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Taking A Solo Trip? 10 Tips And Things To Keep In Mind While Packing Your Bags

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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You've got to list down these solo trip tips for a safe journey and hassle-free experience. It's always important to keep your safety as your priority and being ready to face any kind of situation. As nothing comes easy when it comes to Solo travelling - being responsible and confident is the key to nail a solo trip.


1. Planning The Trip

There are differing opinions on whether to plan your trip in advance or not. While there's no doubt in saying that unplanned and spontaneous trips are mostly more fun and full of surprises, it's always advisable to plan your first solo trip just to keep yourself busy all the time and avoid unnecessary boredom. 



2. Tell Your Friends And Family

It couldn't be stressed upon enough that health and safety comes first and while there's definitely some amount of risk that one undertakes anyway while travelling solo, there're some unavoidable ones which should be taken into consideration. Make sure that someone back home has your contact info, know about the places you'll be staying at and other important details. It goes without saying that one must carry a working phone (with international roaming in case of overseas travel while travelling solo. 



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3. Multiple Copies Of Personal Documents

When you're all by yourself on a trip, it's a wise choice to keep multiple copies of your basic IDs, debit/credit cards and other travel documents. 



4. Travel Light

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while packing up for your solo trip. It's best if you travel light with bare minimum travel essentials in your luggage. Always keep a bunch of knick-knacks handy like a Swiss knife, needle-thread, pepper spray, an additional purse to keep your cash hidden, a first-aid kit, some basic medicines, a water bottle and a pack of tissues.



5. Bring A Book

Long solo train and bus rides can be boring and stressful. Reading is the perfect pastime during long journeys. 



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6. Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

A sense of safety comes a lot from choosing the accommodation smartly. It's always advisable to finalise your accommodation somewhere in the central city which makes it well connected to almost all the places you plan on visiting. You don't have to worry much even if someday you get late in the night. 



7. Sorting Conveyance

Although you can't possibly book every transport facility in advance, it's better to at least know the working times of all public transport systems so as to save yourself time and money. Keep an offline map handy on your phone or otherwise. 



8. Finance

Carry enough cash when you're travelling solo. You can rely on your cards since there're places where you might not find an ATM easily and cards might not be acceptable at all local shops.



9. Essential Travel Apps

It's high time you download travel apps before you even start backpacking as you will definitely need them. They'll guide you with almost everything from safety to eateries - everybody needs help with transport, accommodation, routes and what not, surviving without essential travel apps would be equal to putting yourself in a tough situation.



10. Have fun!

First solo trips can always be more nerve-wracking and straining but it's fine. Things work out the way they're meant to be, so don't panic and remember there're always nice people out there. Plan it well in advance, take help from your friends and family and while you're at it, just embrace whatever ups and down it brings, sink in, let it flow and most importantly do not forget to have fun all along! 



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Q: What are must-have travel essentials for solo traveller?

A: Sleeping Bag, Personal Documents, Portable Charger, Reusable Water Bottle, Umbrella, Power Adapter, Notebook, Torch, Tiny packet of snacks, First Aid Kit.


Q: Which are the most essentials travel apps within India?

A: Uber And Ola - For Transport, Google Maps - Routes