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Minicoy Island Lakshadweep: All You Need to Know

By Aniket

Updated - Jan. 12, 2024 5 min read

Minicoy Island, also known as Maliku, is like a secret jewel among 36 islands in Lakshadweep. This tiny paradise, just 398 km from Cochin, is famous for its colourful coral reefs, clean white-sand beaches, and the big, endless sea. Let's explore everything you need to know about Minicoy Island in simple words.


Minicoy Island in Lakshadweep is a small place that covers area of about 4.801 sq. km. People love it because it has colorful coral reefs, cute white-sand beaches, and endless water from the big ocean. Among all the Lakshadweep islands, Minicoy is the second-largest and one of the few where people live. What makes it special is the fancy beach resorts – perfect for those who want a peaceful and luxurious vacation.


Image Courtesy: India Trotter


How to Reach Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep

Getting to Minicoy Island is quite easy! It's only 398 km away from Cochin, and you can catch a ferry from Trivandrum to reach this beautiful place. If you prefer flying, there's the Agatti Aerodrome, the only civilian airport in Lakshadweep, linking the island to the mainland. For a more exciting journey, hop on a helicopter from Agatti – it's a hassle-free way to reach this tropical paradise. So, whether you fancy a ferry ride or a quick helicopter adventure, Minicoy is ready to welcome you with open arms!


Best Time to Visit Minicoy Island

While Minicoy Island charms visitors throughout the year, the absolute best time to explore its beauty is during the winter months, spanning from September to May. Among these, November stands out as an exceptional time to plan your visit.


During these winter months, Minicoy unveils a magical ambiance with pleasant weather and breathtaking views. The temperature is comfortably warm, making it ideal for enjoying the island's outdoor wonders. The skies are clear, the sun gently kisses the shores, and the turquoise waters beckon for a refreshing dip.


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What is Minicoy Island famous for?

Minicoy Island isn't just a destination; it's a symphony of experiences waiting to be explored. Each attraction is like a note in a beautiful melody, creating memories that last a lifetime. So, whether you're an adventurer, a history enthusiast, or someone who simply loves to unwind, Minicoy has something extraordinary to offer you.  Let's dive deeper into what makes this island truly special:


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1. Minicoy Lighthouse

Picture a really tall building standing tall since 1885. This lighthouse is like the island's watchtower, letting you climb to the top and see the whole island and the sea spread out beneath you. It's like having your own special view of paradise.


2. Minicoy Thunder Beach Resorts

This beach is not just any beach; it's a special one. Known for being super clean, Minicoy Thundi Beach invites you to enjoy the sun, sand, and waves. And if you're up for it, there are fun water activities waiting for you to try! The Beach resorts are famous for the view and waves. 


3. Boat Racing

Have you ever seen traditional boats racing against each other? That's a common sight on Minicoy Island. People here love their Jahadhoni boats, and you can join in the excitement of the races or simply sit back and enjoy the thrilling spectacle.


4. Underwater Shipwrecks

Imagine discovering sunken treasures without getting wet! Minicoy Island has old ships underwater, and they've become homes for lots of big fish. It's like a hidden world beneath the waves, waiting to be explored.


5. Juma Mosque

Just a short 8-minute journey from the island, the Juma Mosque is more than just a peaceful place. It's a historical site with old sculptures that share stories of times gone by. A visit here offers a serene experience and a glimpse into the rich past of Minicoy.


6. Lava Dance

Imagine a special dance that fills the air with joy during celebrations. That's the Lava Dance of Minicoy Island. It's a traditional dance performed by locals, and you're not just invited to watch; you're welcome to join in the festivities and feel the rhythm of the island.


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Minicoy Island Tour Package

Get an incredible 6-day adventure to Minicoy Island with an affordable tour package priced at around ₹21,000 per person. The package offers a comfortable 4-star stay, delightful meals (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and a personalized itinerary tailored to individual preferences. The journey commences from Cochin Port, where travelers board a cozy cruise destined for the enchanting island paradise. Guests can unwind in thoughtfully selected accommodations and immerse themselves in the allure of Minicoy's picturesque beaches. 


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History and Culture of Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep

Minicoy Island has a unique history. It used to be part of the Maldives, so its customs, language (Dhivehi), and traditions have a bit of Maldivian touch. What's interesting is that Minicoy has a strong society led by women, making it known as the 'Female Island.' People here follow Islam, and you'll find ten small villages, each with a Mayor.


Image Courtesy: Wikipedia


Places to Explore on Minicoy Island

Imagine walking on shiny white beaches and visiting old places


  • The tall, old lighthouse giving amazing views.
  • Juma Masjid, an ancient mosque with stories to tell.
  • And don't forget to try kayaking and explore the colorful underwater world with scuba diving and snorkeling.


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Q1: Is Minicoy a part of India?

Ans: Yes, Minicoy Island is part of India. It is one of the 36 islands in the union territory of Lakshadweep.


Q2: How to reach Lakshadweep from Minicoy Island?

Ans: You can reach Lakshadweep from Minicoy by taking a ferry from Trivandrum or using the Agatti Aerodrome, the only civilian airport in Lakshadweep, with flights connecting to the mainland.


Q3: What makes Minicoy Island famous?

Ans: Minicoy Island is renowned for its vibrant coral reefs, pristine white-sand beaches, luxury beach resorts, and cultural attractions like boat racing and the traditional Lava Dance.


Q4: When is the best time to visit Minicoy Island?

Ans: The best time to visit Minicoy Island is during the winter months, from September to May. November, in particular, is exceptional with beautiful weather and stunning views.


Q5: What is the history of Minicoy Island?

Ans: Minicoy Island has a unique history as it was once part of the Maldives. Its customs, language (Dhivehi), and traditions bear the influence of its Maldivian past. The island is known for its strong female-led society and follows Islam.




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