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Hair Care Routine For Summers - Don't Let The Heat And Dust Get To Your Beautiful Hair

By Swati Mishra

Updated - May 9, 202410 min read

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You've got to pay heed to this hair care routine for summer as harmful UV rays of the sun along with dry and dusty atmosphere can damage not only your skin but the hair too. We've got to prioritise our hair too as nobody wants damaged hair, here are some awesome hair care tips for summers that will help you protect and care for your beguiling hair this summer. Save it from dust and sunlight the right way as they need to be protected equally - of course, nobody likes rough, dry, tangible and oily hair. We don't want you to have a bad hair day EVER so be ready to take charge and start taking care.


1. Cover Them Up

Always try to cover your hair with a scarf or a cap or something, it will protect your hair from the dust and dirt, also from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun which can immensely damage your hair and take away its shine. Covering up your hair is the simplest way to protect it from the damage. Remember fashion isn't limited, there is so much more than just wearing boring scarfs, buy some cool snapbacks, baker boy hats or a fedora to slay in style. A hair care routine doesn't necessarily combine of just remedies and serums - you also need to take other precautions.



2. Wash Them Less

Do not wash your hair too often, it reduces the amount of oil content that is essential for healthy hair. If you wash your hair too much then it becomes more prone to get damaged and become unmanageable. We know summer heat is unbearable but it's okay to cut down on the number of hair washes as it ends up making your hair more frizzy and tangible rather get over a bad hair day by wearing your favorite snapback or styling your hair with a high ponytail.



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3. Avoid Blow Drying

Avoid blow drying or heat styling on your hair, it is extremely harmful to your hair and can also damage your hair beyond repair. Not just in summers but one should avoid heat styling as much as possible and opt for natural styling instead. If you still prefer blow drying - remember to use it at a consistent temperature and not at a really high temperature. Don't keep the dryer too close to your hair either while blow drying.



4. Conditioning Done Right

There are many ways to deep condition your hair once in a while, you can get various deep conditioning products according to your hair type in the market or else there is also homemade deep conditioning treatments as well. The quickest way to deep condition your hair at home is with honey and olive oil, make a mixture of both, dampen your hair an put this mixture on your hair from roots to tips then cover your hair with a shower cap and heat it with a blow dryer keeping it at the slow pace for few minutes let it settle for 20-30 minutes and then wash it with cool water until the water runs clear. 



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5. It's Trim Time

In summers you should often get your hair trimmed as they are more prone to get split ends which are definitely not good for your hair so trimming up those split end will be helpful to keep them up to the mark and manageable. It's not just about summers but trimming your hair once in a while is a good habit as it more of a hygienic activity to maintain your hair. If you'll notice the end are the first one to get damaged and become extremely dry if not taken care of so a trim every few months would definitely do wonders. A good hair care routine for summers is incomplete without a good trim. And no, we're not asking you to get a complete short hairstyle just an inch or two of trimming would be more than enough to keep them healthy and without split ends.



6. Hot Oil Rinse

Hot oil rinse can do wonders to your hair, moisturising it and making them alluring and helps to treat dry and frizzy hair. Shampoo your hair and take any natural oil (avocado, coconut or olive oil) heat it and put it in your hair from roots to tips and then rinse it further. Hot oil rinse will moisturise your hair without making them greasy. It also provides strength and proteins to your hair and makes them stronger and helps in growth too. A hot oil rinse will totally help your hair look stronger and presentable all the time.



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7. Sunscreen Is Not Just For Your Face

Whenever you go out in summers after putting sunscreen on your skin run those hands slightly on your hair it will help them protect from the sun outside, though covering up is still the option. It might seem like an absurd idea but it totally works! One can also go for shampoos and conditioners which contain sunscreens - Yes, they are out in the market too. It helps your hair from getting damaged, dry, dull, discoloured and fragile, and prone to split ends.



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8. Hydrate Yourself

Drink a lot of water, it helps to keep all of you healthy, your internal as well as your external body. In summers you need to have a higher amount of water intake so as to regain the amount water released, it keeps your body healthier and cooler and keeps away hair as well as other severe damages. Remember it's water which solves half of our health issues - it's the cure for every disease. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to keep your health fit and stay away from a majority of the skin problems and health-related issues.



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9. Eat Right!

Take care of what you are eating, junk can always damage you in some way and what you eat is exactly what your body shows, the healthier you eat the healthier you will be. For healthy hair, you should eat food rich in proteins, biotins, iron, vitamin A and C etc. Just like water, the food you eat holds equal importance to maintain a healthy life and keep away from skin and hair problems. Proper intake of healthy food is a must when it comes to taking care of your hair, not just hair but your whole body.



10. Avoid Stress

Stress can lead to a lot of hair loss, it's one of the major reasons for extensive hair loss among people. One should try controlling stress for healthy and strong hair. Get into meditation, keep a social life and stay as stress-free as possible. Do not let stress take control over you, it can severely damage you in a lot of other ways as well. 



11. Dry Shampoo

One way you can escape washing your hair every day is by using a dry shampoo. It's easy to use and soaks up excess oil and grease from your hair working the similar way as a shampoo does. Don't spray it too close too your head and only spray it on dry hair. Don't rub it in immediately, give it some time to soak the excess oil and settle in.



12. Control The Frizziness

UV rays and loo does have a great impact on your hair making it dry and frizzy. Open-hair is a bad idea when going out in the heat in summers as it ends up making your hair look dull, discoloured and frizzy. One of the best ways to not make your hair look frizzy is opting for some easy hairstyle. It's okay to now have an open-hair look all the time - make a few braids or twisties for a unique and different look. 



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13. Hair Spa

Oiling, Conditioning and Shampooing on an individual basis might be a long process to follow up with your hair care routine for summers. We've found a better option for you and it's definitely a recommended one. A majority of women with nice hair get a hair spa every month. It's important and essential for genuine hair care as it involves everything you hair requires - the right amount of oiling, nourishing, conditioning, heat and so much more. It helps you strengthen your hair and improve the quality. 



14. Swimmers Heads Up!

Remember to carry your swimming cap as you don't want your hair to be damaged by all the chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Don't shampoo your hair before going for a swim - remember to shampoo it after a swim to save them from the potential damage of any absorption of chemicals from the pool water. We understand your need for a perfect swim but protecting your skin and hair is also important.



15. Home Remedies

Egg masks are the best for a home-based hair care routine. Not just egg masks but there are several other hair masks such as Turmeric mixed with milk and honey, coconut oil with curry leaves and chia seeds with coconut milk. There's an endless list - one can never get enough of home remedies for any skin or hair issue.


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Q: What can be included in a hair care routine for Straight hair?

A: Use of regular shampoos, use of dry shampoos, using the right brush, conditioning your hair and hair spas


Q: What products are essential for a hair care routine to reduce hair fall?

A: Home-made recipes - egg masks, coconut oil packs, onion paste, Hair Oil massages, Aloe Vera Gel Pack, Hair Spas