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Trekking Calendar For Indian Adventure Junkies: 12 Treks For 12 Months

By Architi Batra

Updated - Feb. 9, 2019 bookmark icon 11 min read

For all the travelers and adventure junkies aiming to accomplish every possible trek in India, we sure your bucket list has a lot left to get ticked yet. The best view comes after the hardest climb and no feeling is better than the one after accomplishing an inspirational trek. Thus, this year don't wait out for the perfect opportunity, instead grab every possible chance each month and get ready for the best adventures of your life. This is your month wise trekking calender for 12 Treks in 12 Months. Begin the journey of a thousand miles with a single step each month. 


1. Trekking In January - Kuari Pass

One of the most popular treks in India, the Kuari Pass is a great trail to begin your trekking journey in Winters. A snow trek might be difficult but they make for the best opportunity to watch out for snow lined forests and an angelic view. Walking along the snow-covered mountains with the Himalayas towering high above and below you and the filtering sunlight falling into the thick jungles is a sight to look out for. 
trekking in january Kuari Pass uttarakhand_image
Where: Uttarakhand
Duration: 6 Days
Highlight: Best Himalayan Trek for Beginners
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Altitude: 12,516 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime: 13°C-18°C, Night time: -3°C-4°C
treking in january uttarakhand kuari pass_image
Look Out For: Close to Mt Nanda Devi, the tallest mountain in India, Rarest entire south-west flank of the mountain view in the world, Mt. Dronagiri, Mt. Hathi Ghoda
How To Reach: The base camp for the Kuari Pass trek is Joshimath, 291 km from Haridwar. Dehradun is the nearest airport to Haridwar. It is connected by direct flights from Delhi and connecting flights from all other big cities. 


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2. Trekking In February - Brahmatal Trek

A rare trail that is accessible only in the peak winters of January and February, the Brahmatal Trek is every trekker's delight. This is a classic winter trek filled with frozen lakes, open snow-covered meadows, big white mount, ins and unmatched snow-fields. Camp beside the frozen shores of Bekaltal, climb to the frozen lake of Brahmatal or just gaze high above the clear blue skies over the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is one marvelous view to remember for a lifetime.
brahmatal trek in february_image
Where: Uttarakhand
Duration: 6 Days
Highlight: The trek is largely unexplored thus it is very less crowded, peaceful and the chirping of birds when walking on snow is the best music to ears.
Difficulty: Moderate
Altitude: 12,250 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime: 8°C-15°C, Night time: 0°C-7°C
brahmatal trek in uttarakhand in february_image
Look Out For: Frozen glacial lakes and a thrilling climb to the Brahmatal summit
How To Reach: The Brahmatal trek begins from the picturesque village of Lohajung, which is in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and is around 230 km from Kathgodam. Kathgodam has its own railway station which is directly accessible from Delhi. 


3. Trekking In March - Prashar Lake Trek

The Parashar Lake in Springtime is a charming and magnificent view, unlike any other trek. It is surrounded by the Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley where there is a gorgeous blue-water lake Prashar. This unexplored piece of land in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh is found after a charming trail through a forest and several small river tributaries. There is a local temple right next to the lake which is decades old, giving a gorgeous insight inside the Himachali architecture. 
prashar lake trek in february kullu valley_image
Where: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 2 Days
Highlight: It is semi-frozen in winter and the surroundings are blanketed in snow. Thus in March, you can enjoy the view of green pastures as well as the snow
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Altitude: 8,900 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime: 13°C-18°C, Night time temperature: 0°C-7°C
trekking in febraury prashar lake trek himachal_image
Look Out For:  A 180-degree view of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges.
How To Reach: The base camp for the Prashar Lake Trek is Baggi Village, which is 27 km from Mandi. Mandi can be accessed easily from Delhi or Chandigarh. 


4. Trekking In April - Sandakphu Phalut

A long trail where with each step you reach closer to the sleeping Buddha i.e. the Kanchenjunga, Sandakphu Phalut trail is also one of the world's most famous treks and every year attracts many foreigners making it a foreigner's favorite too. This highest peak in West Bengal, Sandakphu offers grand views of the world's tallest peaks. The trek can be done all throughout the year but the best time to do it is in April because of the rhododendron forests that burst to life!
Sandakphu Phalut trek April_image
Where: West Bengal
Duration: 7 Days
Highlight: View of four of the tallest mountains in the world - Lhotse and Makalu, the fourth and fifth highest peaks in the world at 8,516m and 8,463m, Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak, at 8,586m and finally, of course, the Everest towering high and mighty.
Difficulty: Moderate
Altitude: 11,950 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime: 8°C-15°C, Night time: -5°C
west bengal trek in april Sandakphu Phalut trek rhododendron forests_image
Look Out For:  Hundreds of birds and other animals, especially the elusive red panda in the rhododendron forests.
How To Reach: The base camp for the Sandakphu Phalut trek is a very pretty and quiet village called Jaubhari, which is just 2.5 km after Maneybhanjan in West Bengal. 


