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8 Best Ways To Boost Restaurant Sales With The Help Of Internet

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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Surrounded by a cut-throat competition of commerce and big brands out there, a marketer must go beyond just an in-house marketing and leave no stone unturned. If you own or manage a restaurant, the following are the things which must be checked to make sure that your revenue game is on point. Restaurant Sales can boost up to 80% with the help of the Internet. Increase your restaurant revenue with these 8 ways to increase your sales overnight.


1. Create A Website

The website lays down the personality of a restaurant/brand, sets its tone and is bound to attract a specific kind of audience. It hands out the very first impression which depends on how well-made it is and we're seeing a growing number of the audience today which indulges in research before dining or ordering in. It definitely sets a website apart if it contains high-resolution pictures of the restaurant and its food being represented.  



2. Convert Readership Into Sales

Now after a website has an audience and regular readership, the next big challenge is to convert these mere visitors into customers.  One way to go about it is by allowing the audience to order food and/or reserve a table through the website itself. Another way is to entice them providing exclusive offers and discounts in order to ensure prompt sales. 



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3. Get Discovered!

To our advantage, we have several discovery platforms these days like magicpin, Swiggy and many more and it'd be stupid if a restaurant doesn't take their advantage. By getting discovered on such platforms, they make sure that the restaurants have a wider reach of target audiences. It's important to establish your self on delivery platforms to earn more revenue and customer reach.



4. SEO & SEM Strategy

A highly optimized SEO and SEM Strategy implies an increase in a brand's search on Google, an SEM advertisement on top and an effective 'Google My Business' (GMB) page. Such a strategy makes sure that 40-50% of traffic gets redirected to the brand's website with conversion rates of about 10-25% which means a lot. Traffic from search engines is the key to the popularity of a blog or website which is why learning basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can take you a long way ahead. Once you've decided on your blog title, remember that's not all as to make the article rank on google one needs to follow the correct SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) Guidelines. Find a keyword which has more volume and less difficulty to rank better. There are several websites which help you find the right keyword to get to work and search for an appropriate keyword with a high volume and less keyword difficulty to make your article engage more audience



5. Google My Business (GMB)

Now it's become extremely important these days that we are provided with the vital information of any restaurant like restaurant timings, location, contact, etc. just at the click of a mouse. GMB Listing makes it happen by managing a restaurant's presence across Google Search & Google Maps. Discovery is very crucial if you know where to establish your entry - nothing is stopping your restaurant from growing at the right rate and increasing their restaurant revenue smartly with the right pace.



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6. Social Media Presence

Social media marketing has become a new norm for every big or small brand as it also doesn't require a huge investment. Aggressive promotion on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. on a daily basis helps in engaging with the audience, widening the reach and social media presence across all geographies. Sharing fascinating pictures of food, ambiance and latest updates on social help build a strong brand with the potential to drive more revenue. One of the strongest weapons in this digital era, Social Media has gone way too far from just connecting people. It's evolving more towards business and support these days. An only platform where everything is seen, observed and judged that directly affects your business. Gone are those days when people used to trust through oral feedback but things have tremendously changed now and people trust more to these Social Media and look into the brand and if they find it attractive and suitable then only they consider going to the certain outlet or refuses to do so. Social Media is one of the best tools for your business if taken seriously.

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7. Digital Marketing

Promoting a brand and its website is very important, otherwise, every effort goes in vain. In this technology-driven world where internet and smartphones have become an integral part of our lifestyles, digital marketing ensures targeting the right customers. Some of the effective tools and mediums of digital marketing are the Google Display Network, Google Search, Social media platforms (as discussed above), SMS and e-mails. While Google & Facebook are the most popular channels for gaining new customers & building brand awareness, one may prefer using e-mail & SMS marketing to improve customer retention. The key to success is to adapt yourself to this fast-changing world. Getting a digital menu, billing, digital feedback panel, electronic payment, wallet service etc. will not only help in quick restaurant service but also help to create a good impression to your customers and idealize you with the popular saying, “Keeping up with the pace”.



8. Email Marketing

One should think about the purpose of the email marketing campaign primarily. One of the main goals of email marketing is, it helps in bringing back people to your website and enables you to share content or acknowledge them more about your offers and services. The purpose of email marketing varies from business to business. Every business has different needs which decide the kind of email campaign to be used. So, you should always be focused on your needs. As a restaurant owner, your goal is to promote more about your restaurant and reach out to more foodies and increase footfall to your restaurant.



9. Feedback Mechanism

Last but not the least, It's essential to put a systematic feedback mechanism in place which could allow you to work on your shortcomings. A restaurant can only be successful if it's backed by constant support and feedback from its customers. It helps them recognize the expectations of customers, which may include the addition of new dishes, new cuisines, or even changes in the service. Prompt replies to requests and complaints on websites/social media pages always leave a good impression! 


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Q: Which are the best social media platforms to increase restaurant business?

A: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Quora and Medium


Q: What are the best ideas to write on your restaurant blog?

A: Secret recipes, Meal Of The Month, Best Reviews, Employee Of The Month and Restaurant Of The Week


Q: We should take customer reviews seriously?

A: Yes


Q: Adapting to the new technologies will help in expanding the restaurant business?

A: Yes it will definitely help and you will tend to impress your customers more with the help of smart technologies.