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10 Insta-Worthy Cafes In Mumbai You That Should Add To Your Feed

By Anubha Das

Updated - March 2, 2022 4 min read

Gone are the days of Dalgona coffee and khichdi experiments at home you flaunted on social media. Your Instagram feed now is in need of appealing restaurants and cafes with cool, quirky elements and delish-looking dishes. Well, time to head to these places right away. 


Here we have handpicked the best Insta-friendly cafes in Mumbai. Some quaint, some quirky – they all express their upbeat creativity!


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


This open-air cafe surrounded by gorgeous trees, bamboo and plants has been home to tourists as well as Mumbaikars, making it one of the top Insta-worthy cafes in Mumbai. It's an all-time favourite place for artists to meet and brainstorm ideas. Owing to the space shared with the age-old Prithvi Theatre, the cafe's popularity goes way beyond just theatre enthusiasts. Their outdoor seating is definitely the highlight which attracts even the celebrities quite frequently.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Salt Water Cafe in Mumbai offers a wide menu of options from European to Mediterranean cuisines and more. The interiors are chic and classy. And, the high-end decor is pleasing to the eyes to add to your Instagram feed. What more? Their coffee is top-notch, and there’s Wi-Fi if you need.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Inspired by Grandma's English Cottage, the cafe has chintz upholstery and wallpaper marks. What adds to the attraction is the array of American, Parsi and Italian cuisines under one roof. The indoor seating is delightfully pleasant, and the airy, bright backyard patio can leave you awestruck. It’s like an oasis in the midst of the city. At night, don’t forget to try their creative cocktails with modern twists and innovative names. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


With an inbuilt art gallery, Kala Ghoda Cafe is located at the heart of Heritage Art District in Mumbai. It welcomes people of varied artistic abilities which usually becomes their regular go-to spot. In terms of the food, they serve eclectic brunch options and organic home-grown coffees, teas and infusions. Need we say more?


Image Courtesy: magicpin


With statement wall hangings and colourful furniture, this dessert parlour is bound to get you to reach for your phone. It is open till 11:00 PM and is a perfect spot to satiate your post-dinner sugar rush. With a great ambience, there is plenty of room for conversations well-suited to colleagues, friends or couples.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


It's one of the most famous cafes at Colaba Causeway. The Indian cartoonist Mario Miranda painted exceptionally amazing murals on all inner walls along with the entrance ceiling of the cafe. You can try their decadent burgers. Return for their gourmet craft cocktails and espresso martini in the evening.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Ambrosia is like a dream come true. The place is vibrant, a bit dark, and truly Instagram-worthy. Also, it offers a delightful experience through their food and desserts. Be it Mexican, Italian or American, there are a handful of cuisines one can try here. 


Image Courtesy: Greaves India


Stepping into this cafe will make you feel as if you’ve entered a greenhouse. Not only do the plants provide beautiful aesthetics, they also make their way into the drinks. Best part? You can bring your pet here with you. Picture it. A cup of cappuccino on your table and an interesting book in your hand while your dog plays with its friends. Weekend vibes!



Image Courtesy: magicpin


This themed cafe in Mumbai is dedicated to all the cute little furballs. No more leaving your pet at home, bring them here and you won't regret it. And guess what? They have a separate menu for your dog. With an outdoor seating option and free Wi-Fi, Pefe fills all the requirements of being the best pet-friendly Insta-worthy cafe in town. 



Image Courtesy: Zomato


If the smell of books and coffee is what attracts and comforts you, then you need not give a second thought about this place. With lip smacking food, beverages and the huge collection of  books, sort your day at Leaping Windows. Greenery all around, white brick walls, and lots of natural wood, jute and cane. And the quintessential Pinterest-y coffee menu display! 


A feed-worthy cafe in Mumbai isn't that hard to locate but this list makes the task easier. Don't worry... you can thank us later!




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