of attention that is paid to ensure the perfect beer-drinking experience at this Brauhaus. 
7 degrees brauhaus gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Continental, Italian, North Indian, Finger Food, German
Must Haves: Compressed Watermelon with Feta Cheese, Braised Lamb Shank, Bavarian Prawn Salad
Cost For Two: Rs. 2000
Where: 310 & 311, 3rd Floor, DLF South Point Mall, Golf Course Road (Get Directions)


12. Vapour Bar Exchange

Another great microbrewery cum bar!  The bar is known for their stock market concept for selling alcohol and is one of the most affordable ones in the lot. The place has 3 branches in Gurgaon itself which clearly indicates the dimensions of its success!
vapour bar exchange gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Continental, Finger Food, Chinese, North Indian
Must Haves: Jalapeno Margarita, Crispy Fry Corn, Galauti Kebab
Cost For Two: Rs. 1650
Where: Plot 13-15, 2nd Floor, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


13. Molecule Air Bar

The Molecule Air bar is one finest destination and one of the best bars in Gurgaon. The brewery is famous for even it's menu which is in the form of WW-II memorabilia and the food served in symbolic chemistry-lab apparatus. Also, the molecule-shaped ceiling lights and use of liquid nitrogen create an atmosphere of excitement and provide a unique visual element to the dishes. Apart from that, the whole ambiance of the place along with fresh beer and dance floor make this pub in Gurgaon without a doubt the best one!
molecule air bar gurgaon_image
Cuisine: Continental, North Indian, Italian, Chinese
Must Haves: Shish Taouk, Quattro Formaggi Kulcha, Three Musketeer Melon Salad, Samosa 2.0
Cost For Two: Rs. 1650
Where: SCO 53, Top Floor, Sector 29, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


14. Agent Jack's Bidding Bar

When the prices of drinks start from as low as INR 40 per drink only, it has got to be the best deal and the best amongst the drinking places in Delhi. The place has an interesting and exciting concept where the microbrewery lets you bid and order drinks from a phone app. It is the perfect party place to let yourself loose and enjoy the company of your friends along with some delicious quirky knick-knacks. 
ajent jack's bidding bar gurgaon_image
Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Italian
Must Haves: Jack Hot Wings, Fish Fingers, Blueberry Cheesecake, Achari Paneer Tikka
Cost For Two: Rs. 1200
Where: SCO 21, 2nd Floor, Main Market, Sector 29, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


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15. Warehouse Cafe

A place highly-rated and well-recommended by foodies and party-lovers, it is a hub of amazing home-brewed beer, well-mixed cocktails and delicious food. Also, the place has one of the best discs in Gurgaon. It has clearly become the top amongst sector 29 Gurgaon pubs. The Brewery serves fresh German beer along with a new molecular menu which is all very pocket-friendly.
warehouse cafe gurgaon_image
Cuisine: American, Continental, Italian, North Indian, Asian
Must Haves: Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Lollipop, Pepper Chicken, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Wheat Beer
Cost For Two: Rs. 1650
Where: Plot 11-12 Ground Floor, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


So get ready to party this weekend, don't wait for any special occasion because these pubs in Gurgaon will make sure you have the time of your life drinking and swaying all night long!


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