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Sand, Baja & Baraat: Plan A Destination Wedding In Goa

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Sept. 28, 2022 13 min read

Dreaming of a destination wedding is something that is not even a unique choice anymore with all the fancy stuff we see on our silver screens. The grand wedding that Aditi had in Ye Jawani Hai Deewani is something that left an imprint on all of our minds. With television shows like Band Baja Baarat and Big Fat Wedding telecasting entire weddings from how the couple met, their families and backgrounds, wedding planning, etc, there is no way you cannot imagine yourself there. If you've loved beaches and imagined of living by one or if you want to fill your wedding with the soothing and inspiring Boho beach vibes, a destination wedding in Goa is the thing for you! This trip to Goa won't be a usual one as this time will be about your big day. Let's begin by planning where in Goa first so you can choose from the resorts or hotels available in and around the place. We have curated a list of best wedding destinations in Goa for you to choose from, pick wisely from the top wedding venues & planners in Goa.




South Goa

South Goa, in general, has fewer people visiting and so has cleaner beaches. Various events and weddings are organized in the south part of the city as most 5-star hotel chains like Taj, Leela, Hyatt, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Alila Diwa, Ramada, Zuretc have their properties there. which provides a variety of venues for wedding festivities uniquely done as per one's taste. South Goa has these resorts that happen to have halls, outdoor areas, mandaps, and rooms very apt for everything you would want for your wedding. South Goa seems like an apt location for a destination wedding in Goa.



North Goa

North Goa has more tourists spots and fewer resorts or luxury hotels. It is mostly crowded as most of the tourist spots of Goa are in the North. You can never get bored in a place like North Goa as one can find many people chilling at the nearby shacks, pubs or just riding motorbikes down the road. Hippy is the unsaid culture. Beachside luxury Resorts are barely a few but the small nice banquet Hotels and inns are abundant. Look for a place that fulfills a venue for each one of your functions so that you won't have to transport people from one place to another. You choose from a resort or a villa for better options. north_goa__beach_image



Finest Wedding Venues in Goa:

1. Alila Diwa 

Listed as one of the top wedding resorts in Goa, Alila Diwa has 3 outdoor wedding venues and 2 indoor venues that are 5 in total. Alila Diwa is famous for it's attention to detail in a function. The staff is adept at providing swift services and making sure that the arrangements are customized according to the demands of the couple that is getting married. The lookout for wedding venues in South Goa start from here and end here. It's a perfect place to have a destination wedding in Goa.alila diwa_goa_image


2. Piranha Beach Resort

Weddings at Piranha are intimate and romantic. The ceremony is held against the breathtaking backdrop of the Arabian Sea. The Resort has a couple of lawn venues for your wedding reception and with its semi-private cove, you can also throw a small beach party if the tide is good. There have within 4 wedding venues - one overlooking the Arabian Sea, another is a poolside lawn, the third one is a semi-private beach and the 4th venue is a mini-disco with a dance floor. This beach resort has sea-view cottages where your guests can have a very peaceful stay. An ideal resort for a destination wedding in Goa.piranha_beach_resort_goa_image


3. The Zuri White Sands Resort Goa 

With sprawling event lawns and state-of-the-art banquet halls, it isn't a surprise that the Zuri White Sands Resort is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Goa. The beach touch property is host to many of the big fat Indian destination weddings in Goa. This resort is on the shore of the Longest beach in Goa. There are two wedding halls in The Zuri - Unicorn hall and Oyster Hall. They have one of the best wedding halls in South Goa and we just can't deny. It also serves delectable Pan-Asian cuisines and Goan cuisines to its guests. When it comes to choosing an ideal place for a destination wedding in Goa then we just can't miss out on this one.The_Zuri_White_Sands_Resort_Goa_Image


4. Grand Hyatt Resort

This 5-star property in Goa in the heart of Goa is spread across 28 acres of sprawling lawns and lush green gardens with the view of the Bambolim Bay. This brand is tagged as one of the best hotels in Goa. Complemented by large-spaced banquet halls to hold marriage ceremonies.  Grand in scale, service, and attention, the function rooms are designed to offer several venue options and decor themes for large weddings as well as intimate family functions. With an option of 3 wedding venues in this hotel to choose from, there is no shortage of wedding venues in Goa when you visit this Grand hotel. 



