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Christmas Cake Hunting? Make A Pit-Stop At These Best Bakeries In Mumbai City

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 26, 2019 10 min read

As we progressively get closer to the last month of the year, the smell of Christmas season ripens in the air! Like other Christmas traditions, buying and sharing the perfect delectable Christmas cake is the norm and if you are celebrating the holiday earnestly, this little Christmas ritual becomes even more imperative! Fret not, for we are here to ease your worries. Join us as we take you through the best bakeries in Mumbai city where you can purchase your dream Christmas cake (and way more) from! 

1. Celejor - The Bake Shop

One of the best-rated bakery outlets in the city of Mumbai, Celejor offers a wide assortment of freshly baked products straight out of the oven! Their toothsome treats are consistent in quality and made with special hygiene and health precautions. With their friendly staff and quick service, Celejor is the perfect spot to call over your colleagues from work and share a slice at!


Image Courtesy - Just Dial 


Highlights: Scrumptious Desserts, Non-Vegetarian Options, Lightning-Fast Takeaway, Ideal Hang Out Spot 

Must-Try: Fruit Cake, Dutch Truffle, Chocolate Ganache, Mango Cake 

Average Cost For Two: INR 300

Timings: 10 AM to 11 PM

Contact: 022 26059513, 022 26059514

Where: SV Road, Santacruz West (Get Directions)


2. Vanilla Beans

A popular hip joint in Bandra West, Vanilla Beans is lauded by Mumbaikars for its interesting blends of beverages and premium customised cakes. You can head to this quaint bakery with a group of loved ones or yourself and spend some quality time over a cup of freshly brewed goodness and a slice of flavoursome dessert. 


Image Courtesy - Mouth Shut 


Highlights: Assortment Of Bakes And Desserts, Great Ambiance, Authentic Home Baker 

Must-Try: Mango Cakesicle, Dutch Truffle, Mini Pizza, Chocolate Ganache Cake

Average Cost For Two: INR 700

Timings: 10 AM to 9 PM

Contact: 9773155903, 9619862414

Where: Bandra Talao, Bandra West (Get Directions)



3. Magdalena 

One of the highest-rated outlets in Byculla, Magdalena is well-known for its quality sugary treats and brilliant executions of customised cake designs. Perfect for those go and fetch moments, Magdalena has in store for you, a plethora of baked delights and desserts prepared with the utmost precision and care. 


Image Courtesy - Uber Eats


Highlights: Fresh From The Oven, Convenient Home Delivery, Great Ambiance

Must-Try: Cupcakes, Melted Chocolate, Fondant Cake, Chocolate Pastry 

Average Cost For Two: INR 500

Timings: 11 AM to 12 AM 

Contact: 9987355004, 022 23091313

Where: Clare Road, Byculla (Get Directions)


4. Malti's Delicacies 

Praised by crowds of dessert lovers in Mumbai, Malti's Delicacies is a cute little shop located in Malad East, that offers superior quality baked products and confectionaries at reasonable prices. Best for satisfying urgent sweet-tooth cravings, you can find a large mixed bag of different kinds of toothsome desserts and quick bites at Malti's Delicacies. 


Image Courtesy - Just Dial


Highlights: Lightning Fast Takeaway, Comfortable Indoor Seating, Convenient Home Delivery, Quality Desserts 

Must-Try: Rasmalai, Swiss Choco Cake, Chocolate Cake, Fried Rice

Average Cost For Two: INR 300

Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM

Contact: 9984402797, 022 65230111

Where: Kurar Village, Malad East (Get Directions)



5. Birdy's Bakery

A cute little dessert parlour hidden in plain sight in the locality of Vile Parle East, Birdy's Bakery regularly furnishes quality baked goods to all of Mumbai! They take their motto "always as fresh as a new day" very seriously and consequently have gained the reputation of being one of the most celebrated bakeries in the city of Mumbai!


Image Courtesy - Just Dial


Highlights: Chocolate Heaven, Soothing Playlist, Great Ambience, Fresh Delights 

Must-Try: Blueberry Muffin, Choco Lava Cake, Chocolate Mousse 

Average Cost For Two: INR 450

Timings: 8 AM to 11 PM

Contact: 022 26166665, 022 28585555

Where: Hanuman Road, Vile Parle East (Get Directions)


6. Shree Asian Bakery Stores 

A hub for snacks and baked treats available at reasonable prices, Shree Asian Bakery Stores is your go-to place for those mid-day hunger pangs. This old and trusted bakery is the perfect spot to visit with friends and family for some pocket-friendly treats! The staff here is remarkably friendly, and help in creating the perfect cosy bakery environment.  


