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Steps Brands Can Take To Engage India's Forthcoming Millions Of Internet Users

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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It's always important to know what's coming our way before we engage with it - The similar way businesses take steps for brand engagement especially for India's forthcoming millions of internet users. Be it E-Commerce Brands Or Local Stores - we need to realise how important it is in today's growing generation to establish an identity on "INTERNET" to build a brand image.


1. Focus On Their Social Presence

Sooner or later every brand tends to establish their presence on Social Media and it's important for them to connect with the rest of the audience as well to engage traffic. Brands need to start campaigns to create a buzz around. It can also be done by using a mascot for the same as people tend to get familiar with mascots easily to recognize a company's value. Social Media success means looking beyond the likes and driving business build on reasonable measurements. We need to realise content is currency therefore always aim at creating beautiful, dynamic content to organically engage traffic.



2. Improving Digital Presence 

It's not just a game or strategy of world play which is going to let you take over the millions of internet users. It's the technical brain which goes behind all the correct marketing and optimization skills. A brand needs to be hands-on with Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads and Analytics, and Search Engine Marketing. If one doesn't know where they stand it's hard to figure out what needs to be to engage more customers. Get your keywords, codings and targets right to know what you're dealing with it. You've got to play smart to win over the thousands coming your way.



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3. Creating Brand's Credibility Through Public Relations And Media Activities 

Engage those hundreds of influencers coming up every day with their websites and blogs online. Recognition is essential for both - collaborate with them in exchange for good content. Market your product through bloggers as their reach is the fastest. They've got the audience already, all they need to do is endorse your product properly. Maintaining public relations and media activities play a crucial part in building a brand hence proving your credibility and reliance can be done by collaborating with the trusted ones.


4. Break The Language Barrier

One's language/mother's tongue makes a huge difference in progressing with this complicated generation. Most of the technologies - be it apps, websites, and products only tend to include "English and Hindi". We need to realize there is a huge communication gap if we restrict ourselves to these two languages only. Brands need to take a step up to include other regional languages of India to expand their progress. We need to realize we also have users from rural areas of India and if we have to make further progress we need to fill the gaps and develop a personal relationship with our customers.



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5. Development Of Technology 

Our generation likes everything which comes easy. They run towards technologies which make their life easier. Make sure your brand has useful extensions which make the lives of your internet based audiences useful. Just like we mentioned above about adding regional languages in the system, one can also add "Voice Search". Imagine how easier it would be to get through an app or website without scrolling through the entire search rather getting exactly what you want through a single voice search.



6. On-Ground Activities 

Not every brand campaign or marketing starts directly from the internet. Remember the roots can be as simple as on-ground activities. You'll witness a number of events recently require an app login to enter on the other hand the rest of them try to create events to make people engage in their e-commerce websites and apps through on-the-spot login for some campaign. Build a solid campaign, competition or idea to engage your audience and make them realize what you have for them in return. Making your audience feel exclusive is everything they are looking forward too. Before you get to the virtual world engage them through your idealistic conversations through on-ground activities.

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