5. Reis Magos Fort

Goa wedding planners are adamant about choosing this venue since this is a historical site build in 1551 by the Portuguese rulers.  Grand in scale, service, and attention, the function rooms are designed to offer several venue options and decor themes for large weddings as well as intimate family functions. The wedding packages provided by the Reis Magos Fort are feasible. They have a waterfront venue and they have an outdoor courtyard venue that they provide specifically for weddings. The halls are provided frequently for art exhibitions, workshops, and small events. This is one of the best wedding venues in North Goa, Bardez if you're looking out to stay in the Northern Part of Goa. This one should definitely be on your checklist to have a destination wedding in Goa.



6. Bogmallo Beach Resort

The Bogmallo Beach Resort, one of the very first luxury resorts in Goa is nestled on the secluded white sands of Bogmalo beach and is located just 10 minutes from the airport. If you want a small gathering or a big wedding in Goa then this is the place you need to come to. With splendid outdoor lawns and banquet halls and the backdrop of the beautiful sea, the Bogmallo Beach Resort is an ideal venue for wedding events, parties, cocktail dinners, and get-togethers. The Bogmallo Beach Resort has proven to be one of the most unique, beautiful and guest-friendly resorts in Goa for a wedding. Your pre-wedding shoot in Goa can also be done here as their ambience will leave you awestruck.Bogmallo_Beach_Resort_Goa_image




While having bulk orders, resorts and hotels tend to be generous especially if you ask. If you guarantee them a specific number of people, they sometimes offer one of the halls for a function free or give laundry on the house. Discounts are usually given out on bulk orders like these. You can save up in many areas but this is one thing people don't usually compromise on as you have guests flying over for many miles just to be at your wedding. You would want them to have a fabulous time. Although you sure can save up by adding extra bedding in rooms having couples with the kid(s).destination-wedding-goa-pro-tips_image

For a destination wedding, keep the attendance short with only the closest people to you there. This way there won't be too many unnecessary formalities and pleasing. You can provide for the guests to be picked up from the nearest railway stations and airports and be escorted to the venue. Assuming 150-250 guests flying down at their own costs lodging in a decent resort would cost you around 25k including lunch and dinner per night for a room. For of the approximate 200 guests, you'll need 100 rooms which would come to around 25 Lakhs. We've got to keep these tips in mind before having a destination wedding in Goa.




You can have as many functions as you want but the focus should be on quality instead of quantity. Try to incorporate your individuality and uniqueness in every ceremony that you plan. Try to keep only 2 to 3 functions for the destination and you can plan others locally in your area. You can build the itinerary in a way so that the guests arrive during the check-in time with you arranging for breakfast. The same day you can have the Cocktail night. Assuming, The following day would be a Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony and finally, the last day would be Haldi and then the wedding. You can come back and give a reception for the long-lost relatives and other people in your hometown. Wedding in Goa can be a huge affair so plan accordingly.




Try and use props and other trendy ideas like photobooths, hashtags, sashes, posters to add funkiness to the traditionality. You could follow a theme and ask your guests to dress accordingly and make the venue thematic too. Given that you're making a destination wedding happen, you can incorporate various ideas from the Boho culture of the beach city. Further, you can have a bachelors' party or bachelorette there too. Having a bachelors in Goa makes perfect sense since Goa is the party capital of the country anyway. So you kill two birds with one arrow. The best options to have your bachelor party it would be the nightclubs in Goa. A destination wedding in Goa can be a huge deal so plan accordingly.