Image Courtesy - magicpin


Highlights: Vegetarian Bakery, Breakfast Spot, Sweets Galore

Must-Try: Pusra Badam Biscuits, Nankhatai, Rasmalai Cake, Baby Samosas

Average Cost For Two: INR 200

Timings: 7 AM to 10 PM

Contact: 022 65239251, 022 28013327

Where: Irani Wadi, Kandivali West (Get Directions


7. International Baking Company 

A frequent feature in the list of top bakeries in and around Mumbai, the International Baking Company is a hub for fresh, creamy desserts whipped to perfection! Ranging from bakery products to sweets and savoury snacks, this outlet serves it all. If you are looking for a larger than life cake for Christmas, International Baking Company can furnish some of the most delectable flavours!


Image Courtesy - Just Dial


Highlights: Vegetarian Bakery, Dessert Hub, Convenient Home Delivery 

Must-Try: Cream Cake, Cup Cakes, Brownie, Rich Truffle

Average Cost For Two: INR 400

Timings: 10 AM to 12 AM

Contact: 8655634011

Where: Shivaji Chowk, Kashimira, Mira Road (Get Directions)


8. Hearsch Bakery 

If you are scanning the streets of Mumbai looking to satiate your sugar cravings, you should mark Hearsch Bakery as your next ideal spot! Offering a wide array of delicious options on their menu, Hearsch Bakery will tickle your taste-buds like no other eatery can! The lack of indoor seating options is not enough to deter large crowds of Mumbaikars waiting to get their hands on the treat of the day!


Image Courtesy - Just Dial


Highlights: Breakfast Spot, Takeaway Only, Quality Baked Goods, Pocket-Friendly Prices

Must-Try: Chicken Burger, Chocolate Swiss Roll, Caramel Custard, Hazelnut Brownie 

Average Cost For Two: INR 400 

Timings: 9 AM to 10 PM

Contact: 022 26435361

Where: Hill Road, Bandra West (Get Directions)


9. Am's Finom Cake Shop

With a consistent emphasis on quality and affordability, Am's Finom Cake Shop is known all over the city for its freshly baked products whipped together with carefully chosen ingredients! This cake shop is recognised by most Mumbaikars for its affordable range of delightful desserts. The entire production process is carefully managed with close attention to details! 


Image Courtesy - Finom


Highlights: Vegetarian Cake Shop, Convenient Home Delivery, Flavoursome Fast Food 

Must-Try: Mix Fruit Souffle, Pastries, Choco Mousse Cake, Dutch Truffle Cake 

Average Cost For Two: INR 400 

Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM 

Contact: 9136663111, 9820150436

Where: Ajanta Estate Market Lane, Borivali West (Get Directions)


10. Chocday

A fantastic bakery serving all kinds of chocolate concoctions and baked goods, Chocday is famous in the city of Mumbai for its delicious range of desserts. It doubles up as a cafe serving delectable small-sized bites, and a convenient spot to catch up with friends at! The seating space is limited and it is advisable to walk in and pick a delicious takeaway.  


Image Courtesy - Just Dial 


Highlights: Vegetarian Bakery, Convenient Home Delivery, Comfortable Indoor Seating 

Must-Try: Chocolate Cake, Waffles, Hot Chocolate, Coffee

Average Cost For Two: INR 350

Timings: 10 AM to 12 AM 

Contact: 022 69999191, 9702032020

Where: Vikrant Circle, Ghatkopar East (Get Directions)


11. Bonnie's Bakery 

A small place tucked away in Mulund, Bonnie's Bakery serves mouth-watering desserts in appetising flavours. The quality offered by this outlet is unparalleled and the prices you have to pay to get your hands on these yummy sweets seems absolutely reasonable. The staff members at this outlet are extremely helpful and will ensure that you walk away with the perfect cure for your sweet tooth cravings!


