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5 Skirts To Stock Up On For The Summer

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 2020 4 min read

There's just something about wearing a skirt that makes you feel dolled up, even if the rest of your outfit is fairly modest. You can sport the most basic tee shirt with a bare face and a dull pair of practical shoes, but as long as there's a twirling skirt in there somewhere, it's hard not to feel dainty and elegant. In fact, for several years now, a skirt has been my go-to outfit-fix on days when I can't be bothered to sift through my entire wardrobe, and want to go from gran to glam as quickly as time allows. 


We all might've gotten a bit of a headstart with the lockdown, but the time to think about your summer 2020 wardrobe is in the near horizon. And while I can't speak for you, the 60 unsettling days I've spent indoors stuffing my face and napping for hours to kill boredom, have officially led to a new-found dislike for the idea of shimmying into skinny jeans every morning again. 



A trendy skirt is a perfect priced possession for several women, and to help you add to your treasure trunk, here's a list of 5 skirts you have to stock up for summer 2020! 


1. Asymmetrical Mini 

Asymmetrical skirts are back in vogue this summer 2020, and we're so on board with this flattering fashion trend. Asymmetry is a great way to play up in any outfit, and when the element gets added to a party mini skirt, the fashion statement is a loud one. Since asymmetrical skirts are as fluid in silhouettes as the trend itself, you should pick one that works the best to accentuate your best features and cover problem areas. An asymmetrical tulip mini-skirt is a great choice to make this category, considering it can be layered for work outfits, and paired with a cute top for a party look. 


Image Courtesy - Afrikrea


2. Metallic Pleated Midi 

Take my word for it, this skirt will soon become your most relied upon option to effortlessly glam up for a big date night, or the best friends birthday bash. The best part about this chic skirt choice is its ability to be easily incorporated into a day look or night look with equal ease and panache. You can pair a golden pleated midi with a ruffled blouse if you're feeling romantic before a fancy dinner date, or wear a silver metallic midi with a black tee as a no-nonsense all-glam work look. 


Image Courtesy - Vici 


3. Classic Denim Mini 

Denim skirts are one of those fashion pieces that will somehow show up on the runway as a hot new trend, every couple of years. Well, this year they're definitely back on our summer fashion radars and from the looks of it, likely to stay put awhile. Besides, a 90s style denim midi skirt is an evergreen fashion staple every girl needs to include in her wardrobe. With denim skirts, you have the option of custom-choosing a length, silhouette and fit that works best for you. But a high-waisted denim mini will get you a few glances, for sure. 


Image Courtesy - Style Favourite 



4. Crochet Midi Skirt 

Crochet skirts have been all the rage for a while now, and now that summer is clearly upon us, aa crochet midi could be an easy, airy and ultra-comfortable outfit centrepiece for you. There's a unique bohemian touch to this bottom piece, that gives you plenty of elbow room to pick a top that's in line with your style and put together an outfit that expresses your individuality. From silk ruffle blouses for added feminity to solid basic knitwear for a chic and cool statement, a crochet midi skirt can be played up in a multitude of trendy ways. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


5. Printed Maxi Skirt 

A floral maxi skirt is arguably one of the easiest to pull of desk-to-date looks. That's because the skirt in itself is stylish enough to not warrant the need for another glam piece. Maxi skirts are absolutely timeless and fashionable round the year, but wearing a flowy, breezy printed maxi skirt during the summer season is worth it just for the sheer comfort. You can play around with different prints depending on the occasion, but floral, geometric, and stripped maxi skirts are always effortlessly trendy. 


Image Courtesy - How To Wear Fashion

'Cos jeans are, like, so pre-lockdown. 


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