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How To Pack For A Holiday – Travel Tips And Hacks

By Vishal Yadav

Updated - July 20, 2018 3 min read

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re going on a vacation soon. This week, we will be publishing a series of travel blogs around ‘How To Pack For A Holiday’ and will be covering everything we think is relevant and informative. This is the first blog of the series which will be about travel tips and hacks related to packing for a holiday and some general useful information too.

Travel Tips



1. Dress like A Local

It is always good to experience some change. If you travel to a new place, a different town or state or country, you should embrace their culture and their ways. The best way to do this is to blend in and live like you’re one of them.  Apart from this, for safety concerns too, you should dress keeping in mind the place you’re at and the mindset people living there have.


2. Stash Extra Cash

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere but what makes it worse is when you’re in a different place altogether. You could lose your wallet, misplace your bags, get robbed, get lost, your cards might stop working, anything could happen. For your rescue at times like these, you must have extra cash on you to keep yourself safe and going. I recommend keeping cash in different places like socks, toiletry bag, makeup bag, hidden pockets in clothes or bags, etc. while you travel.

3. Always Keep A Backup

Nothing could be worse than losing your important documents in a foreign country. You should have both physical and digital copies of your passport, visa, identity proofs, health insurance cards, driver’s license, important phone numbers and other contact details on you at all times.



4. Be Open And Welcoming If You Expect That From Others Too

When you travel, try blending in and adapting to the culture of the place you’re at. Be polite, smile when you make an eye contact with locals, greet them in their language, make small talk, that’s a start to making new friends and gaining new experiences. Don’t judge people if they are different from you (which they obviously will be), instead interact with them, listen to them, learn from them and make your visit a memorable one.


5. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Vacations are a get away, an escape from the routine life and if you spend them like usual days then what’s the fun? Do things that scare you, eat weird food, talk to random people, get lost on purpose. Don’t plan too much and don’t pack too much. Go out there and make the best out of everything.



6. Pack Smartly

Don’t pack things in bulk or things that are unnecessary. Roll clothes instead of folding them. Use the space you have smartly. Travelling light is always a better idea than packing literally all your clothes and shoes. For this, we have separate blog posts that are going to be published soon. 



Travel Hacks

1. Use belts to line collars and keep them in place.

2. Use small pen springs to keep your chargers from bending and breaking.

3. Save your routes and the areas you want to cover on Google maps offline to have easy access to them later.

4. Mark your baggage as fragile. This will ensure it stays on top, is handled with care and is released first.

5. Use ATMs to get local currency instead of getting it exchanged at airports. This way you can avoid the extra charges and exchange rates in the process.

6. If you travel to a cold place, carry your heavy coat with you in the flight. This way you’re ready to beat the chill when you reach and also save space in your suitcase. You can also do this with your heaviest shoes.

7. Use dryer sheets to keep dirty laundry from smelling foully.



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