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30+ Items Every Traveler Should Carry On A Trip – The Ultimate Travel Guide: June, 2024

By Kavya Bhardwaj

Updated - June 10, 202411 min read

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Traveling is fun, but packing? Not so much. Here's your guide to some crazy travel tips and hacks to help you pack like a pro for that long awaited vacation

One by one, we will tell you what all you need to pack for what kind of trip. But before that, take a look at what you do NOT have to pack! Click here to read our blog on What Not To Pack for a holiday.


For A One To Two Days Trip

For short trips you don’t need to pack a lot of stuff, you just need the important things and you’re good to go. If you’re going to camp, hike, explore the wild or a small town, you will need the following things:


1. A Backpack


The foremost item a traveller needs to have is a compact and multi-utility backpack with multiple hidden pockets so that you can always carry all your packed travel stuff wherever you go without much worry of anything getting stolen - (22L/ 32L/ 38L/ 40L or whichever one that would be able to fit in all the stuff you need). Preferably it should be strong, lightweight with a lot of pockets so you don’t have to dig in for every small thing. 


Price: Rs 1000 to Rs 3000 (depends on brands)




2. AirTight Water Proof Bags


AirTight Water Proof Bags for storing food items, laundry, or anything for that matter to protect them from getting ruined by the weather or surroundings. This also helps keep things organized and easy to access and store. You can get a LOKSAK waterproof, reusable, sealable storage bags for best utility. Weather conditions change and can be equally disturbing for you. Keep airtight bags to keep your belongings unaffected by rain or dust. Unpredictable weather can ruin your backpack in that case keeping a rain cover also sorts the issue. You’ve got to keep your personal documents, gadgets, phone and essential belongings safe to save them from unpredictable leaks or weather changes.


Price: Rs 400 to Rs 700 (for 6 Pcs)




3. Headlamp/ Torch with extra batteries

A Headlamp or a Flashlight or for that matter a torch is a MUST-HAVE and very important essential for trekking, camping, and hiking - you never know about at what time you will reach your destination, so yeah a light resource is a must to keep with you as an essential. Be it an overnight journey or not, it always important to keep a flashlight along, there's always a chance of reaching late or facing obstacles.


Price: Rs 5000 to Rs 8000



4. Toiletries 

Remember Hygiene is very important - It's not possible to stay bacteria or germ-free when going hiking, trekking or camping. So carry along your necessary toiletries which include grooming items, hand sanitizer, paper soaps, shampoo pouches, and other important essentials. 


Price: Rs 500 to Rs 2000



5. Multipurpose Shoes

You must have a comfortable pair of sports shoes so that even if you make an impromptu plan of trekking or hiking, you are sorted with that pair itself. You neither have to worry about keeping multiple footwear or canceling that trek plan. We recommend waterproof durable sneakers which will support your long walks around the city or your impromptu trek plans as well.




6. Strong, Lightweight, Weatherproof Sleeping Bags

When going for a hiking, trekking or camping - carrying a sleeping bag becomes very crucial as you may encounter unfavorable weather conditions which might go against your plan of setting up a camp tent.



7. A Breathable, Lightweight, Weatherproof Jacket

Make sure the size is right, the fabric is strong, water and weatherproof, and does not restrict your range of motion. This is essential in case of bad weather/ unsuitable weather condition to save you from getting sick and catching cold. A lightweight, waterproof jacket heavy enough to block the wind if it gets chilly is necessary. Don't spend too much and try to use the ones you already have in your closet. Jackets don't come cheap, but if you can afford one then do buy a good quality one because it is really necessary for your hikes. 


Price: Rs 4000 to Rs 7000


8. Reusable Water Tumbler/Bottle 

One advice you'll always get before leaving for your trip is: Stay hydrated! If you want to avoid the hassle of looking for places to buy the water bottle from, then just keep a reusable one which you can also strap on your backpack. Lightweight, leak-proof, filtered water bottle would be a great option. The filter in your bottle is necessary as it removes harmful bacteria like E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium oocysts and many other waterborne contaminants.


Price: Rs 500 to Rs 1200



9. Disposable bags and Polythene bags

Carry disposable bags as it's important to clean the mess that you make while trekking/hiking or camping around. You can also use it to dispose wet clothes in case of rainy weather or dispose of waste food items instead of littering around.


Price: Rs 50 to Rs 100




10. First Aid Kit

If you're going for adventure sports activities like hiking, trekking or camping then you've got to have a first aid kit. The routes can be very rough and it's not surprising to get several cuts and bruises during the trek. So keep a first aid kit ready as you can never neglect such an important trekking essential. Always remember to carry your first aid kit with you - It's better to be safe than sorry. Not every part plant you touch or animal you encounter will ever have will be safe enough to get away with easily. A trekking environment can be very dangerous at times.




