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Travelogged #20 Trek to the breath-taking views of Triund!

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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Trekking is not just an adventurous thing to check off your bucket list but it is a must have experience. Every person should have this experience at least once in their life. If you are planning to go on a trek for the first time, then Triund is where you should head as it is the easiest trek yet it has one of the most breath-taking views ever! We will definitely recommend you to unleash the trekker within you with the Triund trek.



Things To Keep In Mind

The most important thing to do before going on a trek is to gather all the information about the trek and making a list of things to keep in mind about the trek and place.

Triund is a popular trekking destination in Himachal Pradesh, this salubrious hill entices its visitors with all its natural grandeur and appeal. This is a small and easy trek, which can be done either from McLeodganj or Dharamkot, which is 2 km ahead of McLeodganj. The trail is 7 km from Dharamkot and passes Galu Devi temple. From this temple, it takes around 3 hours to reach Triund.



Things To Carry

Trekking is not a stroll in the garden. You are going for the Triund trek for which you need to create a list of things you should carry for this adventurous trek. Don't stress yourself about the list things you need to carry as we have created a list just for you. Here is the list of things to carry for the Triund trek: 


Water Bottle: Carrying a water bottle is a must. When you are trekking, your body dehydrates but most times due to the cold or cool temperature, you do not realize you are sweating. So, do keep on sipping on water to keep your body hydrated. 

Munching from time to time: You can munch on dry fruits, chocolates, energy bars come handy and are easy to consume. 

Torchlight or Flashlight: First-time trekkers often forget to carry a torch as they do not realize the importance of having a torch or flashlight. It is a lifesaver when you are trekking at night. So, don't forget to carry a torch!

Sunscreen, Sunblocks, and Lipbalms: This can be forgotten easily as there are so many other things to worry while going on a trek. Do pack the sunscreen to protect yourself from the UV rays and while trekking and traveling. 

Medical Kit or First-aid Kit: You must be aware of the fact that there'll be no medical help in the mountains while trekking. So, you need to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. 

Miscellaneous: Soaps and hand sanitizer, Hiking shoes, Walking stick, Flip flops to offer rest to your feet


Things To Do In And Around Triund

Bhagsu Yoga Institute

Located in the heart of Bhagsu, north of McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh, Bhagsu Yoga Institute offers a tranquil setting for Yoga practice. With a view of the valley, and clouds enveloping the mountains, you enter a calm and relaxed state, even as you struggle to stay upside down in a handstand. 


Divine Indian Music Center

Music lessons, courses, and workshops for Indian instruments like Flute, Tabla, Djembe, Sitar, Gitar, Harmonium, Harmonica, Casio and Indian classical dance and singing or voice development. 


Tibetan Museum

Tibetian museum is free to visit and has the history of Tibet - how it was, what happened during the political issues with China, exploitation and how the monasteries and religion have suffered till now. 


Kalachakra Temple

The Kalachakra temple is located inside the Thekchen Chöling temple complex in Mcleodganj in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh in India. The temple complex also houses the Namgyal monastery, the private chambers of his Holiness the Dalai Lama and the famous Tsuglakhang temple. Opened in the year 1992, the Kalachakra temple is a symbol of the concept in Buddhist religion known popularly as ‘The wheel of time’.


Bhagsu Waterfall

Breath-taking views, a bit of hike. This waterfall is definitely worth visiting if in Mcleodganj. Its 2 km away from Mcleodganj and a km hike to the top from Bhagsunath temple. 




Kangra Valley

Himachal Pradesh is touted as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The state is home to 14 angelic valleys and their full-fledged exploration can make for a bucket-list of a lifetime. One of these exquisite valleys is Kangra. The Kangra Valley is also home to a large community of Tibetan refugees who have found solace in the peaceful and benevolent mountains of Himachal.


Dalai Lama Temple Complex

This place is widely visited by tourists. This is a very peaceful temple to visit for sightseeing and meditation. Once you enter the temple, you can find a few lamas in the way. A few shops inside the complex that sell ritual items and books. This temple is the frequent preaching spot of Dalai Lama.



It’s quite easy to plan your trip from Delhi to Triund, and the journey to McLeodganj does not take more than 10-12 hours. From McLeodganj, you can start the 9 km trek to reach the top of Triund hill.


How To Reach Triund From Delhi

Located at just 9 km from Dalai Lama’s abode called McLeodganj, and 17 km from Dharamshala, Triund is extremely popular among trekkers from Delhi.

From Delhi, you can take a bus to Dharamshala or McLeodganj. You can even drive on your own, and the journey would take approximately 10 hours. Overnight Volvo buses are available on a daily basis. 


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Q. Which are the most difficult treks in India?
 Ten of the hardest treks in India are:
    1. Chadar Trek
    2. Pin Parvati Pass Trek
    3. Kinnaur Kailash Circuit Trek
    4. Goecha La Trek
    5. Stok Kangri Trek
    6. Markha Valley Trek
    7. Hampta Pass Trek
    8. Kuari Pass Trek
    9. Roopkund Lake Trek
   10. Panchachuli Trek

Q. How to start trekking?
A. Start brisk morning walks followed by jogging at-least a month before the start of your trek. Choose the correct footwear and walking socks most importantly. Build leg strength and increase your walking training. Train on similar walking terrain using backpacks and walking poles. Kee yourself hydrated.