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10 Essential Things To Carry While Travelling To A Hill Station In 2023

By Anubha Das

Updated - May 24, 2023 6 min read

When we think about holiday destinations, the first two that come to mind are hills and beaches. When we’ve decided on a hill station, the next step is to prepare for the journey. When we go to a hill station, we prepare lists of what we need to bring. And it is at this point that the phrase “just in case” enters our minds. It’s critical to recognise that even after packing everything that comes to mind, there are still things that we overlook.


The trick is to plan ahead of time. Think before you pack, and you’ll agree that the items listed below are the only things you should bring with you on a trip to a hill station.


1. Woolens


Woolens are at the top of our list when we plan a hike, yet we typically overpack. The goal is to stay warm, but comfort is also essential. If you don’t want to die of cold or carry too much weight, make sure you choose just enough woollen clothing for the hill station. Two high-quality jackets or coats in basic colours constitute the hill station dress code for a vacation lasting less than a week. With your sweaters and pullovers, you may go all out. Invest in decent body warmers since they may help you stay warm even in the worst weather. Carry plenty of socks, but only two pairs of gloves, two hats, and a muffler should suffice. A down jacket and a fleece should be sufficient.



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Image Courtesy:Myntra



2. Good Shoes – For All Those Treks 

No matter how warm your woollens are, the incorrect shoes will defeat the purpose. Bring a decent pair of shoes or boots with you because they are ideal for hill climbing and snow trekking. Leave your high heels and loafers at the door. Carry an additional pair of indoor-outdoor slip-resistant slippers that you may wear both inside and outside your hotel.


We recommend:

Eego Italy Men Black Leather High-Top Trekking Shoes

Quechua By Decathlon Women Blue Waterproof Hiking Shoes NH150



Image Courtesy:Myntra



3. Medicines – To Fight Cold


We all enjoy snow and rain, but these weather conditions put our immune system to the test. It’s a good idea to keep some basic medications on hand. The only “just in case” item in your bag should be these. People who suffer from motion sickness should carry medication to prevent vomiting when driving up or down a slope. It is one of the most important items to have with you when travelling anywhere in the world. If you’re prone to becoming sick quickly and are wondering what to pack for a trip to a hill station, certain cold and altitude sickness drugs are important items to have.


Image Courtesy: The conversation



4. Chocolates – For Instant Warm-Up


Chocolate isn’t only for satisfying your sugar cravings. They’re also the most significant way to get a quick boost of energy and warmth. Mountain climbing is a strenuous activity that may require recharging. You will feel energetic and toasty after eating chocolate. Besides, chocolate is delicious and convenient to transport and enjoy.


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5. Thermal Water Bottle – Hydration Is A Must


Even though there are tiny bars and food booths along the route uphill, bringing your own drink is preferable. It’s critical to stay hydrated during your travel, especially if you’re on a trek or path. Fill your bottle with water or your favourite hot beverage and keep drinking while on the road. The greatest choice is a thermal water bottle that can keep your beverages hot for a long period. Choose a lightweight, leak-proof bottle.


We recommend:

Borosil - Stainless Steel Hydra Trek - Vacuum Insulated Flask Water Bottle


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6. Umbrella – Shelter From Rain And Snowfall


Uninvited visitors, snowfall, and rain may all come knocking on your door at any time. You should have an umbrella on hand. These weather shocks may appear “romantic” in movies, but in real life, they may completely derail your holiday plans. If you don’t want to carry a large umbrella, use a lightweight multi-fold umbrella.


We recommend:

MUJI 2-Way Foldable Umbrella with Double Dot Button


Image Courtesy: Ajio



7. Cash – ATMs Are Not Always Available


During peak seasons, popular hill stations are congested. And we’re sure you don’t want to squander your valuable vacation time waiting in ATM lines. It is preferable to have adequate cash on hand rather than relying solely on credit cards. Although you can pay with your credit or debit card, local businesses and sellers may not always offer this option. With cash, buying on the street is a lot easier.


Image Courtesy: The Economic Times


8. Power Bank – Your Phone Will Be Doing Too Much


This is generally on your list, so make sure you  carry it around on your treks. On hill trips, you spend the most of your time walking, which eliminates the possibility of charging your phone at regular intervals. Furthermore, networks are weaker upward, causing the battery to drain quickly. Plus, your phone is always in use, from taking pictures to playing music, from guiding you with its torchlight to navigating with Google Maps. You may use your phone without worrying about its battery if you have a power charger.


We recommend:

Ambrane 10000 mAh Compact Power Bank


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9. Leather Jackets – Wind Shields


A nice jacket, like this leather one, not only looks sleek and elegant for those ideal photos with snowy backdrops, but it also keeps you warm. It’s never a terrible idea to add a fashion statement to your almost-perfect vacation. After all, you never know when the jacket may be helpful while travelling or climbing! This is undoubtedly one of the most important items to bring with you while visiting a hill station!


We recommend:

JUSTANNED Zip-Front Genuine Leather Jacket

JUSTANNED Genuine Leather Zip-Front Biker Jacket



Image Courtesy: Ajio




10. Skincare – Say No To Dry Skin


The weather is generally chilly and dry or cold and excessively wet in higher altitudes. These regions are likewise exposed to direct sunlight. In such weather, our skin is put to the test, thus it’s essential to prepare it. It should consist of a decent winter cream and a sunscreen to avoid overstressing your skin while on vacation.


Image Courtesy: Healthline


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You'll be OK if you stick to this list of things to bring on a trip to a hill station. One of life's optimistic signs is the desire to travel. So go ahead and act on that whim! Never get so wrapped up in preparing plans for your vacation that you forget to enjoy it. Keep in mind that less is more and that enough is the most!



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