5. Trekking In May - Kheerganga Buni Buni Pass

A trek filled with gorgeous Pine trees and Hot springs? You know you want to go to the very famous Kheerganga Buni Buni Pass! The flowing Parvati river and densely shaded forests of the trail give you a spectacular view of the big snow-capped Himalayas. People usually trek only to the crowded part which is Kheerganga, but the Buni Buni Pass is an extension of the same trail which is quite unexplored and natural.
kheerganga buni buni pass trek in may_image
Where: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 3 Days
Highlight: Called the Land Of Myths because many Hindu mythological stories especially associated with Shiva origin from the place and there are many temples dedicated to the same
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Altitude: 10,987 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime: 20-25° C, Night time: 10-13° C
kheerganga buni buni pass trek himachal pradesh in may_image
Look Out For: Crowded pilgrim’s trail, Dense Oak Forests
How To Reach: Bhuntar, the base camp falls on the Delhi – Manali road, before Kullu. It also has a domestic airport. 


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6. Trekking In June - Bhrigu Lake Trek

One of the highest ones of the lot, the Bhrigu Lake Trek offers the high altitude grasslands and the most magnificent frozen lake of Bhrigu. This is one experience in India that will transport you to the gorgeous scenery of Europe and Switzerland with its high altitude alpine meadows leading to the final destination that is the glacial lake which changes color and shape every week at almost 14,000 feet! While sometimes it's royal blue, and sometimes it could be emerald green. What color you get a chance to encounter is purely out of your guessing game!
Bhrigu Lake Trek in june_image
Where: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 4 Days
Highlight: High altitude meadows surrounded by snow peaks
Difficulty: Moderate
Altitude: 14,009 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime: 13°C-18°C, Night time: 0°C-7°C
Bhrigu Lake Trek in june_image
Look Out For: Alpine Meadows, Celestial display of stars at night
How To Reach: The Bhrigu lake starts at Gulaba, which is 24 km from Manali.


7. Trekking In July - Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Trekking across the grand twin lakes of Vishansar and Kishansar in Kashmir is a dream many Indian trekkers live by. The Kashmir Great Lake is the prettiest lake in India without a second thought. With five beautiful alpine lakes, each more beautiful than the previous and the snow-patch reflections of the high mountains with milky white icebergs floating on the lakes, an inky blue surface is a sight to live by for a lifetime.
Kashmir Great Lakes Trek_image
Where: Jammu and Kashmir
Duration: 8 Days
Highlight: Lush green, grassy shores of the lakes
Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult
Altitude: 13,800 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime: 17°C-20°C, Night time: 3°C-4°C
Kashmir Great Lakes Trek_image
Look Out For: Maple and Pine Meadows, Oasis, Horses and Sheep Grazing, Gadsar pass, Wildflowers, Grassy plain of Satsar
How To Reach: The Kashmir Great Lakes trek starts from Sonamarg. Sonmarg is only a few hours from Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir which has its own airport. 


8. Trekking In August - Valley Of Flowers Trek

The best time to see the world famous Valley Of Flowers in Uttarakhand is Mid-July and August. A trek very different from the rest on this list of treks in India, and it is one of the rarest, untouched parts of natural botanical beauty in India. Flowers bloom everywhere and it's a sight with the widest array of colors guarded by snow clas mountains with a picturesque serene river flowing through the middle of all of it. 
valley of flowers trek uttarakhand_image
Where: Uttarakhand
Duration: 6 Days
Highlight: During Monsoon i.e. July August the valley is in its floral splendor
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Altitude: 14,400 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime: 8°C-15°C, Night time: 0°C-7°C
valley of flowers in august uttarakhand_image
Look Out For:  Climb to Hemkund Sahib – an alpine lake at 14,300 ft with crystal clear water and Gurudwara langar
How To Reach: The journey starts at Govind Ghat which is a small town 20 km from Joshimath. You can reach Joshimath from Haridwar by buses that ply on regular basis.


