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Make Best Use Of The Space – Travel Tips And Hacks

One of the most difficult things to take care of when you travel is packing. And if you’re not good at it, you’re losing out on a lot of precious space and the things that it could have been used for. This blog in the Travel series is all about techniques and hacks to help you make best use of the space you have.


  1. Roll clothes instead of folding them. Folding clothes and piling them up creates a lot of uneven space between them that cannot be used to keep anything else. Roll your clothes to make use of that space and fit more
  2. Don’t keep your shoes and sandals in shoe boxes or cases. Keep them in light poly bags or laundry bags and fit them in the gaps between other things to use that space. To keep your shoes smelling fresh, put dryer sheets/ tea bags/ paper soap inside them.
  3. Put your socks inside the shoes to save space.
  4. Use the cases of your glasses to put chargers, cables, earphones, etc.
  5. Keep your bobby pins and hair clips in Tic Tac containers.
  6. You can use small lip balm containers to put your makeup in. Transfer some tinted moisturiser, translucent powder, etc in those containers and you wouldn’t have to carry all your bottles of foundations, concealers, etc everywhere.
  7. Roll your belts and use them to line the collars of your shirts. This will keep the collars crisp and make space for belts too.
    Travel packing hacks
  8. Roll you handkerchiefs, socks, ties, under garments, put them in shower caps and fit them inside shoes in your suitcases.
  9. Don’t carry multiple pairs of shoes, jeans, trousers, heavy jackets and coats. If absolutely necessary, wear your heaviest shoes and coats on the airport to make space in the suitcase and keep it light.
  10. Stock your makeup brushes in sun glass cases or shakers. You wouldn’t have to carry your makeup bag this way.
  11. Keep small bottles of perfume/ lipsticks/ eye liner pencils inside shoes to avoid extra bags for them.
  12. Fold your underwear and put them inside the cups of your bra. This will save you some space and keep your bras from getting ruined.
  13. Roll your earphones in gum containers and carry them around effortlessly.
  14. Keep your breakable items safe by putting them inside rolled clothes instead of boxes or bubble wrappers. For example, put your glass perfume bottles or other souvenirs inside rolled clothing. This will keep them from breaking and taking up extra space.
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