It will be better and more economical and feasible to incorporate the local culture of the place. for instance, invite Goa's local bands and musicians to play at the sangeet. They will not cost you more than 50k to 1 lakh. Previously when India wasn't a very popular spot for destination weddings, it was difficult to find various arrangements and amenities to make a destination wedding happen. Courtesy the advancement in this industry by various hoteliers, suppliers, event managers, and decor industries, now Goa among many other states is very apt for even the most culturally diverse weddings. From the white horse and typical Shehnai to the Palki and Dholaks, everything is now available locally in Goa.destination-wedding-in-goa_image



Use the local cuisine, dishes and the regional drinks in your food menu and import only the stuff that is necessary as this will save the cost of transporting. As for the decor of the functions use local flowers -  c'mon all flowers are pretty. The decoration is one area where you can save up the most.




We are assuming that guests are paying for their own flights. Travel in Goa is really expensive, especially with cabs. Your near and dear ones who'd be flying from so many places would expect a nice vacation time given the picturesque beach setting, wine, and all so fine set up with their loved ones. If you do plan on going around the city - try traveling together on a bus or in a vehicle that fits more people, that way you coordinate better and also cut the costs. Don't forget to take a visit around if you're planning to have a destination wedding in Goa. Shopping in Goa is also an ultimate experience as they have flea markets to leave you awestruck, enjoy shopping while sipping onn your favorite beer. Explore the Ingo flea market, Baga-Calangute street shopping area, Calangute market square and Panjim Market. Put your bargaining skills to test, street shopping in Goa is a must!




The question is not really about organizing things in the way you've imagined them, it's about making sure they happen that way too and being ready for some glitches. For that matter, you might want to hire a wedding planner or some external help. That will, of course, cost you a little more than you would've thought but this can ensure that everything runs smoothly. Though if you feel that you or somebody close like a friend or sibling can take the task responsibly, do consider.




You wouldn't, of course, forget the cameraman and video personnel but here's what all new you try with them. Pre-wedding shoots are a different category but you can pick up ideas from there for 'the day ' - having a destination wedding in Goa will definitely make you work a lot. Use candid photography as much as possible as those are pictures that become the most memorable and cute by capturing the moment just as it is. You can probably use a drone to capture different angles. Photography costs can go up to 2 lakhs depends on what you wish to include. As for the dresses, lehengas, tuxedos, sherwanis, heels, and all other things, make sure you have somebody to go around with the checklist, as you would already have a lot to keep you distracted. MUA and other artists working for the wedding should be taken good care of too if you really want quality work for your wedding. The miscellaneous expenses like for the MUA, Mehendi artist, wedding planner keep aside 2-3 lakhs.



What is the cost of a Wedding in Goa?

All in all a destination wedding in Goa can cost around 40 lakh rupees. The budget of a wedding in Goa can be anywhere around 20 L to 50 L depending upon how much you're willing to spend and what your needs and expenses are. One has to plan everything wisely and keep a check on their finances if you're planning to have a destination wedding in Goa.



List Of Best Wedding Planners In Goa

Event planners in Goa and event planners anywhere else in the country will make it much easier for you to organize and manage a wedding on a large scale or a small scale and make sure the things you want at your wedding are up to the mark. Our curated list will definitely help you find the best wedding planner in Goa to make your BIG-DAY a special one.


1. Wedding Planners Goa

2. Ankit Bhargava -

3. Purple Truffle -

4. Redvelvetevents -

5. Reynold Weddings -

6. Band Baajaa weddings-

7. Weddings N Dreams-

8. Wedding Design Soul -

9. Diakon Events -


Points To Ponder On


1. Make sure that the leftover food and other things are not wasted and rather given to someone who is actually needy. They will give you the real blessings you need for a happily married life.


2. Use artificial flowers as that are very not wasteful. Further, you can also reuse them for another function of the wedding.


3. Use paper or jute bags for the return gifts. They not only look classy but are environment-friendly. Your wedding shouldn't be an excuse for wasteful and unheld behavior.

With all that planning and eagerness, trust your gut and take a leap of faith. This day will be more glorifying and satisfying than you would've thought. Just let your partner and your energies coincide with this beautiful union. A grand destination wedding in Goa is waiting for you!

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