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Discover The Unexplored Marvels of Goa With Us

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Jan. 29, 2020 7 min read

There is a side of Goa that is unexplored. There's so much more to this tropical state than what meets the eye. From crocodile canals to waterfalls and hidden beaches, there's so much you haven't seen in Goa yet. Let's have a look at the places worth discovering. Let's explore all the unexplored places in Goa.


1. Cumbarjua Canal

Whether basking on a rock or the uncanny way crocodiles have of resting statue-like, perfectly still – it is a full blown adrenaline rush to encounter these reptiles. A short boat ride through Cumbarjua Crocodile Canal, Goa’s croc heaven, gets your adrenaline pumping as you navigate crocodile-infested waters in style. Cumbarjua is also called Crocodile Dundee, an island with no more than 1000 inhabitants. What’s more, the locals worship these ferocious predators during the new moon in January. If you take a crocodile spotting boat trip, a guide in front of the boat keeps explaining and pointing out to the attractions as you go along. These trips cost around Rs.1000 – 1200 per person and include some food and beverages. It's one of those unexplored places in Goa which will leave you awestruck,


LOCATION:  The boat ride begins at Cumbarjua, cruising for anywhere between two to three hours through the quiet of the creeks. It is a comfortable motor boat with seating provided. 


2. Harvalem Waterfall

If you’ve come to Goa and you want to witness the serene beauty, watching a waterfall infests peace in your body like nothing else. Amongst its numerous tourist spots, Harvalem Waterfall requires a special mention because of it’s supreme beauty. The Harvalem Waterfalls are worth visiting after the monsoon (in October) when they cascade noisily through the surrounding trees, but through the dry winter, the flow is reduced to a trickle. This waterfall is set amidst charming surroundings, with the Rudreshwar temple in its vicinity. You've got to put this destination on your checklist of the unexplored places in Goa.


LOCATION: Sanquelim can be easily reached by bus from Mapusa (about 2 hours), but you will have to walk for about half an hour or take a motorbike taxi to get out to the caves or the falls.



3. Rivona

The Rivona Caves also known as the Pandava caves are situated in the village of Rivona in South Goa at about 5 km northeast of Ponda. They are considered to be dug in the 6th or 7th century by the Buddhist monks. At the Buddhist caves at Rivona, one can see a “Pitha”, which is carved out of laterite and is believed to have served as the seat of the teacher. The caves are also considered one of the few examples of Buddhist influence visible in Goa today. This is one of the unexplored places in Goa which tourists need to add to their go-to places list.

unexplored-places-goa_Rivona_goa_imageLOCATION: To get to Rivona is easy by road, Rivona is well connected with Quepem and Margao.


4. Chorla Ghat

During the Monsoon Season, all the beach activities in Goa are shut, so you have the time to do your adventurous exploration towards the Western Ghats of Goa. Chorla Ghat is the place to visit during Monsoon in Goa. You can take a bike ride upto the Chorla Ghat which is situated about 65 km away from North Goa. Make sure to take the necessary supplies while you’re on the road. The Chorla Ghat is located at the elevation of 800 meters which means in Monsoon the entire Ghat is covered with Clouds. The Chorla Ghat is the home of many small waterfalls and the big one Vazira Shakira fall. Not visiting Chorla Ghat when it comes to unexplored places in Goa is almost like a crime.

unexplored-places-goa_chorla_ghat_goa_imageLOCATION: 65 km from main North Goa, you can take a bike ride till Chorla Ghat.


5. Cabo De Rama

On the Mumbai Cochin highway, this beach will give you the perfect Dil Chahta Hai feels and an equally matching cover picture. It’s ruined forts, cannons and dusty broken structures matching the haywire atmosphere also form the perfect setup for photo shoots. Don’t forget to catch the sunset on the spot. This beautiful spot definitely comes in the list of unexplored places in Goa.


LOCATION: Cola, South Goa


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6. Lamgau Caves

Located in Bicholim, 25 km from Panjim these caves are known only to few but those who do know, know the marvels it contains. A magnificent structure in the sanctum that looks like a pavilion on one of the two caves, makes them ever so inviting. Carved out of laterite which is why they’re delicate. A Shiva Lingam, Tulsi and a small image of Nandi is installed in the courtyard of this cave. It's one of those unexplored places in Goa which people tend to miss out on as they end only seeing the oh, so famous Baga and Calangute beach.


LOCATION: Bicholim, North Goa


7. Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa

This place is a spectacle for the eye, housing more than 130 species of butterflies. It was built in an attempt to conserve and protect the species of butterflies of Goan lands. Just a walk down its gardens and you will not just see but literally feel the hues these creatures and place is endowed with! You'll be disappointed to not visit one of these unexplored places in Goa.


LOCATION: Rajnagar, Ponda, North Goa


8. Netravali – Bubbling Lake

This lake remains the most hidden reservoir of not just water but also some surprising natural phenomenon. The Methane gas which is there below the water body, makes bubbles appear on the surface of it which are amusing to watch. You can also dip your feet in the fresh bubbly waters and imagine a nice bubble bath pedicure or a fish spa with its varied species.


LOCATION: Sanguem district, South Goa


9. Bamanbudo Waterfalls

This place has the perfect natural setting to bring you peace and calmness from all time buzzing hippie towns of unexplored places in Goa. A dip under the falls and you’ll be taken aback by its purity and freshness. Most Tourists tend to miss it focusing only on the beaches for the water bodies, yet this remains a gem. Don’t forget to take some time out for rejuvenation here. Make sure you visit one of these unexplored places in Goa to realize what exactly you're missing out on.


LOCATION: Gaodongrem, Canacona district, South Goa


10. Pequeno (Bat) Island

The island has a small rocky beach and is almost untouched by humans because of which is its natural beauty is intact and a hidden Marvel in the party capital. The island has beautiful palm trees and a sunny aura, ideal for picnics or just a peaceful walk away from the city. It’s a must on the list of thrill seekers and you can not just ferry on the waters but also snorkel. 


LOCATION: 30 minutes boat ride, 1 km from Vasco da Gama, South Goa


Q: What is the best secret place in Goa?

A: Japanese Garden Beach - it is untouched, It is basically a garden with a perfect view. It provides the serene environment which allows you to mellow out after a crazy night in Goa. It is located at a distance of 3 km from the largest city of Goa, Vasco Da Gama and there are no particular timings to visit it. It's one of the unexplored places in Goa which you can to your checklist.


Q: Where are the most secluded and romantic places in Goa?

A: Sarzora lake, River view at the dead end of the Rachol (near Margao) Seminary road, Behind Kala Academy - Very beautiful seaside benches, Cavelossim Beach- Very quiet and best beach in Goa to enjoy a quiet sunset. Do visit these unexplored places in Goa to know where the beauty of nature lies.


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