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These 10 Desserts Will Sweeten Up Dilli Ki Sardi!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 26, 2020 5 min read

You know something can be chalked up as a wonderful experience, when there are dozens of Bollywood songs dedicated to it. In case I wasn't clear, I'm referring to Dilli ki Sardi! As someone who's been living in the national capital for over 14 years, I can attest to the magic that Delhi winters are. Even in the face of biting cold and glacial winds, the season of winter in Delhi is truly enchanting. There's a tranquil kind of lull around you, all the iconic red-brick monuments are blanketed under a layer of haze, and for the first time in the year, the residents aren't yelling profanities at each other. Haha, I joke. But seriously, everything in Delhi is just so much more calm and happy, when sweater weather comes knocking! 


Like that wasn't enough, there also exist a bunch of hacks that can enhance the incredible experience of living through Delhi winters. For instance, getting a bite from some iconic Winter dessert dishes, that long-time residents continue to swear by. The desserts in question, are best enjoyed with the nip in Delhi's air, come the month of December. 


1. Chocolate Lava Lava 

You know that first dig with your spoon, and out comes oozing hot molten chocolate, excellent with the doughy cake surrounding it? That's the essence of the Chocolate Lava Lava from The Chocolate Room. This warm mouth-melting dessert is absolutely perfect for keeping cosy amidst the biting cold of Delhi winters. And for chocolate lovers, winter treats cannot possibly get any better! 



Image Courtesy - The Chocolate Room India Facebook


2. Belgian Chocolate Rasmalai

How about a unique melange of sweet flavours to make you feel warm from the inside? The Belgian Chocolate Rasmali from Theos is ideal for exactly that. Especially if you have a hard time choosing between baked dessert goodies and authentic Indian sweets, this one combines the wonders of both. And comes in a steaming hot form to make your Delhi Winter much more sweeter! 



Image Courtesy - Pinterest


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3. Apple Cinnamon Danish 

If there's one combination in the dessert world made entirely to be relished during the chilly end-of-year season, it's that of Apple and Cinnamon. There's just something about the smell and taste of sweet-Cinnamon that can turn any overcast, cold day into a magical time. Throw in some spiced apple into the mix, and whip up a Danish-style pastry, and nothing can beat your Winter special treat. Just ask the loyal fans of Theobroma!



Image Courtesy - Exquisito 


4. Cinnamon Roll

If you're a resident of Delhi NCR, you're probably already familiar with the mouth-watering Cinnamon Rolls one can get their hands on at Cinnabon. The piping hot, Cinnamon infused dessert is ideal for brightening up a grey, Delhi winter morning. The bread is perfectly soft, and the first bite leads to an influx of hot flavoursome gooey liquid! 



Image Courtesy - Cinnabon Franchising


5. Apple Pie 

There's just something so comforting and nostalgic about a hot slice of freshly baked apple pie. Especially when it's freezing outside, and you want nothing more than to curl up with a cosy treat. If that sounds awesome, we'd highly suggest you take a gander at the Apple Pie from Angels In My Kitchen. There's a reason this relatively new bakery has quickly gained a prominent reputation, because their offerings are nothing short of delightful!



Image Courtesy - Angels In My Kitchen



6. Hot Ooey-Gooey Dough Pudding 

The name of this winter dessert says it all. Even keeping their scrumptious dishes aside, Elma's is one the most charming and romantic spots to head to during Delhi Winters, particularly if you love being surrounded by the decadent smell of fresh baking. So imagine how utterly heavenly the scene becomes when you add to it a cup of steaming hot pudding, soft on the outside and splendidly gooey on the inside!


##MerchantWidgeturl=,-Bar,-And-Kitchen/store/669/&imageurl= ##


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


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7. Crack Pie 

Right in time for sweater weather, Sugarama Patisserie is offering an out of the world crack pie, brimming with molten fillings and delicious taste. The quirk of a crack pie is that it tastes a lot more sublime than it looks. Imagine biting into your Delhi winter dessert, and getting a load of warm oatmeal, buttery and sugary flavours. Like the imagery? Then head on over to Sugarama first chance you get! 


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Image Courtesy - Sugarama Patisserie Instagram


8. Chocolate Fondant

First off, have you seen how ethereally beautiful Diggin has been looking lately? I mean, there's a reason it's often dubbed as the most romantic restaurant in Delhi NCR. Ordering a side of their famous Chocolate Fondant will only enhance this glorious experience! It's hot, it's mushy, and it's the perfect accompaniment for a cold winter-evening solo date in Delhi!


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Image Courtesy - GoodToKnow


9. The OG Hot Chocolate Fudge

Do I even need to say anything? Personally speaking, if someone asked me at gunpoint to choose only one dessert to have each winter for the rest of my life, the iconic HCF from Nirula's would be my pick without so much as a shadow of a doubt! IT'S JUST SO GOOD. It also takes me straight back to childhood, and memories of warm, chocolate stained lips and the satisfying crunch of nuts. If you haven't tried it yet, you're seriously missing out on one of the greatest joys of life! 


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Image Courtesy - Nirula's Official Instagram


10. Carrot Cake

Speaking of the best desserts for Delhi winters, we cannot miss out on this uber-special recommendation. This sweater weather season, Starbucks has officially brought back their iconic Carrot Cake to the menu, along with our lives. My tastebuds are beyond excited to grab a taste of that decadent, delicious slice, and we'd strongly urge you to join us! 


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Image Courtesy - Starbucks India Instagram


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As the national capital turns into a dreamy winter wonderland yet again, grab a spoonful of the warmest, most heavenly desserts on the city's menu! 

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