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A Beginners Guide To Successful Email Marketing For Your Restaurant

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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Thinking to start with the email marketing for your restaurant promotion? But, confused about how business email marketing can be done for your restaurants? Fret not! We have come up with a complete beginner guide to successful email marketing for your restaurant.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is all about connecting to the customers or subscribers via their email addresses. In this particular campaign, you reach your customers via electronic communication share a few information about your restaurants that helps in promoting your business further. Considered to be one of the greatest tools to reach a mass number of people this marketing approach is not only easy to do but also highly effective in terms of returns.


Need For Email Marketing

1. A long-term growth strategy which helps in brand-building.
2. If you are looking to build a group of loyal customers without spending much time and money, then email marketing will lead your way. But initially, you need to concentrate on making a big and precise audience list whom you wanna target.
3. One of the great step in making a community of supportive and returning customers as later with great promotions the email list can also result in reality.
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Purpose of Email Marketing

One should think about the purpose of the email marketing campaign primarily. One of the main goals of email marketing is, it helps in bringing back people to your website and enables you to share content or acknowledge them more about your offers and services. The purpose of email marketing varies from business to business. Every business has different needs which decide the kind of email campaign to be used. So, you should always be focused on your needs. As a restaurant owner, your goal is to promote more about your restaurant and reach out to more foodies and increase footfall to your restaurant.

Deciding Campaign Strategy

Different kinds of emails can be created depending upon the goals. Few ideas are as follow:

1. Pamphlets or Attractive Posters
This strategy is of great help as this will portraying your restaurant more attractive plus more credible too. If your business falls in this category, then pamphlets or posters would be the appropriate strategy which can help to maintain a consistent traffic to your website.

2. Interesting  Offers
The people who are on the mailing list get special offers from the restaurant. This kind of approach is beneficial for both parties, Restaurant business, and consumers. The restaurant can help to highlight the chef’s special dishes and the customers too will feel that they hold a special place because of their subscription.

3. Increasing Awareness
If your restaurant is offering any weekly offers or opening a new outlet or promoting any happy hours then email marketing will help in creating awareness about all the necessary information and ultimately will lead traffic towards your business.

How to Expand The List of Subscribers?

1. Focus on building strategies - First and foremost work on the concept and dedicate some lines that provoke people to leave their information or email address to you. Mostly offers like free home delivery, discount coupons and similar.

2. Remind your users to subscribe by making the subscribe button more prominent. Only having one subscribe button on the home page is not enough. Use many marketing channels to remind people of your brand.

3. The procedure of being a subscriber should be short. As people don’t like to waste their time. So filling up the forms should be avoided just a few blanks which require their main details is enough.
4. You should know your target audience and about their interest. For eg, if you have a pizza offer then reach out to all the pizza lovers, a special biryani combo should be circulated to the customers you are a die-heart fan of biryani.

5. Pop-ups are the sweethearts for your restaurant promotion. Missing out on this is missing out on your best advertisements.

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Things To Be Added While Creating Your Email Marketing Campaign

Always draft an effective email which catches the eyes of your audience. For strategies are listed below:
1. An attractive and engaging title that lures the customer to click on it.
2. Email length should be short, precise and meaningful. Cover most of your news in short words, as people won’t bother to read long paragraphs.
3. Attractive images parallel to the context.
4. Unsubscribe button - By including this you are giving freedom to subscribers. 
5. Email Authentication will help in building trust and make your brand look more credible.
6. Optimize the landing page - Optimise your landing page as not having the real page will directly result in negative conversation rate.

Analyse The Results of Email-Marketing Campaign
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The best thing about email marketing is, the results are completely measurable. So, where you see the results, there is always an option for improvisation. The email automation tools tell you about the click rates. This will make you understand that whether the email you are drafting is going good or it needs some improvement.



Technology is evolving aggressively, so the modes of advertisements, promotions are also changing in the same way. In this case, it is inevitable to adapt yourself to the changing environment. Only adapting to the new approach would benefit in expanding your business. Always remember the main objective is to hold on to your old customers and capture the interest of other’s customers too.


Q- Email Marketing can also be used as the medium to communicate with the customers?
A- Yes, email marketing is also be used as the medium to communicate with the customers.

Q- Is it true that email marketing comes with measurable observations?
A- Yes, email marketing comes with the measurable observations about the click rates on the email.