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Bestow a Heavenly Touch to Your Romance – 11 Must-Visit Romantic Getaways From Bangalore

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Jan. 31, 2020 8 min read

This Valentine's Day 2020, give the conventional candle-light dinners and bouquet of flowers a break. Considering this time the 14th of Feb is falling on a Friday, that's all the sign you need to turn the day of love into a protracted romantic weekend instead! Yes, we strongly urge you to call in sick that weekend, and get away from the city rush with your sweetheart by your side! From stately ruins and beaches to hill stations and jungles, you have a plethora of options when you decide to venture on a romantic adventure without spending hours travelling. So without any further delay, let's jump right into the list of the best weekend getaways near Bangalore! 


1. Coorg

Popularly referred to as the Scotland of India, Coorg is replete with infinity pools, spellbinding villas, mouth-watering local cuisines and lush greenery. However, if you are a coffee lover, then you should make a beeline for the hilltops where you can sit sipping tumblers of filtered coffee with your special one.


In addition, you’ve got yourself a thriving blend of adventure, relaxation, and pleasure, everything at a pocket-friendly price. You’ll have a gamut of spots worth exploring that you can pick from in this splendid town, making it an ideal place for a quick romantic getaway near Bangalore! 


Image Courtesy - Travel Holi CQ


Approximate Duration Of Drive: 6 Hours

Highlights: Stunning Sights, Varied Wildlife, World-Cass Coffee

Best Time To Visit: October to April



2. Chikmagalur

This picturesque gem is ideal for discovering the succulent coffee plantations and pleasant climate that surrounds the city of Bangalore! Chikmagalur is recognised for adventurous hiking trips and enthralling activities that will spike up the adrenaline in your body.  Another eminent enchantment that Chikmagalur is known for is its Planters' Life and Bababudan Giri ranges.


Chikmagalur falls amongst the best-underexplored getaways near Bangalore which has garnered a lot of attention from tourists. The literal meaning of the Chikmagalur is the “Land of Younger Daughter” and this stunning destination constitutes of beautiful mountain regions and rugged terrains coupled with expansive lowlands. 


Image Courtesy - Thrillophila


Approximate Duration Of Drive: 5 Hours

Highlights: Best Coffee, Cascading Water Falls, Rich Surrounding Greenery

Best Time To Visit: September to May


3. Gokarna

If you are craving the chill beach vibes Goa is so famous for, we have a cheaper, and less-commercialised alternative for you, a few hours away from the city of Bangalore! With idyllic beaches that are unsullied by litter and pristine waters as the perfect backdrop for a romantic time, Gokarna should definitely be on your to-visit list for weekend getaways near Bangalore.


Walk alongside the seashore, revel in the sea breeze and guzzle a few cold beers with your loved one. For a greater secluded experience, you can get away to close-by Halfmoon and Paradise beaches if you are not in the mood for the more popular spots of Kudle and Om beach. Acquire a cottage close to the beach and you could even watch the sunset or the dawn together this Valentine's Day 2020!


Image Courtesy - Vagabond Experiences


Approximate Duration Of Drive: 9 Hours

Highlights: Cheap Goa, Budget-Friendly Beach Shacks, Laid-Back Beaches

Best Time To Visit: October to March


4. Mangalore

Mangalore city is often proclaimed as the heart of Karnataka and it is nestled between the blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the green exalted hills of the Western Ghats. Some water sports activities, dolphin-spotting, and perfect lazy beach days are what you may look forward to at Mangalore.


We recommend you propose a weekend of beach-hopping and experience the sun and sand together with your soul mate by heading to Mangalore on Valentine's Day!


Image Courtesy - Agoda


Approximate Duration Of Drive: 8 hours

Highlights: Mouth-Watering Mangalorean Cuisine, Historical Architecture, Rome Of The East

Best Time To Visit: September to April


5. Kabini

Kabini should definitely be on your radar when you're looking to get away from Bangalore for a weekend, especially if both you and your partner are nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Kabini proffers you with an assortment of things to do while taking a break from the monotonous rut of city life.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about this place is the balance of conventional norms and modern, liberal culture. Visitors of Kabini usually set off on adventurous safari trips and indulge in idyllic bird watching. There are also mud integrated walls and cottages on offer, with posh features like an open-air bath with a view of backwaters and a lake.


