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10 Chakna Dishes To Pair With Your Pint

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Sept. 6, 2021 7 min read

Anybody who was around when I first started drinking, would've never predicted that I'd eventually settle into the shoes of a "beer person". Mostly because the first lap of my alcohol journey was marked by a serious soft-spot for spirits. I remember taking an embarrassing amount of pride, in my ability to guzzle down shot after shot of undiluted liquor, without so much as making a face. It was almost like I was trying to teach my liver a lesson. 


So I thank my stars for introducing me to the wonders of beer, before I became a full-fledged raging alcoholic. Suddenly, the short-lived charm of neat vodka, didn't seem worth the trade-off. It could also have to do with my inclining age and diminishing capacity, but the day finally arrived. The day I picked the happy high of a couple of pints, over the frenzied rise and crash of neat spirits. And I haven't looked back since.


TLDR; I love beer. 


You know what I also love? Snacking to my heart's content while I'm nursing a cold one. But as I'm sure you'd know if you like beer as much as I do, not every dish pairs well with our beloved ale. Especially messy food, or preparations that demand both your hands. Also, the spectrum of an ill-fit between your choice of poison and snack, ranges from, "hmm, that tastes funky" to "can you please call an ambulance?". That's not a chance worth taking, my friend. Especially, when we're here with a list of options that will lead to neither. On the contrary, these dishes will enhance the fabulous flavour of your beer, while satiating your appetite for actual food. Curious? Well, let's get a move on our guide to the best snacks to pair with a pint. 


1. Onion Rings 

These crispy, golden rings of flavour make for a great accompaniment to the malty sweet and hoppy bitter profile of a beer. Onion rings have always been a classic choice of appetiser, but when you're sipping on a beer alongside, the crunchiness of the deep-fried onions and their mouthwatering batter coating accentuates the grainy complexity of a good pitcher. To top it all off, they're incredibly easy to make at home, and this descriptive Youtube recipe tutorial by Toasted will take you through all the steps to whip up your own batch! 


Image Courtesy: Recipe Fairy 



2. Crispy Chilli Baby Corn 

This fiery flavours of this beloved desi Chinese appetiser will be quick to perk up your beer session with the gang. Diced baby corn, deep-fried till crispy and nibbly, and then tossed in a mix of sweet-spicy sauce coupled with assorted veggies, packs a tasty punch in itself. But with the addition of a bold-tasting lager beer, the zing of the dish becomes even more pronounced. We closely followed this Youtube recipe tutorial by The Terrace Kitchen, replete with informative subtitles and detailed descriptions, and we'd highly recommend you do too! 


Image Courtesy: VegeCravings



3. Tawa Paneer Tikka 

Smoky, spiced paneer and delicious light beer are a match made in snacking heaven! Especially if you're a vegetarian, paneer tikka is one of those classic appetiser choices that will never let you down. Particularly, light lagers and blonde ales tend to pair remarkably well with the savoury tang of Indian food, and this one is no different. If you want to cook up your own plate from scratch, we'd suggest you follow this informative Youtube recipe tutorial by Piya's Kitchen. It taught us how to easily make restaurant-quality tawa paneer tikka right at home, with a flexible recipe that one can fine-tune to their tastes and preferences. 


Image Courtesy: Chanazorgaram



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4. Galouti Kebab

I'm yet to discover a feeling as satisfying as some well-cooked, delicately seasoned Galouti Kebabs melting in your mouth at the first bite. Did you know, this delicious minced goat and papaya recipe was originally meant for a Nawab in Lucknow? Suffice it to say, the regal blend of flavours in the dish bears testimony to this origin story. We absolutely adore this Youtube recipe tutorial by Cook With Lubna, which makes the otherwise complicated process of making your own Galouti Kebabs, easy as ABC! 


Image Courtesy: Medium



5. Cajun Spiced Potato Wedges

I'm not going to paint a false picture here, I have a very low tolerance for spice. But the fact that I still can't stop myself from gorging on spicy food packed with fiery flavours, proves just how addictive the taste can be. Light lagers and pale ales including IPA, will go down smoothly with the intense kick of Cajun seasoning, so mixing the spice with the crowd-favourite fare of potato wedges is a brilliant choice. Let Chej Sanjyot Keer take you through the process of making your own plate, in this Youtube recipe tutorial by Your Food Lab


Image Courtesy: Youtube



6. Loaded Nachos 

Nachos and beer is a classic food-alcohol couple most of us have already taken a gander at, and it continues to be a safe choice to fall back on when you don't feel like trying something risky. The melange of Mexican flavours in a bowl of Nachos complements the bitter blend in darker beer varieties fantastically. And when you add a generous helping of scrumptious toppings like cheese, olives, salsa and diced chicken to the mix, it's enough to get you drooling from afar. Learn how to make this ultimate party snack with the help of this thorough Youtube recipe tutorial by Food Ki Deewani


Image Courtesy: Ready Set Eat



7. Peanut Salad 

The OG chakna for all alcoholic intents and purposes, some delicious masala-rich peanut salad is a perfect tidbit to throw in with sips of chilled beer. Peanuts can actually make the drink taste even better, the saltiness in the snack balancing the bitter flavour of your beer, and thus making it easier to guzzle down. There are several takes on the classic munchy, but the chatpata mix of peanuts, chopped tomatoes, onions and sev, is by far our favourite. Follow this incredibly informative Youtube recipe tutorial by Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana to fix yourself a bowl! 


Image Courtesy: Archana's Kitchen



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8. Masala Papad Topped With Salad 

I think it's safe to say that we've ventured into the territory of true beer snack classics, so excluding Masala Papad would be a total sin. The delicious Indian papad is one of the most reached for nosh options, whether by itself, along with a heavy meal, or an icy cold tumbler of some refreshing beer. Roasted papad loaded with a sweet and tangy mixture of sev, chopped veggies, sauce and coriander is perfect for those beer sessions when your appetite for food isn't particularly large. This easy Youtube recipe tutorial by Swaad Anusaar helped us create the mouthwatering starter with just a select few ingredients! 


Image Courtesy: Reddit



9. Jalapeno Poppers 

Have we mentioned we love spicy food? To get yourself a kick in more ways than just from chugging the beer in your hand, we'd wholeheartedly suggest you pair it with a batch of Jalapeno poppers. If you've never tried this dish before, trust us when we endorse the delightful taste of some jalapenos stuffed with the gooey batter of herbed cheese and aromatic spices. To begin with, this simple and quick Youtube recipe tutorial by Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana is perfect for first-timers and veteran cooks, in equal measure. 


Image Courtesy: MyRecipes



10. Wings 

Do I even need to say anything here? All the fans already know that chicken wings are to beer, what cheese is to wine. How about giving the classic American snack a flavoursome Indian twist? Sounds interesting? This Youtube recipe tutorial by Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana will tell you all that there's to know! 


Image Courtesy: Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana



Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder! 


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