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12 Best Rum Brands In India Under The Budget Of ₹2000

By Eashita Gupta

Updated - March 24, 2021 7 min read

It is often said that 'Rum is tonic that clarifies the vision, and sets things in true perspective'. There has always been a preference for dark spirits amongst Indians. Rum is a celebratory beverage and is way more popular than clear spirits in our country. Most of the rum-producing nations are in Latin America or around the Caribbean Islands, which says about its connection with sailors. Rum is produced with the use of sugarcane and the liquid is then aged in oak barrels. Rum is one of the highest consumed drink in the Indian market and ranges from dark rum, flavored rum to spiced rum. As much as Indians love their Rum, its consumption can sometimes burn a hole in the pocket. But what if I tell you that now you can enjoy this spirit by spending a few bucks. We have curated a list of 12 best rum brands in India under the budget of ₹2000 just for you.


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1. Contessa

Topping our list of best budget rums is Contessa which is a brand from Radico Khaitan and is highly popular with the armed forces. It is made from cane juice spirit and has notes of cocoa, vanilla, and dried fruits and is aged for 12 years. Sold over 60 countries, it has been awarded many awards including a Silver medal at Monde Selection (2008).budegt_rums_under_rs_2000_contessa_image

Image Courtesy - Bullmet 


Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Price: 750ml – INR 260



2. Old Port

Amrut Distillery began manufacturing rum and brandy in 1948, which he supplied to army canteens throughout India. Old Port became very popular in the country as it is amongst the best cheap rums and has a dry and fruity palate. Rich in molasses and having bright copper color, it contains hints of flavors of vanilla and butterscotch.budegt_rums_under_rs_2000_old_port_image

Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


Alcohol Content: 40% (approx.)

Price: 750ml –INR 260


3. Old Monk

The most celebrated rum in India, Old Monk was introduced in 1954 and is a dark strong rum. The rum is dark brown in color and has a slight vanilla robust flavor. It is blended and aged for a minimum of 7 years. The rum is produced in Ghaziabad and without any advertising, it has been the biggest IMFL brand for many years. This rum is sold all over the world and has 6 variants. Until now, the brand has maintained its reputation in the market because of its pocket-friendly prices and same great quality.Old Monk Rum

Image Courtesy - Wikipedia


Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Price: 1 litre – INR 264


4. Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger gives an exotic taste in every sip. The rum is blended with original matured Jamaican pot-still rum and natural spices. Having a rich aroma and well-balanced taste, it comes in an elegantly designed family bottle. Made of fermented molasses, you can enjoy this authentic dark rum with your loved ones at very reasonable prices.budegt_rums_under_rs_2000_jolly_roger_image

Image Courtesy - Fat Rum Pirate 


Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Price: 750ml – INR 270


5. McDowell's No.1

One of the most popular and cheap rum brands in India, McDowell's No.1 is an Indian brand of spirits manufactured by United Spirits Limited (USL). Awarded with many prestigious awards, the brand overtook Bacardi as 'world's best-selling rum brand' in 2015. It was launched in Celebration (Dark) and Caribbean (White) variants in 1990-91 and is sold in 13 countries. This popular rum has a dark color with a different kind of vanilla and caramel flavorbudegt_rums_under_rs_2000_mc_dowells_no1_image

Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Price: 1 litre – INR 376


6. Hercules

Amongst the top budget rum brands in the country, Hercules is mostly sold in the defense segment. It is usually enjoyed with a soft drink and does not leave you with a hangover. It produces both white and dark rum and has 3 variants - Hercules Deluxe Rum (Dark), Hercules XXX Rum (Dark), and Hercules White Rum.budegt_rums_under_rs_2000_hercules_image

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Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Price: 1 litre - INR 527


7. Angostura

If you wanna enjoy a smooth rum without spending a hefty amount, then Angostura is the one to go for. It has deep flavors of clove, tamarind, and cinnamon. The owners claim that 'the rums are 100% Trinidadian, made in one distillery on one Island'. The aged rums are blended, re-casked, and upon maturity hand-drawn for bottling and are truly smokey and oaky.budegt_rums_under_rs_2000_angostura_image

Image Courtesy - Wikipedia 


Alcohol Content: 44.7%

Price: 750ml – INR 700 (approx.)


