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Check Out These 21 Best Beer Brands In India Under ₹200: April, 2024

By Anubha Das

Updated - April 17, 2024 10 min read

If there's one thing we should be thanking the British for, it should be for introducing beer to India. Did you know that beer is the world’s third most popular drink, after water and tea. It’s a great go-to drink on days when you’re on a budget (end-of-the-month blues, anybody?).


Well, enough said! Check out our list of best beer brands in India, all under ₹200.


1. Kingfisher

One of the best beer brands in India, Kingfisher is most recognised and extensively available uniting beer lovers across the country. It is the one true national player, despite all the controversies, remains the 'King of Good Times'. Exceptional flavour, reasonable price, and massive distribution are what makes it the most trusted brands in India. Kingfisher was introduced in India in 1978 and since then there has been no looking back.




Kingfisher Blue Super Premium Beer: INR 100 - 650 ml
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer: INR 100 - 650 ml



2. Budweiser

Budweiser is another popular beer brand in our country. This legendary American beer has inspired so many other brands to come into existence. Known for its fresh and light taste, Budweiser is now synonymous with 'beer'. The primary reason to drink this is to take you back to those good ol' vintage days. Savour your bud with a well-done burger and fries combo.




Budweiser Premium King Of Beers: INR 170 - 650 ml
Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer: INR 130 - 330 ml



3. Carlsberg

The tagline of Carlsberg 'Probably The Best in The World' says a lot about the brand. This spiffy beer has grainy bittersweet notes and offers a pretty clean drinking experience. This is the kind of beer you’d want to sip by the poolside, and you can pair it with a light salad or a fruit platter.




Carlsberg Elephant Classic Strong Super Premium Beer: INR 140 - 650 ml
Carlsberg Smooth Premium Lager Beer: INR 145 - 650 ml



4. Foster's

Foster's is a mild-coloured Australian lager full-bodied with a malty flavour, and it pairs nicely with classic bar bites. In the brewing process, hops are added at a later stage to preserve the freshness. It is available in two variants. You can consider this option whenever you are low on your budget.




Foster's Lager Beer: INR 100 - 650 ml
Foster's Strong Beer: INR 120 - 650 ml



5. Haywards

One of the best-selling beer brands in India, Haywards is most recognised for its iconic Haywards 5000, a strong lager and that contains 7% alcohol. The company was founded by Sir Anthony Hayward and it started retailing in 1983. It is no doubt one of the best beer brands in India under INR 200.




Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer: INR 100 - 650 ml




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6. Tuborg

Carl Frederik Tietgen started this Danish brewing company in 1873. The brewery was set up in Hellerup, a part of northern Copenhagen, Denmark. It is one of the finest beers and loved for its taste and affordability. Conveniently available everywhere, this Danish brand has probably unlocked the distribution secret in India like no other. This medium rich and lively beer has a mild bitter aftertaste and goes well with light meals.




Tuborg Strong Premium Beer: INR 100 - 650 ml
Tuborg Classic Black Premium Strong Beer: INR 120 - 650 ml



7. Heineken

Acknowledged for the signature green bottle and the red star, this Dutch pale lager is available unanimously across shops and pubs, leading it as one of the most pocket-friendly and popular beer brands in India.




Heineken Lager Beer: INR 150 - 330 ml



8. Godfather

Godfather is a flagship beer brand of Devans Modern Breweries Limited, a brewing company that commenced operations in Jammu in 1961. What's unique about this beer is its long-brewing cycle, which lasts for 25 days, as compared to the usual 12-15 days. To our amazement, this 'Father of God' is readily available across all the hill stations in India.




Godfather Super Strong High Power Beer: INR 100 - 650 ml
Godfather Strong Beer: INR 60 - 330 ml



9. Bira 91

Bira 91, where the number 91 stands for India’s country code, is a craft beer that's taking India by storm. Introduced in 2015, it's already turned out to be a favoured choice amongst beer fans and is  found at many bars and lounges in Delhi NCR. The company aims to fill the space in the market for a trendy, unorthodox, fun and smart brand. It's positioned between mainstream Indian and steeply priced imported brands. The company's founder spent three months travelling across Europe to identify and create beers that would suit the Indian palate.




Bira White Beer: INR 180 - 330 ml



10. Breezer

Breezer has made most of us lose our alcohol virginity. Bacardi Breezer is essentially a fruit-based alcopop with a varied percentage of alcohol that differs from country to country. It has pioneered the class of flavoured beers which includes: peach, apple, lemon, ruby grapefruit, pineapple, orange, watermelon, cranberry, blackberry, blueberry, pomegranate, lime, raspberry, coconut, mango, and strawberry.