9. Trekking In September - Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass trek is a terrific crossover trek which is unusual and stunning. Climbing the lush green valleys of Kullu at a 90-degree angle high in the mountains with the most beautiful view of the world below us, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. With increasing level fo the trek the landscapes change from semi-barren hills around the campsite at Lahaul Valley to the greenery of the Jwara meadows. 
hampta pass trek_image
Where: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 6 Days
Highlight: A very dramatic scenery change -  Every day of this trek brings forth a different terrain to experience
Difficulty: Moderate
Altitude:  14,035 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime: 13°C-18°C, Night time: 0°C-7°C
hampta pass trek_image
Look Out For:  Panoramic views of the most beautiful valleys
How To Reach: In Manali on the route to Lahaul and Spiti, and further on to Ladakh.


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10. Trekking In October - Annapurna Base Camp Trek

One of the most popular treks in the world, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is at world's tenth highest peak. A favorite amongst the mountaineers and adventure lovers, unfortunately, the trek also has the highest fatality ratio. With a mountain view that leaves you spellbound and dense Himalayan forests with exquisite beauty, this base camp is distinct and a must in your bucket list when planning to trek in India. In October, when the views are known to be outstanding foreigners from all over the world collect to celebrate and march together towards achieving the goal.
Annapurna Base Camp Trek_imageWhere: Nepal-India Border
Duration: 9 Days
Highlight: View of different majestic peaks - Pokhara, Machapuchare, Annapurna South and Hiunchuli
Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult
Altitude: 13,550 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime: 15-20 °C, Night time: 0-5°C
Annapurna Base Camp Trek_image
Look Out For: Nepalese Culture, Beautiful  rhododendron, fern and bamboo forests, Annapurna Sanctuary
How To Reach: The best way to reach Pokhara is to reach Kathmandu and take a bus or flight to Pokhara. 


11. Trekking In November - Har Ki Dun Trek

Where the time comes to a still, the Har Ki Dun Trek is the most beautiful valley in the Western Himalayas and is a straightway to the Heaven. Trekkers favorite in both summers and winters, Har ki Dun is easily accessible from the Govind National Park which is rich in flora and fauna of alpine meadows, moraine ridges, glacier basins, pine forests and ancient villages.
Har ki dun trek_image
Where: Uttarakhand
Duration: 8 Days
Highlight: Also known as the 'Valley Of Gods' and is believed to be the path which Pandavas took to ascend to heaven via Swargarohini
Difficulty: Moderate
Altitude:  11,700 ft
Average Temperature:  Daytime: 8°C-15°C, Night time: -5°C-3°C
har ki dun trek_imageLook Out For: Swargarohini – I, II, III, Bandarpoonch, Ruinsara peaks  and Blackpeak
How To Reach: The trek starts from Sankri which is 196 km from Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. You also pass through Mussoorie on the way.


12. Trekking In December - Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek

As the name suggests, the Dayara Bugyal Trek in the ultimate winter trek and what better time to accomplish this trek in India than during December when the winters are on its peak? The place turns into a fairytale land from Frozen and with no green in sight, the whole place is just a vast magical carpet of whitest snow. This trek is a complete experience and one of the best ones to accomplish in India.
Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek_image
Where: Uttarakhand
Duration: 6 Days
Highlight: Mt Bandarpoonch over the snow land is a gorgeous sight
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Altitude:  12,057 ft
Average Temperature: Daytime time: 13°C-18°C, Night time: -5°C-0°C
Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek_image
Look Out For: Panoramic view of Mt Srikanth, Draupadi Ka Danda, the Bhagirathi sisters, John Lee. 
How To Reach: The Dayara Bugyal trek starts from Raithal, which is 226 km from Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. 


What you waiting now!? Pack your bags now and pump up to conquer all your trek dreams in India, month by month each year!


Q. Which are the most difficult treks in India?
Ten of the hardest treks in India are:
    1. Chadar Trek
    2. Pin Parvati Pass Trek
    3. Kinnaur Kailash Circuit Trek
    4. Goecha La Trek
    5. Stok Kangri Trek
    6. Markha Valley Trek
    7. Hampta Pass Trek
    8. Kuari Pass Trek
    9. Roopkund Lake Trek
   10. Panchachuli Trek

Q. How to start trekking?
A. Start brisk morning walks followed by jogging at-least a month before the start of your trek. Choose the correct footwear and walking socks most importantly. Build leg strength and increase your walking training. Train on similar walking terrain using backpacks and walking poles. Kee yourself hydrated.