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Tropic Like It’s Hot: What To Wear In Goa

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - May 9, 202414 min read

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The thought of Goa excites me A LOT but our mindspace gets super occupied when we put a thought to "What type of clothes to wear in Goa". But the very thought that I could be in my shorts and beachwear all day excites me even more. We are sure before you make that trip, questions like 'what should I pack' and 'how should  I pack' for Goa pop in your head' so much so that you pack everything that comes handy while you are at it.


Let us make your life a bit simpler before you level up your fashion game in the beach paradise of India. What to wear in goa, basic essentials you have to carry, how to pack for goa, what not to wear in goa, what are the best clothes for goa and the best time to go to goa - We've covered it all for you




1. A Bikini/ Monokini or a Bodysuit

Your luggage is incomplete without a bikini/bodysuit as it's the most essential beach wear for women. Depending on how many days you are going for, the number of bikinis you carry can vary. If you're only going for 2-3 days, 1 bikini/monokini will suffice. If you plan to take a long vacation, carry multiple bikini/bodysuit pieces so you can experiment with different colors and different styles.


The one-piece swimsuit is trending more than a bikini these days. And if you prefer a bikini, you can also go for a high waist brief or a scallop bikini. With monokinis, you can go for cut-outs. Someone who is not comfortable exposing too much skin, you can easily wear a monokini with shorts and pull the look off. 




2. Cover-ups And Sarongs


Traditionally, you should be taking along crochet cover-ups and sarongs. But mesh dresses are topping the trend charts currently in beachwear. Black mesh dresses serve as very classy cover-ups on the beach. If you don't prefer spending too much money on sarongs, you can also DIY a sarong by using a long scarf.


Or rather, how I do it, you can wear a tie-up top or dress. or a t-shirt dress over your bikini and just take it off when you are on the beach. Don't worry we've got your back when it comes to what to wear in Goa beaches. Summer in Goa can be pinching so don't forget your cover-ups/sarongs.



3. Maxi Dresses, Tshirt Dresses, Skater Dresses, Off-shoulder Dresses

Carry as many dresses as you want. Dresses are the most comfortable piece of clothing when you are in a beach town. They double-serve as cover-ups and as party outfits. You can also adorn a dress and just walk out of your hotel to the market. They are comfortable, trendy, sexy and you don't have to think twice before wearing them anywhere. Try taking more maxi and flowy dresses to keep up with the coastal vibe. A tropical state of mind goes well with floral dresses as well.


Experiment more and throw away your basics. If you are wild enough, you can also try a print on print. Striped and slogan t-shirt dresses also go a long way. Maxi Dress is a perfect beach dress to wear in Goa. These dresses also serve as honeymoon dresses to catch your husband's attention - so pack them right away if you're going on a honeymoon to Goa. Wear them to the many festivals that encapsulate the cultural richness of Goa: 11 festivals of Goa you must attend




4. Don't Go Short On Shorts

The more the merrier, you are going to spoil at least one of your shorts because of salt water. So to be on the safe side, carry n number of shorts. That way, you can wear a different pair everytime you step out. And if by chance, you do spoil a few of them, you don't have to worry about going 'short on shorts'. The best part about shorts is that they are comfortable and Goa is the kind of place where most of the restaurants, clubs, and pubs allow the customers in shorts. If you've got these on your checklist then you know exactly what to wear in Goa. When buying clothes for goa, don't forget to keep your cotton shorts in your luggage.




5. Go offbeat - Pallazos, Harem pants, Mermaid Pants, Dhotis

If you want to go different, and don't want to follow the crowd. Get rid of those shorts I just told you to carry and experiment with different kind of pants. Pair your bikini tops with flowy palazzos with floral prints. If you are in a hippie mood, go for a sports bra and a set of dhoti pants. Ruffle pants are a great way to look different and catch the eye of people with your fashion sense. It's the best option when you don't know what to wear in Goa.




6. Crop tops

When I am traveling to a beach city, I don't count the number of crop tops I am carrying because you never know what you would be needing. And which crop top will perfectly go with which outfit. Crop tops are sisters of bikinis. So if a bikini is not your thing, a crop top will definitely be. Tie-up crop tops make for better swim-wear than swim-suits themselves. Even better, crop tops can serve as party tops at night when you pair them with skirts or pants.



7. Loose T-shirts and Tanks

Tank tops are a must. Don't forget to keep loose t-shirts as well. They make for good friends when all you need to do is roam around in the place of your accommodation, or walk out in the middle of the night to buy a pack of beers from the supermarket. Plus, they are your best companions when you feel chilly on the beach after a swim. Still, haven't figured out what suits the best? Experiment! It's the key to fashion. The outfit suggestions below are your perfect answer to "What to wear in Goa clubs".




8. Accessorize as much as you can 

Pack all the accessories you wouldn't ever dare to wear otherwise because WHY NOT? You can go crazy with accessorizing your outfits because there's no one to judge on the beach. The added advantage is, you will just melt with the boho vibe of Goa.



9. Playsuits & Jumpsuits

The best clothes to wear in Goa would be playsuits and jumpsuits. If you're travelling to Goa for the perfect beach vacation, then don't forget to carry a couple of playsuits are they are most comfortable ones. Floral ones definitely look the best!




10. Sequins Wear

Your goa trip is incomplete without party wear, so make sure your carry a pair of sequins shorts, dresses or jumpsuits to enjoy the nightlife in Goa in style. Sequins dresses are the best goa clothes you get along in your luggage for party wear.



11. Maxi Skirts/Long Skirts

Don't know what to wear on beach? It's time to buy clothes for goa trip, get yourself a maxi skirt as a perfect addition. Pair it with a crop top for a complete look. How about going for the pleated long skirts this time?



