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Best Continental Restaurants in Mumbai

Subhankar Roy 04 May 2024

I recently tried the Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee and Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough Combo at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and value for money. The iced coffee had a strong, rich flavor and the scrambled eggs were perfectly cooked and paired well with the sourdough bread. The portion size was generous and the price was very budget-friendly. Overall, I highly recommend this combo for a delicious and affordable lunch option.

Ayush 01 Apr 2024

I recently tried True Tramm Trunk's family meal deal and was thoroughly impressed! Their Tandoori Paneer Tikka was simply amazing - perfectly cooked with a delicious spice blend. The portion size was generous and great value for money. It's now become a recurring order for our family dinners on weekends. True Tramm Trunk definitely hits the mark with their tasty and affordable options for the entire family. Definitely recommend checking them out!

R k 12 Mar 2024

I recently tried True Tramm Trunk BKC and I must say, their Thai Curry and Steam Rice are worth trying. The food was flavorful and cooked to perfection. The best part is that it didn't burn a hole in my wallet. As someone who often orders lunch from nearby eateries during office breaks, I appreciate budget-friendly meal options. Overall, I had a great experience and would definitely recommend this place for its value for money.

Simran Sharma 01 Apr 2024

I recently tried Burn - Bar & Kitchen and was blown away by their Dal Khichidi. The dish was bursting with flavors and perfectly cooked. The ambience of the restaurant added to the overall experience and the service was exceptional. I highly recommend trying this dish at Burn - Bar & Kitchen. The combination of traditional ingredients with modern presentation is a true delight for your taste buds. A must-visit for all food lovers!

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