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11 Street Food Places In Jaipur That You Should Try Atleast Once

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - July 9, 2020 6 min read

The pink city might not be studded with a lot of fancy cafes and bars or has nightlife like Delhi or Mumbai but one thing that you are bound to stumble upon while wandering in the streets here is a very delectable food stall or a basic restaurant with mouth-watering Chaats, Bhels and more...


Because when it comes to street food, Jaipur has an entirely different ball-game.



While the city is mostly celebrated for its forts and palaces but the true royalty lies in its food. From spicy Kachoris to Dal Baati Churma, Gol Gappes, Shrikhand and more, Jaipur is an open book that you all want to read while gorging on their delicious street food. Now that we've got you all...drooling, let's dig into the city and find you the best street food places in Jaipur.



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Located on Fashion Street of Jaipur, Chawla Snacks and Sweets has a wholesome menu when it comes to street food. From decent seating to the homely ambience, this restaurant cum sweet shop is full of options we can't choose from. This famous street food place is Jaipur is mostly frequented by people who just can't resist Gol Gappas and other chaat items. And don't be surprised if you also find pizzas, burger, coffees, juices, Chinese and South Indian dishes at this restaurant. 


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A popular street food joint in Jaipur is a perfect place for late evening family sessions over tasty snacks and even tastier sweets. This place defines the best family restaurant title with hundreds of food options and about 50 varieties of sweets to choose from. Locals identify Rawat Mishthan Bhandar for its spicy plate of Pyaaz Kachori, delectable Indian sweets and other street food picks like Gol Gappas, Dal Baati Churma, Cheese Puchka and so on... And if you are new to the city, you'd probably want to pay this outlet a sincere visit.


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Hanging out with your gang on a shoestring budget might be tough but at this popular spot in Jaipur, it's as easy as sipping chai on a cloudy day. Gulab Ji Chai Wale is the perfect spot to have a conversation with friends over tea...or you know, shakes, coolers, sandwiches, Maggi, Chaats and more. Located opposite Ganpati Plaza this place is the hub for tea lovers and the college-going crowd. The only downside to this amazing setting is that the place is only open till 6 PM. But if you do find yourself in the area don't forget to nibble on their Bun Maska and Masala Chai. 


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If Pav Bhaji is all you want, Pav Bhaji is all you are going to get at this popular street food place in Jaipur. With only two outlets in the city, Pandit Pav Bhaji has a limited menu of scrumptious Pav Bhajis, Sandwiches, Bhels, Noodles, Matar Kulcha, Dabeli and so on. At minimal prices, you get unlimited taste and memories. What more can we ask from a street food joint in a city that's mostly known for forts?


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With 5 outlets around Jaipur, Egg Dee-Sanjay Restaurant is known for its one-of-a-kind royal egg spread. From serving 20 different varieties of the basic omelette to literally spreading happiness in form of Egg Chaats, Sandwiches, Bhurjis, Puffs, Maggie, Burgers, Pizzas and Thalis among all the people who love eggs, this street food joint is a blessing for Jaipurites. Run by Sanjay Sharma a well-known participant of Masterchef India the place is running the street food market from more than 2 decades now and I can't get over the fact that they have so much to offer. Although this place needs no reservation but duly note that it is open from 12 PM to 4 PM only. So scram... for them eggs.


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For the people who sleep late at night and wake up later in the afternoon, Sethi Bar-Be-Que is your spirit animal. From 1 PM to 1 AM this place is raging with drooling meat lovers, crazy alcohol buddies and localites cruising through Raja Park. The place serves the most flavourful Chicken, Paneer, Peshawari Tikkas, Honey Chilli Potato and Spring Rolls which is also surrounded by serious Dhaba vibes. It's safe to say that Sethi Bar-Be-Que is the best non-vegetarian joint in Jaipur. 


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A carefully curated menu that caters to the sweet and spicy in you is the USP of Falahaar. Although known for its sweet Indian delicacies like Shri Khand, Ghevar, etc. but the place also offers other heartfelt street food such as Kota Kachori, Khaman Dhokla, Sabudana Khichdi, etc. A very popular choice among the vegetarians of Jaipur Falahaar can be your hangout spot too. 


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One of the oldest street food joint in Jaipur the Aunty's cafe is a legit Dhaba feels with great taste and at trivial prices. Do try their Pav Bhaji, Burgers, Chaats and yummy South Indian dishes they make with love. 


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A #ChaatPeCharcha kind of place that satisfies the demands of every street food fanatic who well, love chaats. And they don't stop here, this fast food joint is also famous for its scrummy palate of Cheelas and chutneys. This place is also known to bring people closer to the pink city. Quick service, easy prices and hearty taste. A win-win-and-win situation.


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The OG Lassi king of Jaipur, Kishan Lal Govind Naraian Agarwal's Lassiwala is THE PLACE to go for a modest glass of lassi. And you know they are amazing because all they've been serving for decades now is just lassi. Choose from the sweet sugary one and healthy sugar-free one, munch on those nuts floating on the brim and then devour all at once. This is the way!


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The love between Delhi and street food is a hundred-year-old relationship that everyone respects. And there's nothing more exciting than experiencing the living proof of that even in Jaipur. The crossover every foodie would die to be a part of. From Gol Gappas to Papdi Chaats, Chinese Bhel, Chat Special Pizzas, Bhalle Papdi, Chaps and more; Delhi Chaat Bhandar is where you go if you seek Dilli Ke flavours in the pink city.


Now that the guide to the best street food places in Jaipur is on your screen, its time you gather all your buddies, casually check your wallets for change, mark the location on your phones and just get ready to attack! 




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