Image Courtesy - Thrillophilia


Approximate Duration Of Drive: 5 hours

Highlights: Wildlife Sanctuary, Rich Flora Aand Fauna, Hidden Gem

Best Time To Visit: November to June



6. Masinagudi

Fancy a really wild, green and adventurous getaway from Bangalore with your loved one? Masinagudi is where you should have your eyes fixated. This beautiful sanctuary will give you a whole new meaning of wildlife.


So this Valentine's Day 2020, retreat into the deep and dark woods of Masinagudi, brimming with beautiful villas and traditional tree houses. Don’t forget to visit Theppakadu Elephant Camp, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, and Moyar River. Masinagudi is truly rejuvenating and refreshing.


Image Courtesy - Holiday Travel


Approximate Duration of Drive: 5 hours 30 Mins

Highlights: Rich Forests, Tiger Reserve, Elephant Habitat

Best Time To Visit: October to May


7. Ooty

Nestled amidst the blue Nilgiri mountains and surrounded by all the staples of the most exotic hill stations, this panoramic destination a few hours away from Bangalore, has enough spots that you can get lost exploring with your partner this Valentine's Day 2020.


Ooty is often called the “Queen of Hill Stations” which makes it the perfect getaway site for nature lovers. With soothing temperature throughout the year and captivating antique buildings and churches, Ooty is an ever-growing and one of the most sought-after places for a rejuvenating weekend getaway near Bangalore!


Image Courtesy - Go Ibibo


Approximate Duration of Drive: 7 Hours

Highlights: Tea Plantations, Scenic Spots Everywhere, Homemade Chocolates

Best Time To Visit: October to June


8. Hampi

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites positioned in the city of Hospet, Hampi boasts of a glorious past and reinforcing present. Located within the ruins of Vijayanagara, the capital of Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi draws millions of visitors every year. Every time you visit Hampi, it will seem like you've travelled back through the ages.


Things you can marvel at in Hampi include captivating riverside cottages (available at affordable prices), wood-fired pizzas, hammocks to laze around and even riverside picnic spots. Lease yourself a vehicle, hold your partner tight, and set off exploring the monumental ruins of the Vijayanagara kingdom that Hampi is known for.


Image Courtesy - Goa Trip Planner


Approximate Duration Of Drive: 7 Hours

Highlights: Ancient Temple Ruins, Monolithic Sculptures & Monuments, Stunning Medieval Carvings

Best Time To Visit: October to February 


9. Maravanthe

Another great weekend getaway spot, especially for all the beach enthusiasts out there! In addition to being one of Karnataka's most stunning beaches, Maravanthe also has a laid-back, relaxing environment allowing you to unwind with your partner in absolute peace.


For when you feel like you’ve had your fill of the seaside, make sure you set aside some time to take in the splendour of the Padukone Village, often recognized as one of the must-visit locations in Maravanthe.


Image Courtesy - Reddit

Approximate Duration Of Drive: 9 Hours 

Highlights: Endless Gorgeous Shores, Picturesque Village,

Best Time To Visit: September to March


10. Wayanad

Full disclosure, one weekend simply may not be enough to make the most of this destination. But, if you're an idyllic traveller who enjoys experiencing one spot at a time, it doesn't get better than Wayanad!


Walk through the tea estates, go bamboo rafting, go to Soochipara Falls (an astounding three-tiered waterfall surrounded by forests), explore Edakkal Caves (which has pre-historical stories), trek via Chembra peak and take a safari ride through the Wayanad Sanctuary.  Let's just say there's no dearth of things to do when you pay Wayanad a visit!


Image Courtesy - Trip Advisor


Approximate Duration Of Drive: 6 Hours

Highlights: Camping & Trekking Trails, Breathtaking Waterfalls, Bird Watching Spots

Best Time To Visit: October to May



11. Kodaikanal

One of the go-to hill towns for most residents of Bangalore, Kodaikanal is bustling with edgy granite cliffs, forested valleys, tranquil lakes, cascading waterfalls and never-ending grassy hills. 


With plenty to traverse, touch and taste, Kodaikanal offers a multitude of things to do including rowing, hiking, cycling or just good old exploring without any stringent plan. You will also be greeted by a wide variety of local handicrafts and products, that you can perhaps surprise your loved one with!


Image Courtesy - Lonely Planet


Approximate Duration Of Drive: 9 Hours

Highlights: Serene Environment, Scenic Tourist Spots, Shopping, Staggering Waterfalls

Best Time To Visit: October to March 


So that was it, in this list of the most romantic spots for a weekend getaway from Bangalore. So this Valentine's Day 2020, wear your heart on your sleeve and set out with your significant other for the adventure of a lifetime!


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