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Types Of Tops You've Got To Have In Your Wardrobe For An Upgrade

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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Raise your style quotient by knowing about the best types of tops hitting the fashion industry this season. It's high time you pick your favourite and shop for the same. Upgrade your wardrobe and style with these trending types of tops to know what suits you the best and don't forget to experiement with vibrant colors rather all kinds of colors - that's the secret to fashion.


1. See Through Tops

Whenever in doubt go for the colour White - we bet you won’t be disappointed, if one knows how to slay a white top then nothing wrong. Talking about the style, see-through has totally been in trend and we can’t deny. It looks great for a day outing or a luncheon and more on the casual end. Loose fitted embroidered see-through tops are definitely trending - don’t miss out on them as they are worth competing with the rest of your fancy tops in your wardrobe. Pair them up with bell-bottom jeans or a boot cut jeans for a quirky look.

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2. Bow Tops

Bows are going viral this season. Be it front bow dresses, tops or skirts. They look super cute when paired with any clothing as it gives a unique and classy feel to it. It goes the best with formal tops and looks sophisticated for office wear as well. When looking for an everyday new office look, bow tops are definitely a BIG yes. Pair them with formal pants and pointed heels for a complete look and we bet you won’t be disappointed.

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3. Ruffle Tops

We just can’t get enough of ruffles there is no denying that - they look super fancy and stylish. Get a ruffle top to upgrade your wardrobe and pull off a stunning quirky look. Ruffle tops do not usually come in basic designs - you’ll be amazed to see the variety. You’ll come across various designs with ruffle sleeves or ruffle off-shoulder tops, ruffle on the front or just back and so much more. Play with colours experiment with brighter colours for an amazing summer look. We’re totally in love with this yellow coloured ruffle top as it’s trending and stylish. You’ve got to have this one in your wardrobe.

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4. Cold Shoulder Tops

Cold shoulders are a little similar to off shoulder tops but they usually cover most of your shoulders rather than keeping them completely bare. It’s a unique style and mostly followed by our college going girls. Not just that you’ll spot various fashion bloggers and celebrities following the same trend. It’s your call to either watch them slay or get one for yourself to make sure your wardrobe doesn’t remain incomplete. The idea here is to create less volume on the chest and the waist area. The advised style to wear here would be shoulder cutouts and cold shoulder tops. The best part about cold shoulder tops is that you can keep most of your arms covered if you’re not ready to show them yet.

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5. Off-Shoulder Tops

Let talk about the Oh! So famous off-shoulder tops. It’s been long and they’re still trending and there is a reason to it. One can easily pair them with anything but they look stunning with skinny jeans and bodycon skirts. Again even these come in various prints and styles so it’s easier to experiment. They are perfect for both day as well night outing. If you are not wearing off-shoulder tops and dresses in 2018, you are a fashion road kill. When it comes to this trend, women are constantly questioning themselves on whether they’ll be able to carry it off and which style to wear to suit their body type (the kind of bra to wear). Unlike wearing a crop top which makes you conscious about adorning a great body with a flat stomach, shoulders almost always look good. This trend has been doing the rounds since the mid-1800s and needs to be understood better.

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6. Peplum Tops

Peplum top designs might seem like a old trend but remember nothing goes out of fashion. What comes around goes around in Fashion as trends never really go all off they just evolve in a better way. In a similar way peplums never went out of fashion. It’s versatility shows how one can wear for any occasion be it formal, casual or party wear.  It all depends on the design and color you pick for the same to know what suits you the best.



7. Lace Game Strong

When in doubt about what to wear for a party event or a night scene? Pick a lacy neck spaghetti top for a classy look - it's simple but outgoing - pair it with a shrug, skinny fit jeans and your favourite pair of heels. Don't forget to accessorize it well with layer up necklace and dazzling earrings for a complete look. It's one of those types of tops which is perfect when you're indecisive about what to wear.



8. Mesh Tops

If you haven’t spotted this one recently then you’ve got to raise your style quotient as this one is trending huge this season. Especially enough among fashion bloggers - it’s definitely a party favorite for the majority of us. The two trends working the most are the basic simple, no pattern mesh top and other one has to be the one with floral embroidery. We bet you must have seen the famous fashion icon Selena Gomez wearing the same for most of her concerts. It’s definitely a head turner so what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself now to be a trend setter at any upcoming event.



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9. Crochet Tops

Crochet might seem like an old trend but if one knows how to carry it off well then there’s no stopping you. If you like pulling off an old school look just like the 90’s then it’s perfect even for beach wear it’s the go-to top for sure. Pair them with your favourite pair of jeans or skirt for a vintage look. Never underestimate the style and trends of the vintage era as it’s all about how comfortable and confident is one while wearing it. We’re sure if you’re confident enough then you can definitely pull it off. If you've got all of these types of 



10. Work Those Tassels Out

These are perfect for casual wear - it's more about adding a little quirk to your outfit with the help of tassels. Tassels make a top look more fancy and stylish rather up to the trend. If you're a fashion enthusiast then you've got to try a tassel top - this one doesn't have a particular style or pattern as it comes in various styles. With tassels it more about the colour. It's definitely one of the most trending types of tops this season.



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Q: Which style is trending the most in tops and dresses?

A: Offshoulder, Mesh, Net and Laces


Q: Which are the top fashion brands to shop for every type of top?

A: H & M, Forever 21, Forever New, Zara