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Plan Your Weekend Nights At These 16 Best Pubs & Bars In Sector 29 Gurgaon: March, 2024

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - March 5, 2024 7 min read

This is old news - Gurgaon has been a leading financial and industrial hub. But when it comes to the food and booze industry, this place has established itself amongst the top ones. The Sector 29 market in Gurgaon has transformed itself into a heaven for foodies from a commercial space, as more and more restaurants and bars spring up here.

Here we present to you the 20 best bars and pubs in Sector 29 Gurgaon- March, 2024, where you can transform your boring night into a memorable one!


Molecule Air Bar is a brewery which is famous for its rooftop, presentation, and menu which is in the form of WW-II memorabilia and the food served in symbolic chemistry-lab apparatus. Chef has recreated dishes into a fusion mix of diverse flavours with an aim to offer food with a twist and touch of molecular gastronomy. Also, the molecule-shaped ceiling lights and use of liquid nitrogen create an atmosphere of excitement and apart from that, the whole ambiance of the place along with fresh beer and dance floor make this the best bar in Sector 29 Gurgaon and even in the whole Gurgaon!


The Ministry of Beer is one of the biggest properties in Sector 29 Gurgaon with the largest island bar and the biggest brewery. There is an aura about the place that shouts out magnificence. The indoor area has a stage for the in-house DJ, a central bar around which bar stools and tables are always occupied. There is also a balcony area which overlooks the leisure valley of Sector 29. The courtyard outside has wood-finished chairs and couches, a gazebo bar and personal cabins for escape from reality. This is one of the best pubs in Gurgaon and one should definitely visit this place to experience a magical day.


Philtre, meaning 'a love potion' has become more of a brand name now and is not just any regular bar. The place is spread across two floors with one being their gorgeous terrace. The walls inside are painted with artistic paintings with bulbs shining through the roof and decorated with vines. They have a well-equipped and well-lit bar and the interiors are rustic. Enjoy your night here with friends and don't forget to try their creative cocktails which are offered in a drinkware, adding a whole lot of funk.


Being one of the best pubs in Gurgaon, Adda by Striker needs no introduction and is one place which will surely not leave you disappointed. The decor has a quirky feel to it and the music here is thrilling, especially on a Sufi night when there is a beautiful fusion of Bollywood melodies with party hopping numbers. It is known for serving one of the best-brewed beers and terrace seating which has a natural domain with dim lights and bar having a calm and peaceful ambiance.


True to its name, Feel Alive is very well crafted and has good music playing in the background. The decor has wooden and colourful furniture with a ceiling decorated with light bulbs. A karaoke machine sits at the heart of all the fun, along with the delicious food and thrilling drink choices.


The Whisky Bar & Brew Pub has a varied range of whiskey, from classic to the ultimate single malt which is not usually available in most of the restaurants. It is truly a fusion of all sorts of Modern - Asian Cuisine, technology, and decor. The outlet has a separate dance floor equipped with techno LED Light on the ceiling and on the wall of DJ Console. The main highlight is its 60 feet long, arguably by far the longest bar well attached with a belt where drinks will come rotating on the belt of the bar dispensed area which makes it one of the best bars in Gurgaon.


Over the years, Walking Street By Soi7 has served the best brews and cocktails in Gurgaon and is also known for its Pan Asian food. For this reason alone, they have continued to remain in rage and have many good things to offer! It has a very elegant ambiance with wooden theme interiors and has a huge seating area along with a lovely open balcony on the first floor. Basement has a pool table and with good music, this place can make the evenings happen which makes it one of the good options and amongst the best bars in Gurgaon to enjoy with friends and family. It is the cheapest bar also around the area. 


21 Shots is a casual dining bar located on the first floor of the building. The owners came up with this name as ‘Number 21’ is very significant in the Army and since there is no other place in Sector 29 specialising in shots, hence, they decided to use the term ‘shots’ as a part of the brand name. On entering, the first sight would be its well lit-bar with high-raised chairs and then seatings arranged on either side of the space and is one of the top picks for corporates when it comes to best bars in Gurgaon.


With many other outlets in Delhi and Gurgaon, My Bar Headquarters is the top pick to get some good booze at reasonable prices and also lip-smacking food. The ambiance is bold and is inspired by the dockyard and has a very rustic appeal to it. Big dockyard type lights, ship wheels, raw looking furniture and a huge screen behind the bar that stands out completely. This one is great for hanging out with friends and enjoying not a couple but many drinks.


Warehouse Cafe, an exceedingly-rated and well-endorsed destination for foodies and party animals, it's a hub of exquisite home-brewed beers, well-blended cocktails and scrumptious foods. As the name suggests, Warehouse Cafe is constructed in the form of a Warehouse with a very dungeon-like ambiance making your night-out all the more extraordinary. This is one of the hit places among the people of Gurgaon and one of the best party places in Sector 29 Gurgaon.


Gravity Spacebar, an ambiance to catch everybody's attention. You just cannot miss out on a scrumptious meal served with your favourite cocktail at this well-lit restaurant. The menu will leave you spoilt for choices! What are you waiting for? Head to this newbie restaurant now to get your weekend scene sorted.


Downtown - Diners & Living Beer Cafe, is a microbrewery-cum-pub, which is renowned for fresh beers both Dark and Wheat, a lively ambiance and good music. One can enjoy diverse food options both in quality and quantity here, such as Potato Nuggets, Fish Fingers, and exotic Vegetable Bruschetta. This place is a true value for money! They have a sitting area spread over two floors and also have gaming consoles. You will definitely come here more than once!


An astonishing party house with a fascinating ambiance that gives you access to one of the best terraces and bars in town, this place offers you delightful delicacies to tickle your taste buds along with vibrant music to groove on. It gives you an extraordinary experience under the stars with breathtaking luxury terrace seating. The kitchen serves lip-smacking cuisines from all around the world and the innovative cocktails are sure to slosh you out. It also takes pride to bring some excellent events to Gurugram, which makes it a perfect party destination for you.


Clean hygienic place gleaming in golden lights with a dash of greenery and comforting seating options. Daddy Of Test offers full Bar options with DJ nights, a perfect place to hang out with your friends whenever you plan a night out in Gurugram. Mutton Seekh Kebab, Chicken Curry, Soya Chap, Dal Tadka, and Mocktails are some must-try food/beverage items of this pub.


Ultra designer colonial interior with matching lighting and open terrace restaurant, creates a sophisticated atmosphere to enjoy lazy Sunday brunch with friends. Story Club & Lounge have a diverse selection of handcrafted cocktails and drinks along with delectable Italian cuisine and finger foods. Cigar, Mezze platter, Sangria, and Nachos are must-have dishes of this club. Awaits you good bartenders, fairly priced beers, and great music.  


As it is obvious from the name itself they are here to ‘Raise The Bar’ in taste & hospitality by providing great service. This stylish rooftop bar & restaurant has a breathtaking skyline in Gurugram. Red wine Sangria, all kinds of Pies, Sushi, and Lemon Chicken are must-have dishes at RTB. Highly recommended for the Sufi - symphony (live entertainment), amazing rooftop view, and of course for delectable drinks & finger foods. 


And now that you know the best of Sector 29 Gurgaon, don't wait anymore. Call your friends, book a table and turn your boring weekend nights into a happening one with good music, ambiance, food, and drinks.



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