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18 Indian Male Fashion Bloggers Who Changed The Style Game

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 20249 min read

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You'll be wrong to say that it's women ruling the fashion industry as these top 18 men fashion bloggers in India have definitely brought up the style game on point. Their edgy style will amaze you right at the first look - Follow them to upgrade your dressing sense in the best way possible.


1. Usaamah Siddique

Redefining Indian men's fashion - Usaamah Siddique, Founder of The Dapper Label has definitely caught out attention in the first look. His blog is a major source of inspiration for anyone looking to elevate their style quotient. He regularly posts outfit ideas, tips on accessorizing and take-away looks. His travel and food posts are an added bonus - You've got to follow him as he's one of the top male fashion bloggers in India. 

Instagram Handle – Usaamah Siddique
Website – thedapperlabel


2. Jatinn Jay

We're totally in awe with his dressing style - Jatinn Jay has to be one of the best Indian male fashion blogger as his style speaks volume when it comes to trending looks. A fashion stylist by profession who loves street style - you've got to follow him to upgrade your wardrobe.


Instagram Handle –
Website –


3. Nikhil Pramila Kandhari

A full-time stylist, part time fashion blogger and a musician - It just can't get better. Nikhil Pramila Kandhari is just the right male fashion blogger to follow for daily outfit inspirations. His blog represents the best of his styling projects to inspire you to revamp your wardrobe. Follow him NOW for a change in style!


Instagram Handle –
Website –


4. Karron S Dhinggra

We can't miss out on Karron S Dhinggra when talking about the top fashion bloggers in India as he's got the style and edgy looks for everyday outfit inspiration. From party look to Formal ones - he's got it all covered for you. We're totally in love with his dressing style - the key is to experiment and he has nailed it for sure.


Instagram Handle –


5. Shakti Yadav

Shakti Yadav aka "The February Boy" has redefined the urban style for us - we're totally in love with his impeccable fashion sense. From curating trending looks to experimenting with fashion in the best possible way - Shakti's website has to be one of the best mens fashion blog to take inspiration from.


Instagram Handle –
Website –



6. Akshay Sharma

Be it a beach wear look or a formal look - We can't deny Akshay Sharma's style has definitely caught out attention. You've got to follow him if you would like to experiment with some out of the box looks. His offbeat dressing style makes him one of top male fashion bloggers to follow for the right kind of inspiration.

indian-men-fashion-bloggers-on-instagram-akshay sharma_image

Instagram Handle –
Website –


7. Tejeshwar Sandhoo

Tejeshwar Sandhoo's looks are just what you need for a complete change in your wardrobe - the idea is to experiment and he has definitely nailed every look on his feed. His instagram feed will definitely leave you amazed as his dressing style makes us drool. Follow him for trending take-away look for almost any occasion.


Instagram Handle –


8. Allen Claudius

Allen Claudius's Instagram account is a treat for all fashion enthusiasts as his feed is rich with posts on trending outfits, accessories and of course SNEAKERS!. His blog - Bowties and Bones is definitely one fo top fashion blogs when it comes to edgy men's fashion. Follow him for some major style inspiration and plenty of travel posts.

Instagram Handle – Bowtiesandbonesblog
Website – bowtiesandbones


9. Param Sahib

Out Of The Box & Quirky are the two words which define Param Sahib's style in the best way possible. A men's fashion enthusiast who also has his own fashion brand "Param Sahib Clothing" - he's definitely an inspiration to many. If you're into experimenting with fashion then Param Sahib is the best fashion blogger to follow for trending men's fashion take-away looks.


Instagram Handle –


10. Abhinav Mathur

You just can't take your eyes off his Instagram feed as this lifestyle influence will have your heart - Abhinav Mathur has totally redefined men's fashiona and we just can't deny. His curated set of looks has it all from casual wear to formal wear - follow him for everyday inspiration. His offbeat dressing sense definitely adds him to our list of top men fashion bloggers in India.


Instagram Handle –


11. Dhruv Madan

Dhruv Madan is not just a top male fashion blogger in india but also a Fitness Consultant & Nutritionist - That's how he rolls. We're love with his edgy and classy dressing style which is always on point. Follow him if your idea is to experiment with the best as his looks are definitely worth stealing.


Instagram Handle –


12. Arpit Pahwa

Digital Marketing Fanatic, Influencer, Style Ninja - That's how he defines himself, and we totally agree! - Follow Arpit Pahwa for some everyday outfit inspiration - his style is minimal yet unique. His curated set of take-away looks has it all that you've been looking for. A fresh account to look forward to which will give your some major fashion goals.


Instagram Handle –
Website –


13. Amaan Armaan Vivek

3 is better than 1 and we TOTALLY agree - We're talking about this perfect combination of top three male fashion bloggers stealing all the attention away. The Sobo Guys - Amaan, Armaan & Vivek's dressing sense has definitely left us amazed. You will never miss out on trending looks if you follow their account as their Instagram feed is a treat and inspiration to look at.


Instagram Handle -


14. Arshad Ahmed

A style so unique that you can't take your eyes off - From formal to casual wear, Arshad Ahmed has definitely redefined the definition of style for us. If you're looking for a change then he's the perfect influencer to follow to stay in tune with the latest trends in men's fashion. You've got to take some serious fashion inspiration from this one.


Instagram Handle -

15. Parakram SJB Rana

Parakram SJB Rana is a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, who is also a Celebrity Fashion Stylist based in Mumbai. He has also worked under Vogue India as a Fashion Trainee and styled the likes of top celebrities like Amyra Dastur, Manisha Koirala and more. He's definitely the right fashion blogger to follow if you're up for experimenting with latest trends as his dressing style will totally impress you. You've got to follow him for the right styling tips.


Instagram Handle -


16. Karan Menghani

From urban cool to super casual, Karan Menghani can sport any style. You've got to check out his feed for some offbeat take-away looks to revamp your style. An interesting feed to keep your curiousity intact, follow him for some on-point styling tips and looks that will make you want to experiement RIGHT AWAY! He has to be one of the best male fashion bloggers when it comes to keeping up with trends.


Instagram Handle -


17. Sandeep Rai

Making a point to look sharp is how Sandeep Rai rolls - we're in love with his Instagram Feed as it's filled with offbeat looks you can experiment from. Follow him to keep your style IQ on point as he can help you figure out what to wear for any occasion - we mean it when we say ANY occasion.


Instagram Handle -


18. Shyam Tyagi

For Shyam Tyagi, Fashion is "something innate, away to express my creativity and thoughts" and we totally agree as his feed says the same. We love how creative he is when gets to styling the best of the looks. From casual to formal wear, he's got it all covered for you. His blog is all about fashion and their ever-changing trends - follow him to keep with your wardrobe.


Instagram Handle -



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