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Fashion Bloggers That Are Nailing Goa Fashion


1. Juhi Godambe


Off-shoulder crop top and a high-waisted short is definitely a YES for your Goa trip. Juhi definitely knows what to wear in Goa when it comes to picking up the coolest outfits. White sand beaches in Goa are waiting for you get your picture perfect moments there in your best outfits.





2. Flexi Dsouza

Comfy shorts, tank tops, and long shrugs are just what you need for a bohemian look. Accessorise it well with dazzling earrings and pretty necklace for a complete look.




3. Jigyasaa Malhotra

This Goa blogger totally knows how to slay a summer look with her cool shades and vibrant outfit. A good pair of shorts and a bright top with a sling is perfect for a beach day out.




4. Vasudha Dhembla

How can we forget adding a hat and a short dress to our outfit when it comes to what to wear in Goa. Vasudha has definitely nailed the look by playing with different combinations and colors. Your goa trip plan is incomplete without fancy clothes so be wise with your packing.




5. Nishtha Gandhi

A bodysuit with a loose pink top and a pair of shorts look super comfy and stylish for a touristy look in Goa. It's all about comfort at the end of the day. Play with colors and accessorize well to come out with an awesome look - Dramatic Diva has definitely done it right.





What Not To Wear In Goa:

1. Heels Are Not For The Beach

Keep closed footwear and heels away from the beach life, if you're planning to spend a good time at the beach then go for flip flops. You'll have a troublesome time if you'll end up wearing heels at the beach.



2. Keep Leather Away

There are certain fabrics which are a complete NO-NO for beach wear. Do not wear leather clothing items synthetic fabrics -nylon & silk especially!



3. Expensive Jewellery Or Too Many Accessories Is A NO-NO

Trust me, you don't want to lose out on your gold ring or expensive silver jewellery. Go minimal at the beach rather try not wearing accessories if you're planning to hit the sea for a swim. Keep it minimal with cheap accessories - rather buy a few cheap ones from the flea markets in goa as shopping in Goa is definitely worth it.



4. Keep It Natural Without Makeup

No, you don't need to layer yourself with makeup at the beach as the sand will stick to your face and make it worse. All you need to do is bath your skin with loads of sunscreen rather.



5. NEVER Wear Jeans

You would'nt want to wear jeans at the beach for sure, refrain from this as the thick clothing will stick to your skin and make you feel very uncomfortable. Wearing jeans is a complete no-no for the beach.



Essentials For Goa:

1. Sunglasses 

Take one good pair if you can take care of it, or take multiple pairs if you can't. I would personally suggest taking multiple pairs that didn't cost a fortune. In that way, you can play with the variety and wear a different one each day and also not regret losing or spoiling your high-end pair of Gucci sunglasses.



2. Sunscreen/Sunblock/Lotion

A MUST. You are going to get a tan, not a sunburn. Make sure you use this on your face and your entire body when you are stepping out in the sun. Especially in the middle of the afternoon, when the sun is direct. Trust me, you don't want the sun bugs biting you and spoiling your vacation.



3. Hats - Fedoras, Snapbacks

It's advisable to take caps and hats. They make you look stylish and save you from the heat.



4. Flip Flops 

You just CANNOT do a beach vacation without these ones. Experiment with pretty ones that are decorated with seashells or flowers or go for basic comfortable ones that make walking on the sand easier.



5. Beach Towels 

There is so much salt in ocean water that can permanently damage your hair and skin. It can make you regret not taking extra towels to the beach. Carry a waterproof bag along where you can keep your valuables and beach towels.



6. Portable chargers/ power banks

You wouldn't want your phone's battery to drain especially when it's time to click photos picturesque views and create memories. A power bank is a must in such needy times. Make sure you charge it to full capacity before you step out.



7. A Beach Bag 

You don't want your electronics and wallets to get spoiled because of water on the beach. A waterproof beach bag or a backpack is really important to save your valuables from going down the drain. Carry your mobile, ID, money and portable charges and beach towels in this. 



Best Time To Visit Goa:

Mid-November to Mid-February: These are the best months to visit the party capital since the weather is pleasantly cool and comfortable. It’s the perfect time to relax on the beaches amidst other tourists who make the most of these three months in Goa. December is the time when Goa witnesses one of its most popular festivals, Sunburn, besides extensive Christmas and New Year celebrations and is home to lakhs of visitors from across the world. You might want to book your hotels in advance since this is the peak season and prices of accommodation go way higher than you would imagine. Plan your goa trip wisely and have a blast!



What To Wear In Goa In December:

You can wear all the things I have mentioned above because it's equally hot as it is during other months. However, during the night, it can get a little chilly and unpleasant and trust me you don't want to be shivering while you are partying. So do carry a stole, shrug or a jacket. One/two would work so that your baggage doesn't have to carry that extra weight. Your guide to What to wear in Goa for girls is completed here - What are you waiting for? Take your backpacks out and get going!


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Q: What to wear in Goa during monsoons?

A: Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers instead of flip-flops as unexpected rainfall can break your flipflops and sticky clothing can make it uncomfortable for you. Don't forget to carry an umbrella, a raincoat and a plastic cover for your mobile phones to have safe monsoon trip in Goa.


Q: What clothes are trending the most for summer wear?

A: Jumpsuits, Bodysuits, Co-ords, Maxi Dresses


Q: What to wear in Goa beaches?

A: Bodysuits with shrugs, Off-shoulder Two Piece Bikini, Long Maxi Dresses


Q: What to wear in Goa for men?

A: Men can easily pull off a cool look by pairing beige shorts with an edgy graphic tee.