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10 Facebook Etiquettes To Snowball Your Business Overnight

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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Facebook is definitely one of the biggest digital platforms for social media marketing and interaction - If you're running a business and you don't have a Facebook Business Page then you're definitely doing it wrong. It's high time you make Facebook Business Page to increase your audience and brand your business in the best way possible by engaging the maximum number of audience. Before you start one, pay heed to these Facebook Etiquettes to follow before you run a business page.


1. Polish Your Basics Before Anything Else

The first thing that you've got to do is to complete your Facebook Profile completely - If your customers can't find the most crucial details like address, hours of operation or contact information then there's no point handling a business page on Facebook. Make sure your Facebook business page has good quality images, complete contact information, location, hours of operation and a detailed description of the company. Upload some high-quality images to describe your brand better through visuals - one can also add videos for the same.




2. Consistency With Your Updates

Launching a new feature or coming out with a great deal for your customers? LET THEM KNOW! - Be consistent with updates, never lag behind with it comes to following up with trends and technology - always keep your followers updated. Keep your audience engaged with consistent posts planned with intervals in between in order to not bombard them with posts. Post-good-quality content, don't lag behind when it comes to posting content on your page - make a concrete plan and follow it every day - don't miss out on your posts to update your audience. In case you're busy - you can always schedule posts - NOW you've got ZERO excuses to not be consistent with your page.

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3. Don't Repost Your Pitches To Other Facebook Business Pages

Think about it this way, what if other irrelevant rather than brand starts pitching their products on sale over your facebook page - Sounds annoying already right? Exactly you've got to mind your own business through your page and not act like a spammer - It's okay to ask question and answers on other Facebook business pages but never pitch your own products and sales on their page. You have a whole business page to yourself - make use of that instead of spamming other businesses - it's okay to ask your query but never promote your own business on some other brand's business page through any medium - be it comments or posts.


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4. Too Much Focus On Self Promotion 

Don't push your business/brand onto your followers or intrude into their social time. Choose quality over quantity when pushing content over facebook - don't throw send updates to your followers every hour, follow a well-planned pattern with adequate intervals. You definitely don't want to lose out on your brand's credibility and followers by ignoring their space and queries. Remember to answer their queries on time without turning a blind eye to them. Lastly, avoid using "I" for statements/captions/responses - mention your business in third person tense - as it's social networking rather than social selling.



5. DO NOT Use Other Brand's Content On Your Page Without Permission

It's okay when you take permission from other company to repost their content but doing it without permission is definitely a rule breaker. We know you want to increase engagement on your pages and get more views and likes but this is just not the right way o do so. You definitely don't want to get blocked due to copyright issues - remember Facebook can shut your page down completely if you end up page ends up having copyright or plagiarism issues. It's morally wrong to claim ownership of content which doesn't belong to you.



6. Transparency With Your Followers

It's one of the MOST important factors you've got to follow if you want your business to grow organically - BE TRANSPARENT - Understand your followers have zero tolerance for hidden agendas and fake/cheap strategies. It's important to be true to your followers and promise them things which you can offer for real. If you're making mistakes - owe upto them, take the errors up and fix them - it's always important to take action against issues to sort them out for your customers. Maintain transparency and be fair to your potential customers.



7. Take Feedback, Reviews, And Queries Seriously

Customers can be rude and will bombard you with a hundred questions but you've got to know how to deal with them. Firstly, answer each query on time - the more you delay the more you lose out on your loyal followers. If somebody complains or becomes unfair in comment or wall posts - Use humor to eradicate the negativity away. Consider their point and find something to agree with in order to establish some kind of positivity and common ground to keep your customers away from negativity. Give them a smiley emoticon in response - even that helps at times. Maybe offer a small voucher/discounted deal if you come across a serious complaint through your business page - But before that gives a real-time solution which takes care of that issue completely then offer the advances but again be transparent, don't bluff your way out with fake deliverables or solutions.



8. Never Welcome Controversy

It's one of the TOP MOST rules you've got to follow when handling a Facebook Business Page - Avoid posting content related to Politics and Religion. We need to realize that sensitive topics can trigger any of your followers to go against your brand and make a hundred others do the same. Refrain from commenting about political and religious issues. Your business isn't worth risking your followers just being you have a self-opinion - avoid expressing an albeit honest opinion.



9. Avoid Send Mass Messages To All Your Followers

Avoid sending mass messages to large groups of people/ followers of your page. It ends up generating a notification for each recipient when any of them replies - which makes followers get easily upset and annoyed - It's important to maintain a reputation instead of spamming your customers with mass messaging.



10. 80/20% Rule

Lastly for a concrete plan to begin with keep the 80/20% Rule in mind when posting content. Remember to post 80% of the content which engages your users and provides value to every follower and 20% of the content where you post content just to promote your business. It's followed by the majority of the brands and businesses for massive growth and harmless branding.


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