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Best Juices Restaurants in Mumbai

Karthik 30 Mar 2024

I recently visited Shakey Wakey and was pleasantly surprised to find a range of Keto diet options on their menu. I tried the Black Sin Juice, and it was delicious! As someone who follows the Keto diet, it can be challenging to find suitable options when dining out, but Shakey Wakey definitely delivers. I also appreciated the variety of Keto-friendly ingredients they offer. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone on the Keto diet. Keep up the good work, Shakey Wakey!

Mayank Pathak 01 Apr 2024

UBQ By Barbeque Nation is a great choice for those looking for Paleo diet options. The Veg Mix Meal was especially impressive with a variety of delicious Paleo dishes that suited my diet perfectly. The food was not only healthy but also full of flavor and made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. I couldn't resist sharing my experience on social media and highly recommend UBQ By Barbeque Nation to anyone following a Paleo lifestyle. Overall, a fantastic dining experience focused on catering to those with specific dietary

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