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Bring Your Spring Date To These 10 Best Rooftop Restaurants In Gurgaon

By Eashita Gupta

Updated - Dec. 23, 2019 8 min read

Gurgaon is adorned with every type of outlet, be it a casual dining restaurant, cafe, fine-dining, themed restaurants or gorgeous rooftop restaurants. We all love to spend our day after work at a relaxed place with good food overlooking a pleasant view. Accompanied by the same Gurgaon is also filled with some amazing rooftop restaurants that are a complete package in themselves. Have a look at these 10 top rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon that offers you everything you need and will keep you satisfied like no other.


1. Adda By Striker

Being one of the best rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon, Adda by Striker needs no introduction and is one place which will surely not leave you disappointed. The rooftop seating has a natural domain with dim lights and a bar having a peaceful ambiance. The overall vibe of the rooftop area is very pleasant and calm due to wooden furniture and greenery. The music here is thrilling, especially on a Sufi night when there is a beautiful fusion of Bollywood melodies with party hopping numbers.rooftop_restaurants_gurgaon_adda_by_striker_image

Highlights: Rooftop, Great Hospitality, Nightlife

Cuisine: Mexican, North Indian

Must-Haves: Wheat Beer, Stir Fry Chicken, Bhuna Gosht Masala

Cost For Two: INR 1550 (approx.)

Address: SCO 24, 1st Floor, Main Market, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


2. Agent Jack's Bidding Bar

With a South African brewer on board, Agent Jack offers around 4 varieties of beers that they brew fresh for their guests. The first floor has an indoor dining space and the rooftop seating area captures the essence of Gurgaon and has wooden furniture and seating area. The huge and beautifully set up bar takes up one of the corners and is a must-visit place for those who enjoy great food and booze. It is amongst the best rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon and is a complete delight in amazing weather.rooftop_restaurants_gurgaon_agent_jack's_bidding_bar_image

Highlights: Party Place, Rooftop, Live Entertainment

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Continental

Must-Haves: Jack’s Tandoori Platter, Jack’s Secret Platter, Kiwi Cucumber

Cost For Two: INR 1200 (approx.)

Address: SCO 21, 2nd Floor, Main Market, Sector 29 (Get Directions)



3. Batli 29

Batli 29 is a microbrewery and a rooftop outlet with a quirky vibe having rustic furniture and good music which makes it a happening place and amongst the best rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon. ‘Batli’ stands for a bottle and ‘29’ depicts the sector number of the market. It has got a basement, ground floor, and rooftop. The rooftop has a huge area for seating, bar and also a private cabin. This place has a lively feel to it and is a must visit with friends and family.rooftop_restaurants_gurgaon_batli_29_image

Highlights: Rooftop, Live Entertainment

Cuisine: North Indian, Italian, Continental

Must-Haves: Gulkand Custard, Craft Beer, Jagermeister Beer, El Funghi Pasta

Cost For Two: INR 1550 (approx.)

Address: SCO-25, Main Market, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


4. Molecule Air Bar

Molecule Air Bar is famous for its rooftop, presentation, and menu which is in the form of WW-II memorabilia and the food served in symbolic chemistry-lab apparatus. The rooftop seating area has floral decor and a calm white theme with hints of chrome, glass, and steel. At night, the air sprinklers set the right temperature while the lighting sets the party mood. The molecule-shaped ceiling lights and the use of liquid nitrogen creates an atmosphere of excitement. Chef has recreated dishes into a fusion mix of diverse flavors with an aim to offer food with a twist and touch of molecular gastronomy.rooftop_restaurants_gurgaon_molecule_air_bar_image

Highlights: Rooftop, Nightlife, Live Entertainment

Cuisine: Continental, North Indian, Italian, Chinese

Must-Haves: Molecule House Brew, Chocolate Comet Destruction, Air Bread, Dip Your Pizza

Cost For Two: INR 1650 (approx.)

Address: SCO 53, 4th Floor, Main Market, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


5. Philtre - The Bistro

Philtre, meaning 'a love potion' has become more of a brand name now. The place is spread across two floors with one being their gorgeous terrace. In this winter season, sitting on a beautiful rooftop in the sun is the best thing to even imagine and it even has a separate bar. The walls inside are painted with artistic paintings with bulbs shining through the roof and decorated with vines. Don't forget to try their creative cocktails which are offered in a drinkware, adding a whole lot of funk.rooftop_restaurants_gurgaon_philtre_image

Highlights: Rooftop, Live Entertainment, Insta Worthy

Cuisine: Modern Indian

Must-Haves: Lamb Chops, Mutton Curry, Pav Bhaji Burger, Craft Beer

Cost For Two: INR 1450 (approx.)