8. Captain Morgan

Named after the 17th-century Welsh privateer of the Caribbean, Sir Henry Morgan, Captain Morgan is a spiced rum which is marketed in India by Diageo. Since 2011, the label has used the slogan 'To Life, Love and Loot'. This rum is distilled from sugarcane and then is aged in oak barrels for up to a year, which adds a golden color and character to it. After that, the flavors and spices are added. A very delicious drink all by itself, it is a great one to go for if you are in a search of the best budget rum.budegt_rums_under_rs_2000_captain_morgan_image

Image Courtesy - Shutterstock 


Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Price: 750ml – INR 780


9. Bacardi

Bacardi is a family owned spirits company that has more than 200 brands and labels. Founded in 1862, it now has sales in more than 150 countries. Bacardi’s black, open-winged fruit bat logo is world-famous. Don Facundo, the founder, himself invented the logo, which at the time symbolized self-confidence and brotherhood. Bacardi Rum has 3 main flavors and has notes of vanilla. This sweet and fruity rum is amongst the best cheap rums and can be enjoyed by spending just a few bucks.budegt_rums_under_rs_2000_bacardi_image

Image Courtesy - Bacardi


Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Price: 1 litre – INR 1300


10. Appleton Estate

Another in the list of best rum brands in India under the budget of ₹2000 is the Appleton Estate. It is the most famous and oldest of all of Jamaica's sugar-cane estates. It makes rich and aromatic rums with cinnamon and butterscotch flavors and is known for its long-aged editions. Appleton's 21 Year Old is a particular favorite of experts and has many more variations. Due to the island’s warm climate, there is a much higher rate of evaporation that led aged Jamaican rums for between 25 and 35 years.budegt_rums_under_rs_2000_appleton_estate_image

Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


Alcohol Content: 40%

Price: 700ml – INR 1500 (approx.)


11. Malibu

Malibu is made with Caribbean rum and has a coconut flavor. The owner, Pernod Ricard, calls it a 'flavored rum'. There are many different versions of Malibu rum which are flavored with various tropical fruits such as banana, pineapple, passion fruit, island melon, and mango. Also, there is a mingle with mint, known as Malibu Fresh, tequila known as Malibu Red and a double strength version known as Malibu Black. it is one of the best cheap rums as all of these different variants can be enjoyed at pocket-friendly prices and will give you satisfaction like no other.budegt_rums_under_rs_2000_malibu_image

Image Courtesy - Twitter 


Alcohol Content: 21%

Price: 750ml – INR 1650


12. Barcelo

We are ending this list of best rum brands in India under the budget of ₹2000 with Barcelo, which is the 4th largest exporter of rum in the world. Founded in 1930, Barcelo is the name and brand of different types of rums from the Dominican Republic and has its plant and distillery in San Pedro de Macorís. The flavors are strong, sweet and spicy with a hint of caramel. It has 8 variants and is sold in over 50 countries.


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


Alcohol Content: 38%

Price: 750ml – INR 2000 (approx.)


Rum has something to offer for any kind of palate and is an integral part of every drinking occasion. This list of rum bands in India under a budget of Rs. 2000 will help you to choose whenever you are struggling with money. These are equally delicious and satisfying as any high-end rum would be.


Q. Why is rum dark?

A. Rum picks up color from time spent in wooden barrels. Mostly it’s due to the chemistry of spirit interacting with the wood and the longer this interaction happens, the darker the color becomes.


Q. What are the health benefits of Rum?

A. Lowers blood pressure and lowers the chances of heart diseases.


Q. Is rum gluten free?

A. Rum can be produced only from fermenting sugarcane juice which is a syrup from molasses or from sugar itself. So, rum must be gluten free as there is no grain involved.




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