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Be Monsoon Ready With These 10 Makeup And Beauty Essentials

By Swati Mishra

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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A must read blog before you get to the makeup essentials for monsoon - Your Ultimate Wardrobe Guide To Monsoon Wear For An Unpredictable Weather.
Monsoon is a season of humidity and rain which ends up ruining our makeup every single time - what if we tell you we have ways to make that look stay up for longer and not lose it's charm. You've got to use certain products and apply few methods to keep your skin fresh, oil-free, non-greasy throughout the monsoons. We're here to help you out with the same - 10 Beauty And Makeup Kit Essentials, you need to have to cope up with the rainy weather.


From the usual liquid or sketch eyeliner, you can switch to a gel-based eyeliner this season. It is long lasting and dries quickly which makes it a reliable one. Also, it has an intense color and it is light to carry in the monsoon season or for that matter at any season. Gel liners are a must-have in your makeup kit for the whole season, it is easy to carry and makes your eye look glamorous without any hustle and mess. 


In the monsoon season your skin may feel sticky due to extreme humidity and weather conditions but with the help of an oil-free moisturizer one can keep it grease and oil-free, it will save you from getting acne at the end of the day due to the humid weather. It also keeps your skin hydrated from the inside and oil-free for the rest of the day. One can choose from Neutrogena, Loreal Paris and Biotique for the best oil-free moisturizers.


You're absolutely wrong to think that UV rays have nothing to do with no sunlight, don't underestimate the power of harming your skin even without actual sun rays as it can penetrate through the clouds and hit your skin directly. The best and the most important essential is a non-greasy sunscreen that will protect you from the UV rays and unwanted tanning of the skin without making your skin oily. They don't only protect you from the UV rays but also transform your skin from within and balance it.

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A waterproof lip liner is a must this monsoon season. A lip liner act as a magic base to make your lipstick stay longer than usual without any hustle and you will not even need to do the frequent touch-ups which makes it a perfect fit for the sticky monsoon season. Go for the cosmetic brand you trust and make your makeup easy this monsoon season. 


A primer is a very important makeup kit essential for monsoon or any other season rather, it gives you a perfect base for applying other makeup products which in itself is an important element. Also, a primer helps your makeup stay longer and give it a perfect finish. For monsoon or summer season invest in a good waterproof primer that will make your makeup stay longer even in the extreme weather conditions and doesn't run out all over your face due to humidity and sweat. 

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Unlike hard cleansers and face washes it is better to keep a gentle cleanser to wash off the oil and dirt accumulation on your skin. A gentle cleanser will effectively wash off the dirt while hydrating your skin and not harming it by the hard elements like that of a soap or other hard face washes. You can also use a natural cleanser or you can always go for a mild cleanser or facewash available in your nearby stores. Wash your face at least twice a day with the same.




Monsoon is a season of dirt, oil, and bacteria which makes it a little difficult for to keep our skin healthy as a lot of dirt and oil settles down deep inside our skin pours for which a usual cleansing won't work so keep a detoxifying face mask to get rid of the impurities. You can use clay or coal mask for such deep cleaning treatments as they transform your skin completely.

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Another important thing to keep in mind during monsoon season is that it can rain anytime so you should use a waterproof mascara and Kajal so that it doesn't wash out easily in any kind of situation or condition. And not just the Kajal and mascara all the makeup you choose should be waterproof as it is always better and safe to have waterproof makeup in any season. 


During monsoon season the atmosphere is uneasy and greasy most of the time and people don't really feel like putting makeup in such weather. But, a creme blush gives you a nice touch without making an extra effort and stays for long no matter how bad the weather is. It adds an extra touch to the whole look, a little bit of blush will always make your face look more appealing and beautiful.


Monsoon, as we have already said, is a season of oil, dirt and bacteria and keeping yourself protected is essential in this season. So, keep a hand sanitizer with you always, so that you can keep the germs and bacteria away. It's important that you don't touch your face with dirty hands as it will end up with acne on your face. The more you touch your face when it's oily and dirty, more our tha chances of deteriorating your skin. So keep a sanitizer to have clean hands always which ensures a clean face too.

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Q: What should be your everyday monsoon essentials?

A: Mobile Cover, Rain Cover, Umbrella and A Rain Coat.


Q: What kind of fabric should one wear during the rainy season?

A: Cotton and Silk Blended Fabrics - Chiffon and Nylon too.