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Boost Your Business With These Local Store Marketing Ideas To Game Up!

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - May 9, 20248 min read

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Surrounded by a cut-throat competition of ecommerce and big brands out there, a local store marketer must go beyond just an in-store marketing and leave no stone unturned. Technology is evolving aggressively, so the modes of advertisements, promotions are also changing in the same way. In this case, it is inevitable to adapt yourself to the changing environment. Only adapting to the new approach would benefit in expanding your business. Always remember the main objective is to hold on to your old customers and capture the interest of other’s customers too. Here are top local store marketing ideas along with key factors to keep in mind before you implement to boost up your business in the best way possible.


1. Start A Loyalty Program

A store extending a loyalty program offering rewards to its customers definitely shows the commitment they're ready to make and how much they care for them. It ensures the store of some regular customers and repeated and frequent visits by them. Keep a tab on your loyal customers - you've got to keep a check on the numbers and the metric as to how often does a customer turn out into a regular visitor on a monthly basis. Take reviews and feedbacks to know what can make your local store more attractive for the visitors. Our customers definitely know it better, everything which looks appealing to the owner might be nothing for the customer. So keep a tab and check on the conversion of customers into regular visitors to get a valuable feedback and engage more visitors like them. They will help you through the word of mouth and their criticism to know where you actually lack.



2. Build Your Store's Credibility Through PR And Media Activities

Engage those hundreds of influencers coming up every day with their websites and blogs online. Recognition is essential for both - collaborate with them in exchange for good content. Market your product through bloggers as their reach is the fastest. They've got the audience already, all they need to do is endorse your product properly. Maintaining public relations and media activities play a crucial part in building a brand hence proving your credibility and reliance can be done by collaborating with the trusted ones.



3. Blackboard Marketing

One of the easiest ways to market the old school way is definitely the blackboard marketing style. It's usually favorite amongst the restaurant owners but local stores can totally take this up. Get a blackboard and jot down the special discounts and exclusive products of your store and hang it around for the passing-by crowd so it catches people's attention in a single go.



4. Build Your Own Website

For starters, you might not want to spend much so you can easily get a website made on one of those free domains. As a website can do wonders to get traffic and be known amongst the right audience. Get a free domain and later when you have enough funds then you can go for a well-designed website and get it customized accordingly. There are several domains which offer free websites and even trial packs to see if it works well for you or not.



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5. Don't Underestimate The Power Of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is all about connecting to the customers or subscribers via their email addresses. In this particular campaign, you reach your customers via electronic communication share a few information about your restaurants that helps in promoting your business further. Considered to be one of the greatest tools to reach a mass number of people this marketing approach is not only easy to do but also highly effective in terms of returns. You might think of email marketing as spam strategy but it does have a successful engagement rate as we can’t deny most of us check out emails on a daily basis which does make a lot of difference when it comes to engaging traffic through emails. It’s all about crafting a good quality - not so sales oriented email to engage the right audience. The point is to experiment with every medium to market your restaurant. Until you try all the social media platforms to market your business, you will never get to know what works the best for you so it's always better to experiment.



6. Focus On Your Social Presence

Sooner or later every brand tends to establish their presence on Social Media and it's important for them to connect with the rest of the audience as well to engage traffic. Brands need to start campaigns to create a buzz around. It can also be done by using a mascot for the same as people tend to get familiar with mascots easily to recognize a company's value. Social Media success means looking beyond the likes and driving business build on reasonable measurements. We need to realize content is currency therefore always aim at creating beautiful, dynamic content to organically engage traffic.

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7. On-Ground Activities 

Not every brand campaign or marketing starts directly from the internet. Remember the roots can be as simple as on-ground activities. You'll witness a number of events recently require an app login to enter on the other hand the rest of them try to create events to make people engage in their e-commerce websites and apps through on-the-spot login for some campaign. Build a solid campaign, competition or idea to engage your audience and make them realize what you have for them in return. Making your audience feel exclusive is everything they are looking forward too. Before you get to the virtual world engage them through your idealistic conversations through on-ground activities.


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6 Key Factors To Keep In Mind Before You Implement These Marketing Ideas


1. Sincerity

Despite the rush, make sure all the customers are being paid equal attention. Additionally, it personalizes the experience for a customer if their name and repeat orders are being remembered if they are regulars at the store.



2. Value Time

Everyone's time is precious and it's always better if you're a step ahead in valuing the time of your customers who expect to be heard within minutes and served in the shortest time possible. If at all they're made to wait, make sure they're given a proper waiting space so that they don't mind waiting for a while.



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3. Well-informed Staff

It's a must that the store staff be well-versed with the products and services being rendered and should be on their fingertips. It leaves a positive impression on the customers if they're told about the experience they're going to have a little in advance as it builds curiosity.



4. Be Responsible For Your Mistakes

One of the factors which define an excellent customer service is your finesse at dealing with customer problems and complaints. You can't avoid mistakes at times. They are bound to happen but what makes all the difference in the world is the grace with which they are being owned up to by the staff and how effectively and efficiently they're being rectified.



5. Customer Satisfaction

It's the foremost factor behind repeat visits made by loyal customers with whom the local stores are able to build trust and confidence. Hence, effective customer service is the most important point to be taken care of.



6. Feedback Mechanism

It's essential to put a systematic feedback mechanism in place which allows every local store to work on their shortcomings. A store can only be successful if it's backed by constant support and feedback from its customers. It helps them recognize the expectations of customers, which may include the addition of new services or even changes in the service.


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