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9 Best Navratri Thalis & Snacks In Pune! | 2024 Edition

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - April 9, 2024 4 min read

Where there's a will, there's a way! Where there are fasts, there are feasts; yes, we're talking about Navratri! Be it sabudana khichdi, sheer, or other heart-warming delicacies; the fasting season gets better with scrumptious preparations through the nine days. 

Speaking of which, we dug out 9 great places in Pune serving the best upwas snacks and Navratri thalis. Here's a list. 


Image Courtesy: Gastronomic Bong

Price: ₹100 onwards

Here's a pure veg restaurant in Pune with more than just delish meals. This place also serves special upwas thalis for all 9 days and combos stacked with lip-smacking treats. Our favourites: Sabudana khichadi, Upavas Thalipeeth, Upwas Aloo sabzi and Upavas Package.


Image Courtesy: What's Up Life

Price: ₹120 to ₹160

Known to serve Maharashtrian, North Indian and South Indian cuisines, Purnabramha is making headlines with its welcoming ambience, drool-worthy dishes and mouth-watering upwas special menu. This year, celebrate Navratri with scrumptious food in one hand and heavy savings in the other (just use magicPay). 


Image Courtesy: Kiga Ice-cream

Price: ₹140

Ice cream in a fast? Oh yes, you read that right. Kiga ice-cream parlour in Pune is fulfilling millions of dreams by serving an upwas special ice cream thali this Navratri. And even if you're not fasting, try a scoop of their unique flavours. They're worth it. 


Image Courtesy: Facebook

Price: ₹100

From a proper upwas breakfast menu to delightful Navratri special lunch dishes and toothsome evening snacks, find everything for your fast 2022 right here. There are thalis, platters and tidbits available at low prices you'll absolutely love.Our favourites: Sabutwada Khichadi and Upwas Thalipeeth 


Image Courtesy: LLB

Price: ₹250

With royal-themed decor, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, nestled Maharaja Bhog serves premium veg thali, which could be the best dining option during Navratri. Their pure veg thali includes Dal Tadka, Aloo Tikki, velvety soft Roti, Paratha, Rice, crunchy fried Papad, two types of drool-worthy Chutneys, and in desserts, they serve stupendous Shrikhand & Halwa. The best thing about Maharaja Bhog is that in 30 days, You can taste 30 different varieties of food. This Navratri pays a visit to have Navratri special Upwash thali at just  INR 1400 for two people, and don't forget to indulge in their sweet Paan.


Image Courtesy: Whats Hot

Price: ₹150

People also call it thali place for of course, an obvious reason, their Navratri special menu includes Sabundana Vada, Kuttu Ke Pakode, Deserts, Salad, Rice/Khichdi, four types of vegetables, and Indian Bread. Navratri special veg thalis and snacks do not just satisfy the craving for yum delicacies but also provide you with enough nutrition so that you could have enough energy to survive in the nine days of fasting session. Price per thali - 800.


Image Courtesy: Hosepegmen

Price: ₹3250

Devour in lip-smacking Sabudana Khichdi, some French Fries, or in a bowl of mixed-cut fruits during your Navratri fast in Tata Motors Road, Pune. Sometimes they don’t offer any thali for Navratri Upwash, but you could definitely indulge in delectable Navratri snacks during the fast. Although this whipping-up buffet restaurant also offers Moong Dal Halwa, which can be an energetic and appetizing option during Navratri Upwas.


Image Courtesy: Zee News

Price: ₹1000

No extra oils, no extra spices, pure veg tempting cuisines in an authentic, traditionally well-decorated ambiance, what else anyone expect during Navratri Upwas? Well sometimes they may not offer a special thali for Navratri, but you can enjoy fruit salads, sea-salt sprinkled chats, sweets, Rabri, and Jalebi during Navratri fast/Upwas. Sukanta could be the best option when you’re low on cash but high on hunger because you could have a fulfilling meal just for INR 400.


Image Courtesy: Zee News

Price: ₹1000

A finger-licking variety of veg options and a great gastronomical experience is the perfect description of Shahi Bhoj Restaurant, Pune. their traditionally furnished restaurant will bond to provide you with a classic dining devour during Navratri fast/Upwas. Crispy Jalebi, Puranpoli, Desserts, and Aamrasare some must-try cuisines from their Navratri special thali.


Have a happy festival with the best upwas snacks and thalis in Pune. 




Q1. What are some popular dishes to eat during Navratri fasting?

Ans. Popular dishes during Navratri fasting include Sabudana Khichdi, Sabudana Vada, Upvas Thalipeeth, fruit salads, and various fruit-based sweets.


Q2. Are there any specific restaurants in Pune offering special Navratri menus?

Ans. Yes, several restaurants in Pune offer special Navratri menus with upvas snacks, thalis, and desserts, catering to the fasting requirements and preferences.


Q3. Can I find ice cream options suitable for Navratri fasting in Pune?

Ans. Yes, some ice cream parlors in Pune offer upvas special ice creams made with ingredients allowed during fasting, adding a unique touch to Navratri celebrations.


Q4. Are there budget-friendly options available for Navratri meals in Pune?

Ans. Yes, many eateries in Pune offer budget-friendly Navratri thalis and snacks, ensuring delicious and fulfilling meals without breaking the bank.


Q5. What type of cuisines can I expect in Navratri thalis offered in Pune?

Ans. Navratri thalis in Pune typically include Maharashtrian, North Indian, and South Indian cuisines with a focus on pure vegetarian and fasting-friendly dishes like sabudana preparations, potatoes, fruits, and sweets.

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