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Six Ways To Twist Negative Business Reviews Into Right Direction

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Social Media is the emerging platform which is expanding more and more because people have accepted it wholeheartedly. It is seen as a good source of publicity and reaching to the large audience in a quick time. But everything has a positive and negative side.  Coming to negative side is the bad reviews which result in spoiling the brand image. So, all the bad feedback is considered a nightmare for all the business owners. But don’t worry we have got your back. Follow these six amazing techniques to twist your negative business reviews into the right direction.

1. Customers Should Be Your Priority

It is important to treat your customer as a king. As customers can either become your brand influencer or brand hater. So, it would be wise if you keep them by your side. So, always look up to their reviews to know what dimensions you need to work on and reply them with a pleasant tone and promise them to make the changes the way they want. By this gesture, they will feel that their opinion matters to you the most.


2. Follow the 3 A’s – The Golden Rule

The 3 A’s is the golden rule of handling bad reviews.  3 A’s stands for "Acknowledge", "Accept" and "Apologize".
Acknowledge: That means whenever you encounter bad reviews always look up to that. Many times, reviews are just pointless but some of them actually make sense. So always acknowledge and find out which one to take seriously.
Accept: Accept it and make the desired changes accordingly.
Apologize: Apologies is always the solution to most of the problems. Apologize to the customer and promise them that you will keep things up with their expectations.


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3. Respond On Time

Always reply to the reviews on time whether it is bad or good. This show that you keep every review under your consideration and through this your online participation also counts. So follow up and reply on time.

4. Image-Building

We all are familiar with the importance of online media and how much people are active on all these social platforms. So no one can afford to take social media lightly. By this, we can say building a good image on social media is very important because people judge you through online media. So always work on building a furnishing brand image of your restaurant. By this people will count your restaurant on reliability.


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5. Be Friends With Trolls

Trolls are seriously the nightmare. Trolls are basically jokes made by people about the business or brands. It basically comes under negative publicity. The makers of trolls are craving for your negative responses, as this will gain publicity to their sites. So just ignore such stuff, don’t take it seriously and just laugh at your own jokes. As trolls can’t be handled so just ignore them with a big smile.


6. Introduce Yourself to online feedback platform

Have your own online feedback platform which will access all the reviews that you encounter. Having an online feedback platform adds to your credibility as it shows people that you care about their reviews.

So, don’t worry about the negative reviews. There is a solution to every problem. You just need to breathe, think and act patiently. Just smile and face your problem give positive energy. 



Q- Why we need to build a strong image on social media?
A-  Nowadays people judge basis on the performance in social media sites. So it is important to build on the image in social media that to a strong one.

Q-Can we ignore bad comments?
A- No, you should never ignore it always face it with a patient mindset.