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Skincare Diaries #4: Tone The Right Way With These Toning Acids And Ingredients

By Vaishali Valecha

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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The efficiency of a toner depends upon the kind of ingredients it is infused with. Be it an acid like, hyaluronic acid that provides hydration and softer skin or natural ingredients like witch hazel that tights your skin and shrinks your pores, we've listed most important and basic toning acids and ingredients, covering all skin types to help you figure out which one is meant for your face.


What is toner?

The basic job of a toner is to tone your skin. Once you are done cleansing your skin, toner is supposed to e your next step ideally. There are different types of toners which will give you several benefits. Some might tighten and brighten your skin. While some might shrink the appearance of pores and others will add hydration to your skin. The selection of these toners depends upon the kind of skin type you have. Active ingredients and acids in these toners will help detoxify and exfoliate your skin leaving it looking clearer and feeling smoother with regular use. So, go ahead and add one in your skincare regime asap!


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Salicylic Acid 

If you're fighting with issues like acne and acne spots then salicylic acid toners are your best bet. They help in getting rid of excess oil and sebum on your skin that clogs the pores and causes acne in the first place. It gently exfoliates and removes the dead skin off of your face and promotes cell regeneration and collagen production which in turn keeps your skin tight and toned. 


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Lactic Acid 

Lactic acid toners are best for people with combination skin type. It helps balances out the oil production in your skin. Provides nourishment and hydration to the drier areas of your face. It keeps your skin moisturized, unlike the alcohol-based toners that tend to make the skin dry in the longer run. 


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Glycerine or Essential Oils 

Keep the dryness at bay with essential oils and glycerine. They induce moisture and hydration into the deep layers of your skin. These kinds of toners are best suited for people with dry to very dry skin type. It leaves your skin looking like it's glowing from within. Their emollient properties leave your skin feeling softer and smoother with every single use. You can also DIY one by adding your favourite essential oils to rose water and blend them together for a natural and organic remedy.


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Vitamin C or Aloe Vera 

Dull and tired looking skin? We have an answer to your problem. Vitamin C! It is extremely rich in anti-oxidants and provides brightness to your skin making it look youthful and glowing. Aloe vera, on the other hand, is a great source of hydration and detoxification. The benefits of using aloe vera are never-ending. It is indeed a magical ingredient. Toners induced with ingredients like vitamin c and aloe vera are best suited for people with combination skin, mature skin and dry skin. 


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Hyaluronic Acid 

Toners that contain hyaluronic acid are a god sent gift for people with dehydrated and dry skin. These toners sink to the deep layers your skin and provide hydration from within. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that leaves your skin feeling plump and looking youthful. With its antioxidants and replenishing properties, these toners make your skin soft and supple regular use.


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Bentonite Clay or Witch Hazel

Oily skin beauties, hear us out! Active ingredients like bentonite clay help in controlling the shine. It purifies and detoxifies your skin from all the dirt, grime and leftover makeup at the end of the day. Witch Hazel tho, is a natural astringent and help minimize the appearance of pores while tightening your skin. It leaves a cooling sensation when you use it making it ideal for summers to help calm your skin down from all the constant heat flashes and extra oil production.  


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Now, that you know the science behind these active ingredients that are infused in the toners go ahead invest in one that is best suited for your skin and keep your skin tight, firm and youthful looking. Let us know in the comments below which acid and ingredients work the best as a toner for your skin. Until then, PEACE!!!

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Question: What are the best toning ingredients and acid for dry skin? 

Answer: Aloe vera and Hyaluronic acid.


Question: What are the best toning ingredients and acid for oily skin? 

Answer: Witch Hazel, Salicylic acid and Vitamin C.