11. Scarfs, Handkerchiefs, & Socks

As we said hygiene is very important, so do carry an extra pair of necessary items of clothing which will ease your trip. Carry handkerchiefs and scarfs to keep your face away from sweat and sunlight. Carry a pair of socks incases of cold weather.



12. Sunglasses

No need to go blind with the blistering sun falling right in your eyes. UV rays can cause serious harm to your eyes so always stay protected.sunglasses-travel-essentials_image


13.Minimal And Absolutely Necessary Clothing

Nobody likes carrying a heavy backpack throughout their trekking/hiking/camping journey - a wise decision would be carrying absolute minimal and necessary clothing to pack smartly.



14. Required Hiking/Trekking/Camping Tools and Necessary Electronic Gadgets 

A basic Swiss Army Pocket Knife comes with a set of a knife, can opener, corkscrew, scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener and nail filer. Clearly, such a knife has multiple uses, one of the most important ones being opening up a wine bottle or a can of beer. Other than that your safety also comes first who knows when you might need it for self-defense too. 



15. Rain Cover

This is a very important thing to carry if you are trekking in the rainy season for it will protect your bag and things it is carrying to get damp in heavy rainfall. A must have because you never know when the weather changes. It's better to be safe than sorry, you can't miss out on an important item like this one, weather changes get worse and can become totally unpredictable, be wise and make sure you carry a cover to keep your essentials safe.


Price: Rs 1000 to 1500




For A One Week Trip

Here you will need a lot more stuff than the day trips but considerably lesser than long vacations. Again, pack necessary things first and then go to the extra stuff ‘you think you might need. For your convenience, we have a blog on how to pack smartly so you can use your space wisely.

Click here for Travel Tips, Hacks and Packing Techniques To Make Best Use Of The Space You Have. Edit and omit things as per your convenience from the list above. Apart from all of that, you might need the following stuff:


1. Sweater/ Sweatshirt/ Light Jacket (1 or 2)



2. Collared shirt (Optional)



3. T- shirts (3-4)



4. Jeans/ Travel Pants (1 or 2)



5. Trousers/ Lowers (Optional)



6. A Pair of Night Wear.



7. Extra pairs of underwear, socks and handkerchiefs, face Towel/ hand Towel (1)



8. Pairs of shoes/ sandals/ slippers (Minimal)



9. Grooming Kit, makeup kit



10. Jewelry (Minimal)



11. Required electronic gadgets (E- reader, Bluetooth speakers, Laptop, Cables, camera, etc) with covers and protective gear.



12. Extra pairs for luggage locks just in case.



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For Long Vacations

We have covered everything you might need in the above sections. Now for long vacations, you can pack the above mentioned things, just increasing the quantity. But don’t pack a loooott of stuff, remember that you can always repeat those jeans and coats and sneakers.

For families, packing for when they travel can really be a task. Especially when you travel with your younger ones. Click here to read our blog Travel Tips: How To Pack For Kids. The extras that you may want to carry to your vacations can include:

1. Party wear, fancy shoes, and extra jewellery.


2. Hats, sunglasses, swimwear.



3. Skin care and body care products.



4. Fancy bags, purses and other accessories.



5. Ear plugs, Ear Phones, Laptop, Power strips, E= Reader, Hard drive, Camera and camera tools are also very important.



6. Bandanas, Scarfs, etc.



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Q: What are must-have travel essentials for a solo traveler?

A: Sleeping Bag, Personal Documents, Portable Charger, Reusable Water Bottle, Umbrella, Power Adapter, Notebook, Torch, Tiny packet of snacks, First Aid Kit.


Q: What are some tips for Solo Travelers?

A: Tips For Solo Travelers:

1. Download a Flashlight App.

2. Buy a Local Sim Card.

3. Use Recommended Drivers.

4. Pre-load Contact Numbers.

5. Arrange Transfer in Advance.

6. Talk to Hotel Staff For The Latest Intel on The City.

7. Don't Feel Compelled to Respond to Every Person Who Says Hello.

8. Research Your Destination Before You Go.

9. Slip On a Pair of Sunglasses or a Scarf to Deflect Unwanted Attention. 

10. Don't Carry Your Crucial Documents and Precious Jewellery. 

Once you're done picking up a destination, do go through our Solo Trip Guide - Taking A Solo Trip? 10 Tips And Things To Keep In Mind While Packing Your Bags 


Q: Which are the most essentials travel apps in India?

A: Uber And Ola - For Transport, Google Maps - Routes