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The Best Places To Chill In And Around North Campus

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 2 min read

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Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar might not be on your
Dilli-Darshan list but it surely is one of the most happening areas of the city. With DU’s North Campus lying in its vicinity having colleges like the  Miranda House and SRCC, the students are forever on the lookout for places that don’t pinch the pockets, it is swarming with scores of restaurants, pubs, and cafes offering some of the best eateries at some of the best prices.

Take the Delhi Metro’s Yellow Line to

1. Break your fast at Mr. Crust Bakers

gtb nagar


Apart from being the best bet of the residents for a quick sugar-fix, Mr. Crust is also a place to grab wholesome bites to start the day. The place can be visited to hog on sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, burgers, pasta, waffles, and sinfully delicious milkshakes.

Must try: pastries, cakes, puffs

Cost for two: Rs. 350

Distance from GTB NAGAR metro station: 1.4 km

2. Knock on the Big Yellow Door

gtb nagar


One of the most iconic restaurants of G.T.B. Nagar, BYD, as it is acronymised by the students, is not only appealing because of its outlook, which takes quirkiness to the next level, but also because of its mind-blowing food, pocket-friendly pricing, and a cheerful ambiance. It has become a favorite among the students, and this place sometimes even sees hour-long waiting times.

Must try: Butter chicken pizza

Cost for two: Rs. 700

Distance from the metro station: 700m

3. Find out what gets the hype up at QD’s

gtb nagar

QD’s is a popular student-hangout where you can gorge on scrumptious preparations from a variety of cuisines. Chilled-out vibes is in abundance at this place and a young crowd can be seen hogging while chatting away in groups. 

Must try: Tandoori Momos at QD’s

Cost for two: Rs. 800

Distance from the metro station: 450m


 4. Take a walk down The Vintage Avenue

gtb nagar

With a decor that screams 90’s, booze being offered at reasonable prices, and a young college crowd, The Vintage Avenue is a place you just can’t get enough of. Hookah lovers will find themselves at home here and foodies will be delighted by their multi-cuisine delicacies.

Must try: Tandoori chicken

Cost for two: Rs. 900

Distance from the metro station: 700m

5. Go back in time to 736 A.D.

gtb nagar

This unique, themed joint is to be fallen in love with. Besides the cavern-shaped wall, beautiful decor, loud music, cheap liquor and hookah, a fun-loving crowd and mind-blowing food characterizes this restaurant. It usually stays crowded, even on the weekdays but finding a table shouldn’t be too hard.

Must try: Chilli chicken, chicken lollipop

Cost for two: Rs. 800

Distance from the metro station: 600m



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