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Think Twice Before Making These 10 Online Marketing Mistakes

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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You might know how to market your business but there are a number of times you can go wrong as well - Avoid these 10 Online Marketing Metrics to refrain from losing out on your sales. It's high time you come out with a comprehensive plan before you invest here and there in cheap advertising companies to promote your business. Understand your audience, set a budget, make a concrete plan and then move forward.


1. Not Having A Plan

The first and the foremost problem comes with not having a marketing plan set for your business. It is very crucial to your website to establish a basic plan to start with. It's better if we accept the need for it as a business of any size definitely requires a marketing plan. It's high time you execute a long-term planning with step by step execution of marketing strategies which will help with your company's growth. Plan a budget and execute a plan according to the company's finances as it's essential to compete with other brands to match up the big businesses and grow on a daily basis. Instead of wasting time on small-term marketing investments - plan a comprehensive marketing plan which will produce fruitful results. 



2. Keep Away From Short-Term Cheap Marketing Strategies/Tricks

Short term cheap marketing tricks might seem very tempting at one look but remember those are the strategies which lead to the downfall of your marketing plan. Remember to choose quality over quantity - organic growth is very important. Choosing online marketing agencies to get fake followers will definitely make you come across as an untrustworthy company, rather build a network of real people who could be converted into potential customers for your business. Google and major social media platforms have also started blocking companies/brands/influencers who have fake followers as well.



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3. Nothing Comes Free

Online marketing is NOT free. The initial steps might make it seem like it's free but the main advertisement and promotion bit starts with investment. Launching a free website might not give you the right results, invest in a good website, fix a budget and promote your business through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Social Media Marketing also helps you grow your business - if you're not present on these platforms then you're definitely lagging behind. You've got to invest in real-time - SEO strategies to get good results. It's important to refuel your business time by time to stay ahead.



4. Being Dependent On Paid Advertising

If you're thinking just paid-advertisement is going to help you get excellent results then you're WRONG! - It might seem like a very reasonable and quickest way to increase your traffic but remember it's momentary. For the long run, it's essential to practice inbound online marketing strategies which gets better results in addition to just paid advertising - It's high time you start writing SEO blogs, Publish website content through Facebook and Instagram Posts, Introduce Email Marketing, Welcome Guest Blogs and republish blogs on Medium. The list goes. Always have cheaper alternatives and do not completely rely on Paid Advertisement.




5. Missing Out On Mobile Marketing

Just focusing on your web content won't be ever-lasting for continuous growth of your business. Mobile advertisement is currently the most crucial digital platform where customers spend most of their time. It's very important to get your mobile strategy in place as it's considered to be the user's most used platform for any kind of interacting. Consider coming out with a mobile app and make your website as mobile-friendly as possible. It helps you grow a more meaningful relationship with your customers beyond web content. Make sure your website is compatible with every mobile device as it will help you develop a better and user-friendly experience with your customers.



6. Misjudging Your Target Audience

You might be creating content which seems pleasant to your own employees but remember it's never going to go in your favor as it's important to come out with content which your audience is expecting to look at. It takes efforts to know your audience - take feedbacks and reviews - find the right audience and then target them with the right marketing plan. Learn their behavior pattern in regard to your brand to understand them better - There are several layers to customer behavior which a brand needs to figure out not just age, gender or topic of interest.



7. Out Of Sync Website Design

Having a website which doesn't cater to your customer's need is equal to having no growth in your business. Remember the more customer-friendly your website design is the more attractive it would be for customers to spend time on it. Using 10 different fonts, wrong grammar, non-relatable design, irrevalant content and other miscellaneous content on your website will definitely mark the downfall of your business. Work on the right templates, understand your audience's need, proofread your content to make come with the best design possible which is customer-friendly and creative as well.



8. Not Staying Updated With Trends

It's very crucial to understand new trends and cope up with them. If you're going to lag behind keeping up with new social media platforms then you're definitely going wrong with social media marketing. Following up with new technologies and trends helps you redefine your business and attract more customers. It's important to mark your presence with developing a technology. Stick to the old practices is a good move but simultaneously being a part of new trends is also essential.



9. Prevailing Inconsistency

Publishing fresh content continuously for a week and then giving a break - isn't the kind of consistency you should work on. Publishing content and coming out with new features should never come with breaks. Forming a consistency with good quality content is very essential - you can't afford to degrade your content with low-quality promotion and be inconsistent with progress. It's important to meet your customer's expectation when it comes avoiding online marketing mistakes.



10. Not Engaging Your Audience 

A social media marketing plan which doesn't involve your customers is more like creating a baseless growth plan. Just publishing content on your website related to your brand won't give you much traffic. Involve your users - take feedbacks, take reviews, start online polls, discussions, and debates to attract your potential customer's attention.


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Q: Which are the best social media platforms for marketing?

A: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, Medium


Q: We should take customer reviews seriously?

A: Yes


Q: Adapting to the new technologies will help in expanding your business?

A: Yes it will definitely help and you will tend to impress your customers more with the help of smart technologies