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10 Indian Fashion Labels We Can't Get Enough Of

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Jan. 25, 2021 5 min read

Regardless of which industry you decide to zero in on, you're likely to spot some prominent Indian footprints. Especially in the realm of fashion and modern apparel, homegrown brands continue to make their presence felt and how. From bringing traditional Indian artisan techniques into sharp, contemporary focus, and deriving design inspiration from India's rich heritage to treading along the path of minimalism and sustainable conscientious fashion, Indian labels have in every way, rightfully earned a place in our shopping carts and wardrobes. 


Instead of mechanically shopping from hyped-up International labels that burn a heavy hole through your credit card, in exchange for a dress you can only wear and flaunt on Instagram once, we urge you to consider these quirky, high-quality, and most importantly, genuinely affordable homegrown fashion labels. Not only can these local fashion brands in India rival their foreign competitors on the grounds of garment quality and longevity, but these Indian labels are also easily accessible, wallet-friendly for the average mango person, and above all, highly beneficial for our economy. 


Saving you the time you'd otherwise spend on Google searches, here's a list of 10 Indian fashion labels we can't get our eyes off. 


1. Nappa Dori 


Image Courtesy - Nappa Dori 


This homegrown fashion label prides itself on achieving a fine balance between contemporary fashion designs and unique Indian sensibilities, and we couldn't agree more. Born in the heart of Delhi, Nappa Dori as a brand brings top-notch craftsmanship to it's products, and employs the finest fabrics to create sophisticated and effective, yet unconventional apparel. This brand has managed to reflect its Indian origins in all its products, each offering a unique opportunity to express individuality. 


More About Nappa Dori 


2. Nicobar 


Image Courtesy - Nicobar


With the intent of communicating a quality-driven and naturalistic philosophy of living, Nicobar was established as a brand in India to promote products that are inspired by natural designs and materials along with being built to last. Their products are such that they reflect the community and culture we as Indians live in the midst of, while also being global in their appeal. At Nicobar, you'll find contemporary designs with subtle prints, coupled with promises of superior quality that their products unfailingly live up to each time. 


More About Nicobar 


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3. Fabindia 


Image Courtesy - Fabindia


Arguably the most popularly known mention on this list, in addition to being a homegrown label, Fabindia has also acquired the status of a household name in the country. Traditional Indian fabrics and weaves come to Fabindia to get channelled into beautiful garments with modern silhouettes that the legacy brand has been a maestro at since its inception in 1960. Fab India is also one of the leading sustainable fashion brands in the country, that empowers the rural weavers and traditional artisans in India with its regular efforts. 


More About Fabindia 



4. Delhiwear


Image Courtesy - magicpin


As a homegrown brand Delhiwear aims to connect with an audience, driven by quality, fashion and affordability. Largely centred around Indian streetwear and culture, this brand promotes inclusive fashion at the heart. Their collections mostly offer simple and practical silhouettes, rooted in Indian tradition and the unifying feeling of community. Delhiwear deals with regular, everyday clothing with a touch of special attention to detail!


More About Delhiwear


5. PostFold 


Image Courtesy - PostFold


With a keen attention to detail and an eye for the finest fabrics, PostFold as a stellar Indian fashion label continually strives to create an extensive, contemporary and quality-oriented online catalogue for their customers. PostFold is always vigorously trying to meet customer expectations through their superior production values, modern millennial designs and functional apparels, all of which are entrenched in the brand's Indian origins. 


More About PostFold


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6. Doodlage 


Image Courtesy - Doodlage


Doodlage is one of India's premium ethical fashion brands, driven by the vision of creating innovative high-street fashion clothes that are environment-friendly in every sense. This homegrown brand makes use of scrap textiles and materials to manufacture products, along with employing ethical and eco-friendly production processes. At Doodlage you'll find sensible clothing with a hint of quirk here and there, ideal for the modern conscientious Indian. 


More About Doodlage 


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7. Anokhi


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


This Jaipur based fashion label is known for its vibrant hand block printed ethnic clothes that come with beautiful designs and the touch of Indian tradition. Anokhi as a homegrown brand has devoted over 40 years to the production of eco-friendly textiles with the vision of supporting traditional Indian artisan techniques like hand printing. All the clothes by Anokhi feature unique prints, designs and colours grounded in our ethnicity and organic fashion. 


More About Anokhi 


9. The Pot Plant 


Image Courtesy - The Pot Plant


If you're looking for breathable summer clothes that feel like second skin, this is the homegrown label you need to check out. All their products feature simplistic elegant designs with a light, airy look and fuss-free silhouettes. One look at their website, and you'll spot a number of traditional fabrics like Bandhini and Shibori, skillfully crafted into highly-trending cuts and clothes, ideal for those with fusion fashion sensibilities. 


More About The Pot Plant 


10. Jolaa


Image Courtesy - Jolaa


Born in the state of Uttar Pradesh, this homegrown footwear brand has gained rapidly inclining popularity owing to its quirky, hand-painted designs and adherence to pop culture. You'll find an extensive variety of carefully crafted statement shoes, all of which come with a personality of their own. From dessert motifs to dog graphics, you'll like come across an ultra-comfortable pair at Jolaa that you'll hold on to for years to come. 


More About Jolaa

Get vocal about your new locally-sourced wardrobe, with India's best homegrown fashion labels. 

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