Address: SCO 40, 1st Floor & Terrace, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


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6. Walking Street By Soi7

Over the years, Walking Street By Soi7 has served the best brews and cocktails in Gurgaon and is also known for its Pan Asian food and rooftop. For this reason alone, they have continued to remain in rage and has many good things to offer! It has a very elegant ambiance with a lovely open balcony on the first floor. Basement has a pool table and with good music and the rooftop area has a separate bar decorated with lamp lights, wooden patches and high-raised chairs with seating area being rustic and comfortable.rooftop_restaurants_gurgaon_soi7_image

Highlights: Rooftop, Ladies Night, Live Entertainment

Cuisine: Asian, Italian, North Indian

Must-Haves: Corn Pepper Cheese Roll, Bulgogi Chicken Wings, Sui Mai Dimsums, Wheat Beer

Cost For Two: INR 1700 (approx.)

Address: SCO 20, Main Market, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


7. Cervesia

Cervesia is an outlet where the food is the real hero and apart from that, the rooftop area and nightlife stood outs the most. It hosts sessions like live music, live sports screening, and karaoke and be sure that you reserve your table here. The rooftop area has different seating sections and gives a gorgeous view of the city. It has stonework with beautiful dim lighting in some parts and fairy light in others. The indoors has a lit colorful bar with different seating sections.rooftop_restaurants_gurgaon_cervesia_image

Highlights: Outdoor Seating, Nightlife, Live Music, Smoking Area

Cuisine: Mexican, Italian, Chinese, North-Indian

Must-Haves: Bruschetta, Mocktails, Butter Chicken Slider, Cocktails, Khao Suey

Cost For Two: INR 1500 (approx.)

Address: SCO 22, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


8. Duty Free | Vayu Bar

Duty Free is a 4 storied space with each floor having a different vibe. Table reservation is required here and it hosts various live entertainment sessions including live music. An interesting addition to the choices of spaces that it offers, will open up from a brewery tank leading to a bar which will take you back to the famous bars of London. The USP is its open-air romantic space called 'Vayu Bar', which is a romantic deckwith natural lighting in the day and candle lights in the evening.rooftop_restaurants_gurgaon_duty_free_image

Highlights: Rooftop, Full Bar, Live Entertainment

Cuisine: North Indian, European, Mexican, Asian, Italian, Bar Food, Finger Food

Must-Haves: Vol Au Coun, Veg. Cheese Kulcha, Paneer Tikka, Mac N Cheese Nachos, Non-Veg. Tacos

Cost For Two: INR 500 (approx.)

Address: SCO-23, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


9. Big Boyz Lounge Air Bar

Big Boyz Lounge Air Bar gives you access to one of the best rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon offering you delightful delicacies. It gives you an extraordinary experience under the stars with a breathtaking luxury terrace seating. Big Boyz also takes the pride to bring you an amazing dance floor along with vibrant music to groove on, which makes it a perfect party destination for you.rooftop_restaurants_gurgaon_big_boyz_lounge_image

Highlights: Takeaway Available, Screens Live Matches, Open Air Seating, Live Music

Cuisine: Continental, North Indian, Italian

Must-Haves: Penne Arrabiata, The Veg Kebab Platter, Chilli Paneer Dry, Alfredo Pasta

Cost For Two: INR 1800 (approx.)

Address: Floor 4-5, Plot 13-15, Sector 29 (Get Directions)


10. Factory By Sutra

Factory By Sutra is a microbrewery, very popular for its rooftop and nightlife. It has the provision of live music, live sports screening and wifi and works great as a workplace too. The indoors have a raw, undone look to them that depicts a rugged ambiance of a factory with exposed uneven red bricks throughout. The rooftop area is the biggest compared to breweries in the same lane. It is decorated with dim lights, plants all around and even have a separate bar.rooftop_restaurants_gurgaon_factory_by_sutra_image

Highlights: Happy Hours, Smoking Area, Live Music

Cuisine: Chinese, North Indian

Must-Haves: Chicken Shawarma, Galauti Kebab, Long Island Iced Tea, Craft Beer, Exotic Pizza

Cost For Two: INR 1650 (approx.)

Address: 23, SCO, Main Market, Sector 29 (Get Directions)



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