Image Courtesy - Just Dial 


Highlights: Delectable Desserts, Convenient Home Delivery, Pocket-Friendly Prices, Ideal Hang Out Spot 

Must-Try: Cheesecake, Brownie, Macaroons, Mango Cake 

Average Cost For Two: INR 400

Timings: 10:30 AM to 10 PM

Contact: 9167202537, 9323226260

Where: Asha Nagar, Mulund West (Get Directions)



12. Dark Temptations

A lavish outlet that has been serving stunning cakes and satisfying customers for several years, Dark Temptations is known for its cosy ambience, always teeming with that fresh bakery smell. This shop with furnish you with superior quality cakes and desserts at prices that are extremely light on the pocket. If you're visiting Dark Temptations, you can expect thorough consistency in quality and taste. 


Image Courtesy - Mouth Shut 


Highlights: Cosy Ambience, Desserts Galore, Pocket-Friendly Prices, Lightning-Fast Takeaway 

Must-Try: Chocolate Truffle, Almond Cake, Brownie, Mango Delight

Average Cost For Two: INR 400

Timings: 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Contact: 022 22050069, 022 22050079

Where: Federation House, Opposite Metro Cinema, Marine Lines (Get Directions)


13. Lavista Cake Shop 

An affordable outlet that opens in the wee hours of the morning, Lavista Cake Shop serves a wide variety of freshly baked goods and confectionaries. If you order a cake from this shop, suffice to say, you won't be disappointed! This bakery specialises in customised photo cakes that are creamy and packed with delectable flavours. 


Image Courtesy - Just Dial 


Highlights: Vegetarian Bakery, Delightful Desserts, Convenient Home Delivery, Staggering Variety 

Must-Try: Brownies, Dutch Chocolate Cake, Kit Kat Basket Cake, Pineapple Pastry 

Average Cost For Two: INR 300

Timings: 8 AM to 12 AM 

Contact: 9892733133

Where: Near Daftary Road, Malad East (Get Directions)


14. Theobroma

crowd favourite bakery in the territory of Mumbai, Theobroma is a sweet-tooth heaven and a popular hangout spot in equal measure. Offering a wide range of options in the category of baked desserts, this bakery is resplendent with quirky, attractive decor with an outdoor area, and scrumptious treats at reasonable prices. 


Image Courtesy - LBB


Highlights: Breakfast Spot, Convenient Home Delivery, Quirky Decor, Sugar-Free Options

Must-Try: Walnut Cake, Chocolate Cupcake, Macaroons, Hot Chocolate 

Average Cost For Two: INR 500

Timings: 8 AM to 12 AM 

Contact: 7506304867, 7506304868

Where: The Capital, Ground Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex (Get Directions)


15. Cake Smith 

A cake outlet that aims to provide you with a unique experience comprising of freshly baked products and carefully chosen ingredients, Parel's Cake Smith is a popular spot in Mumbai for satisfying all your cake needs. They pay close attention to the entire baking process and with top-notch culinary skills, ensure every slice on your plate is prepared to perfection and delivered with love. 


Image Courtesy - Cake Smith


Highlights: Delivery Only, Authentic Home Baker, Desserts Galore 

Must-Try: Customised Cakes, Kit Kat Cake, Ras Malai Flavoured Cake, Pineapple Pastry 

Average Cost For Two: INR 450

Timings: 9:30 AM to 12 AM 

Contact: 9870069019

Where: Dr. S. S. Rao Road, Lalbaug, Parel (Get Directions)

Congratulations on making it to the end of this guide to the best bakeries in Mumbai to score your perfect Christmas cake from! All that's left for you to do is to make way for the season of Christmas and get drenched in festivities and traditions for the final month of the calendar year! Merry Christmas! 


Q. Why do we buy a cake on Christmas? 

A. Every festival has certain traditions and customs tied to it and so does Christmas. The notion of a Christmas cake started as an English tradition in the form of using plum porridge to line one's stomach after a day of fasting. In present times, those who celebrate Christmas usually buy a festive cake to share with close friends and families!


Q. What is a Christmas cake made of? 

A. A Christmas cake is usually a heavy plum cake covered with icing and comprising of dried fruits that is baked in an oven. 


Q.  How long does a Christmas cake last? 

A. A fruit Christmas cake generally lasts for two to three months without spoiling if stored properly in a refrigerator.


Q. Are Christmas cakes available throughout the year? 

A. Bakeries usually start baking and putting out Christmas cakes in the beginning of December. The ideal time to buy one is a week or a fortnight in advance before Christmas. 


Q. Do I need to make an advance order for a Christmas cake? 

A. It's entirely based on your discretion and choices. If you want a customised Christmas cake with special features, you will have to make an order in advance. However, if you are looking for a regular plum cake, you can pick one on the spot from a bakery. 


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