Breezer: INR 120 - 275 ml



11. Kingfisher Ultra

Kingfisher Ultra is the newest addition to the Kingfisher beer family. This age-old lager remains preferred by the majority. It has the same old flavour and is relatively cheaper than the other ones. Ultra is a smoother, classier edition of the original hit machine.




Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer: INR 140 - 650 ml



12. King’s

What's Goa without King's, eh? The beautiful beaches and King's beer go hand in hand. It is now available in many parts of the country. King's is very light in taste, pale-coloured and known for its smoky malt aroma. No wonder, it remains a fond memory for most people even long after returning from the vacation.




King's Black Label: INR 50 - 375 ml



13. Miller

Another all-American star on our list, Miller is a classic lager known for its clear bottle and the crisp, smooth flavour. Not only this, the beer doesn’t require a bottle opener. Need we say more? Enjoy this during a Netflix marathon with buttery popcorn and cheesy nachos.




Miller High Life Tin: INR 115 - 500 ml



14. Knock Out

Doesn’t the name say it all? This much-loved desi beer has a whopping 8% alcohol content and is best paired with an extra-large portion of your favourite biryani. Introduced in 1984, Knock Out is particularly popular in Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. This malt beer has a powerful taste and aroma.




Knock Out Refreshing Strong Beer: INR 120 - 650 ml



15. Kalyani

Appropriately fitting into the category of the best budget-friendly beer brands in India, Kalyani is the true South Indian legend. This strong lager is described as a smooth, mellow brew. Its alcohol content is a generous 7.8%, and it has a surprisingly sweet aftertaste. If you like beer with plenty of flavours, go for Kalyani. It is one of India's oldest lagers and has an iconic status in West Bengal, where it was launched in 1969.




Kalyani Black Label Strong Beer: INR 100 - 650 ml



16. Guinness

The sole stout on our list, Guinness has a wonderful flavour, hitting those espresso and cocoa notes with its sweet malt. Swig this beauty with a rich stew, a hearty burger or you could relish it with some dark chocolate.



Guinness Beer: INR 200 - 650 ml



17. Tsingtao

This amber-coloured Pilsner gives a blend of nutty candy and single malt flavours. Tsingtao is a pale lager ale brewed in the Tsingtao Brewery, an Anglo-German brewery in Qingdao on the Eastern Coast of China. Extremely refreshing, this Chinese beer pairs well with spicy Asian food, and possibly your favourite take-away bowl meals.




Tsingtao Beer: INR 180 - 650 ml



18. Happy

Crisp and summery, Happy by Thirsty is a sneaky number that starts on a gentle fruity note, raises the pace and ends on a mildly bitter note. A terrific drink, it’s great with every kind of finger food, particularly fried fish and chunky potato wedges.




Happy By Thirsty Beer: INR 170 - 650 ml



19. White Rhino Wit

White Rhino Wit is Belgian-fashioned wheat beer with a desi twist. It uses Indian rolled wheat and fresh coriander seeds from the Himalayas. Light, aromatic and refreshing, this marvel works perfectly with the inherent tang of Mexican and Thai food.




White Rhino Wit Beer: INR 150 - 330 ml



20. Dare Devil

The only devil on our list of affordable beer brands in India, Dare Devil is a wheat beer that guarantees taste and carbonation but cuts down on the heavy stuff. Fresh off the block, we think you ought to have a guilt-free boozy session by pairing this with a salad or an easy grill.




Dare Devil Pull-Tab Bottles: INR 120 - 650 ml



21. Sommerweisse

Erdinger is an iconic German brewery and for their new wheat beer, they have crafted Sommerweisse through a process that brings out the flavour and mildly aromatic bitterness beautifully. Love it, don't we?




Erdinger Sommerweisse: INR 200 - 330 ml



So, which one will you be sipping tonight?


Q1: What is the legal drinking age for consuming beer in India?

A1: The legal drinking age for beer consumption in most states of India is 21 years.


Q2: Is beer readily available in India?

A2: Yes, beer is widely available in India and can be purchased at liquor stores, bars, and restaurants.


Q3: Are there popular local beer brands in India?

A3: Yes, there are popular local beer brands in India, such as Kingfisher, and Royal Challenge.


Q4: Can I buy beer online in India?

A4: Yes, beer can be purchased online in India through various e-commerce platforms, subject to local regulations.


Q5: What are the most common types of beer available in India?

A5: Lager and India Pale Ale (IPA) are among the most common types of beer available in India.


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